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January 2019 Books
Golden ChildJenco215 (3)

Am I misunderstanding the end of the book? As I see it, Clyde ends up losing everything, including the Golden Child and Father Kavanagh? Horrible book. I am one that usually likes the books I read to some degree or another. But this one not so much. The writing is good and I loved how we got to see how Paul felt internally for a while and how Father Kavanagh stood up for and encouraged him for a while. And then that abruptly ended with FK getting basically angry with Paul and that is never heard from again. The book seems to tell me that children with learning disabilities are worthless and can be sacrificed. Horrible book.

The Night TigerSailorMoon (4)
Adored This

I can only say that I adored this book. Far more than I was expecting to. I got goosebumps at two different points while reading it! I didn't find it slow at all. I devoured it in a couple of days. I'm planning to go back and read the author's first book, Ghost Bride.

The Silent Patient (1)
This Book!

Just started this January pick (I'm clearly very behind)! I can't put it down! I'm in the middle of it, right when he gives her the paint set at The Grove. It's such a quick read and so gripping! I'm secretly reading it at work... Shhh.. :)

Stacilyn (5)
I am just starting this one (The Silent Patient) after finishing my March selection in less than 2 days. So glad I bought a second book. I am glad to read your review...thanks!
The Silent PatientJazmin (1)

I was hooked as soon as I started reading it. It was a real page turner and it did not disappoint one bit. A couple of friends read it with me as part of a book club we started and not one of them had anything negative to say about it. Definitely worth adding it to your next box.

The Silent PatientJayGuebert (5)
I'm still speechless

This book was soooooo good! The plot twist was so unexpected I went back and read that part 3 times! Mind blown!!!!!

The Silent Patientrstill (1)
What a great book!!

I couldn’t put this book down once I started reading it. I would have never guessed this was the first book for this author. A real “page turner” right until the very end!! I joined a book club and this was my first book. I borrowed a copy from another book club member but would not have been disappointed if I had purchased it. I have now placed my first order for TWO books from February’s selections. I can’t wait to receive my books and look forward to the upcoming months.

MaidSara (1)
Not what I expected

I liked the book although it wasn't what I expected. I was left wanting more.

The Night Tigermnboyer (1)
Okay, is it just me...

Is it just me or is this one a little slow? I've had it since January and have kept trying to get into it, but thus far I'm about 80 pages in and "not feeling it" in comparison to everything else on my shelf. Is it worth it...

keeshmcgeesh (1)
It was an interesting story, but I was ultimately left wanting. I had to push myself through it till at least halfway through and maybe more like 3/4 of the way through. Once the action got happening more, I was hooked and wanted to know what happened, but was underwhelmed at the end. I loved the magic of the dreams and the crossovers between the real world and the spirit world, but the plot points let me down a bit.
MandyLikesPie (2)
I felt the same and was apathetic until about page 120, and then it held my interest. Once I got to about page 200 I was hooked and flew through the rest because I had to know what happened. It seems like the first part is a LOT of character development (and the characters seem pretty bland at first, tbh), and the action doesn't start until about halfway in. Try to keep going! It definitely paid off for me. :)
MaidVrodman (1)
Left wanting more?

I really enjoyed this book! It made me reflect on my own life and how I have been so clueless about many of the problems with poverty that are right in front of me. Sometimes we live in this “bubble” of safety, surrounded by family, friends and support. It makes you truly forget that the person standing next to you could be living a completely different life. After reading this book, I am going to try and become more aware of my surroundings.

While I loved almost everything about this book... I do feel as though I was left hanging! After going through this journey with Stephanie and Mia, you become attached to her decisions and attached to her clients. I feel the story was rushed in the end. I would have loved to read more about Montana, the friends they made, what challenges they still faced while in a new situation. I would have also loved to know where and when her new child came in (mentioned in acknowledgements). It all seemed to just fall into place after years of pain and frustration.

That being said, I still highly highly recommend!

8little_paws (87)
I hear you. I feel like at the end it was clear her intention was to write a memoir during a specific time period of her life about a specific aspect of her life in that period. I still really liked it and highly recommend--but I would have loved to hear more about her parents and that fractured relationship, and I wonder if at some point she is going to write a memoir about moving to Montana and her life after that. I know it's gone through some ups and downs, based on her online writing, but it appears that things are going well for her now.
Maidmia (3)
This one hit me hard!

Love, love this book! It's such a beautiful story of a single mother who would do everything for her daughter. I have always had high respects to all single mother out there, as I was also raised by one! This one hit me hard!

Very emotional, thought provoking, powerful, sad and moving all at once! It's also very timely and her story belongs to many of us. Very relatable!

Golden ChildLitNerd (2)
Bold Debut!

I was excited to read Golden Child and loved it! The moral dilemma that Clyde faces in choosing to support one son's future at the expense of the other son's life is so dramatic and intense. I definitely understand why his choice angered so many readers (it hurt me too), but I think it makes for a stronger, complex novel. If Clyde had chosen to save the kidnapped twin, he feared that the kidnappers would only come back and threaten his family again. That is, by giving in to their demands, he feared a never ending cycle of violence. A fascinating look at immigration, poverty, and sacrifice.

Smf22 (4)
I was definitely one of those angered readers! My post about it is below. I think this is an amazing point of view and definitely made me think of my initial reaction differently.
8little_paws (87)
"If Clyde had chosen to save the kidnapped twin, he feared that the kidnappers would only come back and threaten his family again. That is, by giving in to their demands, he feared a never ending cycle of violence. " Wow, that's so well put. Good point!
The Silent Patienttdove12 (1)
A Page Turner

I was hooked from the very first page! This was my first book from the BOTM and it didn't't disappoint. I finished the book in 3 days. I'm actually curious to learn more about Yuri! Can't wait for my next book!

The Silent PatientDarienneB (1)
Holy plot twist, Batman!

So I am a PROFESSIONAL plot-twist-guesser and I didn’t even see this coming.

Angie (1)
What does it mean that you're a professional plot-twist-guesser? Asking because whatever your job is, I would really like it, please! I LOVE twists of all kinds!
booknerd (12)
BEST plot twist ever. I had to put it down for a minute and take it in. Although I think the end would have been better if he actually became head psy. at the new facility.
jreinke941 (1)
I have to agree, I did not see this coming either. I literally put the book down for a minute to actually think about what just happened. I love it when a book can surprise me like that.
CarissaLeek (9)
Same here. I just finished the book and I am shook. I was wondering why he was so adamant to believe her story about being watched by a man and now it all makes sense.
MaidKayla (110)
NPR Interview with Stephanie Land

I haven't yet had the chance to read Maid but did happen to catch part of this interview on NPR yesterday. For those of you who are interested in knowing more about the author, you can listen to the interview here:


The Silent PatientSusanMills (1)

This was my first BOTM book and I was hooked from the first pages. The ending plot twist had me. I still can’t understand why he put his self in close contact with her knowing she would recognize him. I really enjoyed it and can’t wait to pick my next book.

Golden Statelaurenbeam (1)
Confused **SPOILERS**

I feel like this book and "world" have a lot of potential but the book fell flat for me. The conspiracy story line seemed extremely rushed and left me with more questions that anything. How did Charlie make it to Las Vegas paralyzed and wounded? Why was Arlo trying to overthrow the Golden State? How did the Las Vegas community start? What was the point of the pumpkins? So many questions.

Kelseystrachan (1)
I agree. I was so confused the entire book. What happened to the Golden State with Arlo?
Golden StateKaaatie129 (2)
*SPOILERS* I need to talk about the ending

I need to talk about this book with others who read it. After seeing others post about the ending, i need to talk it out. Maybe i’m completely off here- but am i the only one who got the feeling Arlo wasn’t as bad as the Monster they made him out to be in the end? Maybe he kept saying it was all “worth it” just to reunite the brothers in exile? Knowing they’d be better off outside the golden state, or at least together. I pictured the pumpkin launch a way for charlie to practice, and set up the initial fall off the roof. Like charlie was in cahoots with these guys all along or something! Someone else share with me your thoughts because I really liked this book and the end just left me wanting more! :)

BusyStudent (2)
Let's not forget that Arlo killed (at least) 4 people. And tried to kill Charlie. He definitely wasn't a 'good guy' And I don't really think he was in cahoots with Charlie. The Arlo, Aysa, etc. group are a group of revolutionaries. They think (it seems rightfully so) that their society is extremely flawed and harmful. So they will go to whatever lengths necessary to see that change. I think, in the end, the point is that it's impossible to define good or bad, and that most people actually rest in a middle ground. I also want more! A sequel would be great!!
JenniferBirch (1)
Same! I’m so confused on that Arlo part. And also Asya?! I loved her character but it seems, she was in on ..whatever it was with Arlo? Subverting the “truth” thing but for what? So confused. :/
The Night TigerSmriti (1)
The best book from BOTM SO FAR!

I know everybody here is all Gaga about thrillers, and even though I love them, I hate it that good books like NIGHT tiger get overshadowed by them! It's such an amazing book to read.. I think it's safe to say that from al the books I've read so far at BOTM, this defintely is my favorite!! The writing style, romance, mystery and superstition in the culture of Malay folks all made it such a delightful read!! I thoroughly enjoyed the surprises and deaths, lol, and I might just read it again sometime!

A must read for anyone who loves elegant writing and fiction ❤️

LauraM (16)
Yes I loved it too! Great review! And I love seeing books like these or fantasy/scifi picks to balance out all the BOTM thrillers :)
JennaK (2)
This was my choice and now I'm even more excited to read it. Great review!!
The Night Tigerkelsharry (2)

I really loved this book, but was anyone else uncomfortable with the romance between Ji Lin and Shin? Even if they weren't related, they still grew up together and thought of each other as siblings. I think the book would've been a lot stronger without that aspect and if they were just step-siblings with a strong bond.

RachelBenton (1)
I felt like the book would have been better without it. It's the sole reason I knocked off a star. The nature of their relationship was weirdly aggressive and an oddly incongruous. Why was it so focused on lust and not on love? I also felt like there were hints that Shin was not as Ji Lin was hoping. Someone warning her not to trust any man, even her step brother. The fact that the ring didn't fit. It felt like something was building towards a series of lies that Shin had been telling. I was expecting some kind of big reveal there that didn't happen and was disturbed by their relationship.
AllieK (1)
Yes, I could have done completely without the romance element between Shin and Ji Lin, especially for the reasons others have said re: aggression and possessiveness, but also because of the controlling aspect, where Shin had actively gotten rid of any suitor who had expressed an interest in Ji Lin. That was very disturbing to me, especially when his exact behavior was done by Lydia out and out murdering anyone who might have even kind of been interested in William?!
kateniestrom (9)
YES, it made me SO uncomfortable! Also, as soon as Shin confessed his feelings for Ji Lin, he got really aggressive and possessive, always saying things like "You will be mine." I got a really scary vibe from him, and was glad that Ji Lin decided not to rush into marriage with him at the end. He definitely creeped me out. I would have liked to seen more of Ming, and to know why Ji Lin had such strong feelings for him for so many years.
8little_paws (87)
I didn't mind the romance so much but the agressiveness. It's the one reason I knocked a star off this from being a 5 star book. I still loved this book despite that though.
Lisa (11)
The possessive, violent behavior was disturbing. I didn't like it. I didn't really mind the step brother thing. I thought Robert might have been a better choice. He seemed nice.
DJ (3)
SPOILER ALERT The step-sibling to lovers relationship wouldn't have felt so uncomfortable if Shin professed his love less aggressively. I get that Shin is a "hot to cold" personality with no in between, but I was hoping that the revelation to Ji Lin was a little more subtle and less lust driven. I also get that he's been waiting for so long that he just burst out of the seams, but ever since he got back from Singapore, he was showing signs of vulnerability and sweetness that I thought he'd profess his love to Ji Lin as such. I thought that maybe that one night in Taiping was so explosive and vigorous because he's finally free to be with her after so many years, but the following scenes in Falim before they got caught by the mother where he "unbuttoned" part of her shirt just seems unecessarily provocative. It left a lot to be desired from Shin. I think Ji Lin handled everything as best she could hoping to not also reject mister polar tempered Shin. I guess i was just really irked at how Shin just somehow reduced to a teenage boy who just hit puberty. Great read though, definitely. Ren is my favorite.
The Night Tiger (5)

Slow until about halfway through. Fun twists and mystery, shrouded in superstition. More tragedy amongst main characters would have been unsurprising. Lovely read!

Golden ChildBSchl (1)
special needs

I really liked how the author made the reader understand what it's like for a special needs person to feel in school. She helped me understand better what was going on in the mind of my own son when he often experienced anxiety at school.

Truly0510 (3)
Aww I am glad you where able to feel closer to your child after this
Golden StateVeronicaQuarry (3)
Couldn’t finish.

I feel so guilty. I just couldn’t get into this story so I did not finish. First time this has happened in a while. Anyone else feel the same?

Egrant32682 (1)
Me! I felt the same. I read the entire book, but even at the end I was just waiting for it to be over. I tried!
The Silent PatientBmartin6645 (2)

This is the first book I read from BOTM and I am shook! The post twist at the end was so unexpected. the line "That was the day I meant Alicia Benson" I legit sat there for like 5 mins putting the story in order and being shook. My mind was racing like why did he face her knowing what he drove her to kill her husband? why didn't it click in his head that she recognized him when she tried to kill him? (Legit like that bitch was not playing) How can he act like he did nothing wrong when he committed the WORST crime. OMG 2nd/3rd BEST BOOK I EVER READ granted the diary being wedged in the painting was a cheap shot.

jabberina (1)
I literally just sat there for what seemed like forever when I read that line too... like whaaaa! Mind. Blown.
cmcneive (1)
OMG please help me understand the ending. LOL was his wife having an affair with her husband. This is all so twisted, i'm having a hard time following.
mandymontgom (10)
Yes, his wife was having an affair with her husband and he pointed it out to Alicia and made Gabriel choose who lives or dies in theory, to try and show Alicia that Gabriel was selfish, and he proved him right by choosing himself, pushing Alicia to the absolute max, therefore killing Gabriel for his betrayal. Not the betrayal of the affair, but of not putting her first...just like her dad when he wanted Alicia to die instead of her mother.
The Silent PatientJa292ss (2)
SPOILER! Question about plot

Why did Theo even bring the needle mark on Alicia to anyone’s attention?

bethanyq (7)
It felt to me like a case of the murderer thinks he's so clever he needs to prove it by showing as much as possible of the crime. Love how the inspector shows up at the end and that Alicia's words do make a real impact, though perhaps too late for her own life.
Ketzra (22)
I felt he had multiple personalities and didn’t even realize that he did it himself.
jen310 (1)
Good point! Maybe the shock of the betrayal was so great that he dissociated.
Bmartin6645 (2)
Because He realized Alicia recognized him and wanted to blame Christian for her murder. so Theo wanted it to seem like Christian tried to murder Alicia to cover up how Christian was her doctor prior to the grove on the down-low and got paid under the table, when really Theo tried to murder Alicia so she would not tell anyone that Theo was the one who drove her to murder Gabriel.
Ja292ss (2)
Yea I get why Theo did it but everyone thought it was an OD until he said something. Maybe he knew he would take heat for her “suicide” so decided to pin it as a murder.
The Silent Patientmandymontgom (10)

I thought this was an incredible and thought provoking read. I did wonder though, was Kathy tortured by the death of Gabriel or was she tortured by knowing Theo was complicit in her lovers death. Thoughts? Why did Kathy become the silent shell that Alicia left behind?

Pierre1812 (34)
I think Kathy was tortured by the death of Gabriel, her unhappy marriage to Theo that’s now smoking weed, something she probably thought they were both against... both those things, plus I believe it’s mentioned that she wasn’t getting as many acting gigs... moving away from London probably didn’t help... I think in the end she was just depressed? Or Theo might have done something as well, he did something crazy to warn Alicia, who knows what he could have done to his own wife... Also, Kathy isn’t actually aware that Theo was involved in Gabriel’s death. She will probably learn about it when she’s done with her bath and realizes that Theo doesn’t have dinner ready, but is going to jail instead...
mandymontgom (10)
Okay, so I asked the author via Instagram and his response to my question was as follows: "Glad you enjoyed it. I think Kathy was more tortured by the death of Gabriel. I don't think she knows about Theo's involvement until the end of the book." I, myself felt that she was tortured because of the knowledge that her illicit affair got her lover killed. I felt that she was coming to the realization that her affair is what caused Alicia to off Gabriel and it was too much to bare that it plunged her into being Theo's newest silent patient...his own lover, his world, his spouse.
Pierre1812 (34)
Ok, honestly, if the twist had been that Alicia had been Kathy all along, that would be been so much trippier, and if done right, it would have been amazing! But yeah, Kathy doesn’t know about Theo’s involvement, I kinda wish we had gotten an epilogue from Kathy’s POV processing the whole ordeal. It would have wrapped everything up perfectly! Don’t get me wrong though, I still really really enjoyed the book!
bethanyq (7)
If Alicia had been Kathy, we would have been reading "Behind Her Eyes," which was so frustrating at the end... I think Kathy just feels trapped and Theo, well, what a layered character! The creep.
The Silent PatientAHutchinson (1)
Great BOTM choice

I thoroughly enjoyed my choice of The Silent Patient as my January book. I was hooked from the beginning pages of the book.

I knew there was a plot twist coming about a third of the way through the book but I hadn't quite figured out all of the details by the time it was revealed.

My one big complaint after finishing the book is Theo as a character. I started out the book enjoying his character. He appeared to be an ambitious psychotherapist who had dabbled with depression and mental illness earlier in life and now aimed to help others like him. However my opinion of him changed quickly. Now that I am done with the book, I find myself annoyed with him. To avoid any major spoilers, when he found out about Kathy why not just approach her as I believe any "normal" person would do? I found his approach to the discovery very manic. I guess that is what makes this story a good one!

All in all, I couldn't put the book down and finished it in a day. I will definitely be recommending it to others.

Eringogreen (1)
I agree about Theo. He is up front at the very beginning about him being damaged, but it’s difficult to understand his motivations in his approach to Alicia. You would think her silence would be a blessing in his situation, but he chooses to insert himself into the situation to further aggravate it and, in the end, incriminate himself. I’m sure you could do a psychological analysis on all of that.
iampaulaw (2)
Yeah, I think that was the point. When Theo didn't react like a normal person, that's when I knew he wasn't normal. It made me start questioning everything.
mandymontgom (10)
I think that is precisely the point. I think that Theo is manic himself. I think his impulsivity took over his actions. All of his actions from his interactions with Alicia to his interactions with Kathy. I also think that is what made his obsessively investigate Alicia's story.
Hana (22)
I agree on Theo's character - I read it as both of them were so damaged from childhood that they didn't know how to cope. For example, SPOILERS the whole "he killed me thing" and Theo's inability to just say something to Kathy or even just say something to Alicia showed a real lack of emotional maturity. I think it was suppose to be two damaged people who created havoc in their lives.
The Silent Patientahaut550 (1)
Just finished!

I'm still in shock with how fast of a read this was. I also am shocked by the twist in the middle and I agree with some other posters that the timelines were awkward. But other than that I couldn't put it down. I will definitely be recommending this book to others!

Ketzra (22)
Also thought it was such a great book! Funny however, I enjoyed the dynamics of the characters’ stories which ran simultaneously while separately.
Maidouellete (1)
Left wanting more

It just felt like there was something missing. From a creative standpoint, I enjoyed how the book was laid out. Using each house as a different chapter was unique and helped with the flow of the book. I almost wished that the author would have dug deeper into the relationships that she had with her family and relationships and less on the houses that she cleaned. On the contrary, it was eye-opening and helped me understand (if one can say that) poverty more and what it is i like to be a single mother with little to no help.

Maidkellypempie (2)
Kind of All Right

I appreciated the detailed description of what it's like to struggle with poverty. Some people have never experienced that daily grind or have had to be acutely aware of every little penny. Most people have never had to be so appreciative of simple things, little victories and tiny luxuries - such as an occasional blueberry.

What's missing for me is that that most of the characters are one-dimensional. Nearly everyone except the narrator is either black or white, good or bad. Speech is exaggerated and unnatural. It seems the characters are just stereotypes for the writer to fight against. The parents, especially, did not ring true to me.

The author describes some things so well - such as her impression of the landscape and lovely feeling when she first saw the garage apartment, but the owners of the property are just caricatures. Maybe this is all part of the author's technique to show the claustrophobic and isolating aspect of poverty. But I think mostly it was just not fleshing out the characters well enough.

Many of us have struggled with poverty or bad situations as young adults but it's hard to read an entire book of complaining. It needed something to balance out that aspect of the story.

There were also some editing problems: grammatical errors and plot inconsistencies where action started in one location and then ended in another with no transition. Storylines were started and then dropped completely, such as the boyfriend who lent her a car - where did he go? At times Stephanie seems totally isolated and completely friendless and then in the next chapter she's posting on Facebook to multiple friends and has a blog. It seems like she's different people.

It's apparent that parts of this book were originally separate articles or postings, and then were just slapped into the middle of a narrative. It felt disjointed going from the story of the family's life to chapters dedicated to specific houses and their owners and then back.

Having said all this, though, I was interested enough to care about Stephanie and Mia and hope that it would work out well for them in the end. In that, the author was successful.

JustynaErd (1)
Agree completely! It bothered me that she never took ownership for anything. placed the blame, or made excuses for her short comings. I felt like I was reading a book from a self entitled millennial.
Sasha (1)
Great review! Especially agreed with this point "Many of us have struggled with poverty or bad situations as young adults but it's hard to read an entire book of complaining. It needed something to balance out that aspect of the story."
calico01 (4)
Agreed. The storyline drops were bugging me too. And how she mentions the facebook/blog, but then friendless. I think she needs to add an epilogue
The Silent Patientashley (3)
Just one thing bothering me...

Ok, I really liked this book. I was entranced the entire time. A little over halfway through, I did begin to have my suspicions about the timing of the two story-lines and was able to piece that information together, so the big reveal was not as much of a shock to me as other readers. However, I have one lingering thought that is bothering me...why did Alicia stick a paintbrush in the other patients eye? I know she was “provoked,” but I feel like this doesn’t fit into the narrative, especially after the reveal. Maybe I’m missing something. Did anyone pick up on anything regarding this?

BrandiMulvena (2)
I don't think she liked being associated romantically with Theo considering their circumstance. Besides, she's had a history of mental instability & was deemed borderline, so her rash actions towards Elif after being provoked seems plausible.
mandymontgom (10)
I think Alicia was so devastated by what happened to her and her only way of getting out the truth was through that painting. I think Alicia knew that she was facing an impending doom and wanted her painting to speak even after she is gone. I think it enraged her that her story was not going to be uncovered because of Elif.
The Silent PatientKetzra (22)
Update to prior posts...

My book finally arrived! I’m all smiles and can’t wait to read it. Xoxoxox

Golden ChildSmf22 (4)
*Spoilers* What was so difficult about Clyde's decision...?

First off, I will say that I loved the imagery and writing of this book. They were beautiful. That being said I have one big issue.

Every synopsis talks about this insanely difficult decision that Clyde has to make. I do not understand what is so incredibly difficult about what he has to do. He merely has a choice to keep his son alive or not. He in the end chooses to take the life of one son in order for his other son to be successful. I found it incredibly upsetting and I did not feel any empathy for Clyde whatsoever. I felt like he made a horrible mistake that unfortunately his wife and son had to live with.

Really curious about everyone else's thoughts. I know my review is harsh but I had some really strong emotions by the end of this novel. Which is what is so great about reading! :)

Pepita (2)
I agree with you, and it took me a lot of reflection to understand it a bit better. I think that for those of us who have never experienced true poverty, and I mean real poverty, it is impossible to understand why Clyde made that decision. But as I try to grasp what it must be like for someone to make the decision to either have two children who both will likely live in destitution, or to have one child who has the opportunity to actually escape intergenerational poverty and change the course of that family's history, I can start to recognize why Clyde may have made that choice.
LitNerd (2)
Pepita, you have basically captured how I felt too. It was so painful to read, but yes. I think the harsh reality of poverty forced him to make a very unsettling choice. I love that the book highlighted the brutality of living under the constant weight of violence and lack of resources. I came away less angry at Clyde and more angry that anyone would ever be placed in such a miserable situation in which any choice he makes destroys the future of one of his children.
Smf22 (4)
Thank you both for your replies! I am still thinking about this book and I think both of you are very on point! Someone else said that they think Clyde knew that even if they gave them the money, the violence probably wouldn't have stopped. I think that is a great point as well.
Jenco215 (3)
I don't care how poor you are sacrificing the life of a child for the education of another is not a choice. There should never have been a "choice." I wholeheartedly agree with the original poster's comments.
JKruschke (1)
Agreed. I strongly disliked the book because of the implication that there WAS a choice. He literally chose to sacrifice one son's LIFE for the other's education. The imagery was beautiful but this book made me extremely uncomfortable and I regretted choosing it.
ElizaReads (1)
I completely agree! And what makes me even crazier is that the last chapter, the last paragraph is about Peter and how he truly isn't "one of them"; he is a golden child. And it makes me so mad that Peter got the last page when Paul is the one that was sacrificed for his brother. It just drove home again how Paul was the extra child and while he was loved, it wasn't enough.
bdepper7292 (1)
I agree whole heartedly I felt no empathy for Clyde. He never even seemed to consider the option of giving the money for Peter's College. It was like he didn't really like Paul anyway so who cares? I felt like he went through the motions of "trying" to save Paul just to keep Joy and Peter from hating him.
Truly0510 (3)
I am with you! This is the only reason I didn't give this book 5 stars!
fuchs7 (8)
This is a great review. Exactly how I felt as well. I wish he would have at least discussed it with Joy and Peter because they had to live with it as well, but he didn't. And now they had to suffer for the death of their son/brother.
Smf22 (4)
Okay, I am so glad I'm not the only one out there! I do understand that other cultures may have children for different reasons, labor, income, etc. But it just didn't feel like that in here. I also was very disturbed by the sexual violence that was portrayed. It felt extremely odd because it happened one time and was not developed or mentioned again. I have read plenty of books that depict sexual abuse or violence but most of the time I understand why it is within the story. I did not feel like that with this.
orangasaur (8)
No I'm with you. I was loving the book really, loving the writing and the energy and everything, until they call asking for the ransom. Once Clyde made his decision it ruined the whole book for me.
lastjenks (1)
I completely agree with you. this was infuriating not only because of his fowl decision but because Peter ends up winning the scholarship and probably could have made it work either way, which is I think why Clyde cries at the end. Heart wrenching story
Golden StateHarv3710 (1)

I cannot seem to grasp the concept of this story line. To me it feels like he does not explain the reality the book is based on very well. It feels like I’m coming into a book series and I’m starting out on book 3 instead of book 1. It’s a good book I have continued ready however the reality has me puzzled very frequently. Does anyone else have this problem?

aliciaramz (1)
The only part I did not understand was how Charlie was still alive and how did he even get out of The Golden state. I feel as if we should have gotten some sort of back story as to how he ended up in the desert
BusyStudent (2)
I agree! He stated that Charlie explained everything, but that info was never given to us as readers!
KPS (1)
Confused is the perfect word. Why did the judge poison himself if everything was a set up? What am I missing here?!
Cort (1)
I was also confused. The story became interesting about 1/3 of the way into it, but I want to know what’s happening in the rest of the world. It didn’t really tell the why as much as I thought it would.
ChristineDuane (59)
Also kind of confused. There were a few times where I thought things were going to be explained more....and then nothing.
sadhana09 (1)
Same here! Confused as well as to what the ending was. It was a fast read, but I expected more from this book.
Rootmartin (1)
I am also quite confused. I found the book to be a compelling page turner but partway through, I seemed to lose the thread. Now that I have finished, I remain confused about some major elements.
DivineReading (2)
I somewhat have this problem. I have a feeling I know what happened but I'm not 100% It's correct. The part where he did explain was very confusing and i didn't really understand it after i thought about for a good 10 minutes. I did enjoy it though and it was a quick read.
MaidGrapes0521 (6)
Like not love

I found Maid to be an interesting read. I work representing poor mothers so this topic is right up my alley. Perhaps because I am surrounding by these issues on a daily basis, this book didn’t get move me as much as others on this topic have. The author did a great job conveying the frustration that accompanies poverty and the fultility of navigating all of the government programs that are supposed to assist but in reality only confound. I also appreciated how the author was hyper aware of the constant judgment that was heaped upon her for the most minuscule of details and for needing help from others. This felt and is a very real phenomenon.

It’s hard to pinpoint exactly what was missing for me. Perhaps, although I know it’s not fair, after reading Evicted, no book on poverty will ever move me in quite the same way. That book changed my entire perspective on so many things. It’s probably foolish to hold any book to that standard.

calico01 (4)
Also like not love.
calico01 (4)
I liked her writing style, and how I feel like I'm in the houses with her, but I'm struggling to understand why she only took a maid job. As a manager I would have hired her with that type of work ethic. And if its only paying minimum wage, why take a job that requires you to drive so much. Why not work in fast food which is less labor intensive as cleaning? At least then its more stable hours and you always know where you are going. When I was in a dire situation, I took work where I could walk and not use a car. I look forward to see how others respond to her book.
UrsulaWheeler (8)
I believe she mentions at one point that she applies for every job that she can find in the classifieds, and the cleaning jobs are all that pan out. And I'm not familiar with the area where she lived, but jobs within walking distance may just not have been an option. You ask interesting questions, but people in poverty are always getting questions like this--why didn't you do this instead of that?--that seem to assume the people aren't trying their hardest.
Golden Childalbvuo (1)
Crushing & Beautiful

Golden Child is beautiful. The writing subtly swept me in, and within 24 hours, I was already 100 pages in. (On a NYC work week at that.)

The beauty and richness of Golden Child take time to sink in, but page by page, the themes at play (family, masculinity, sacrifice, crime, poverty, fatherhood, brotherhood, etc) begin to paint a beautiful but tragic reality for our characters, and for ourselves.

Though an emotional ending, it was nonetheless a beautiful one. I cried quietly while the book ended. I laid in bed starring at the ceiling, crying for Paul, Peter, Clyde, and Joy.

The Night TigerKBW (2)

This book has me totally mesmerized. I could devour it in one sitting, but am purposely taking my time to read it and enjoy it all that it has to offer. I love the writing, the characters, the setting and it is so mysterious in the best way. I think I have to put this in my top 5 and I am not even done reading.

HayleyStenger (13)
I am about halfway and am enjoying it as well. I hope the ending lives up to the rest of it.
How long does it take till you receive the book?
Becky (34)
I really enjoyed this book as well. The only bummer for me was that I guessed a few of the plot twists at the end.
BookNerd (1)
So happy to hear this...in the Facebook group, not a lot of people seem to have chosen it, opting instead for The Silent Patient, so I'm glad to see this positive feedback on my January selection!
iampaulaw (2)
I honestly wanted to read 3 of the 5 books this month. It was a tough decision. :)
The Silent Patientatm2449 (1)
Hello 2019

Great start to the year. I have some small gripes with the reveal as well as aspects of Theo's character but damn if this isn't one incredibly entertaining book. Hooked from page 1.

The Silent PatientHG (13)
I need a break from thrillers..

This book would have been awesome for me.. except I just read "No Exit" and "Nine Perfect Strangers" so I was expecting a plot twist. The book kept me intrigued and I read it within one day. I loved everything about the setting and the characters emotional tragedies.. but because the way the narration was written I felt like the plot twist could have been explained better. Overall it was a really good book, I think I just need a break from thrillers and books with psycho main characters. I would recommend this to a friend though!

SamanthaSmith (2)
I agree!!! No Exit was flipping AmAzInGggg!!!! And this book was really a let down and a slow read in comparison. Not my fave...
The Silent PatientKetzra (22)
Bookless Waiting with bells

Anyone else still waiting for their book to arrive? Tracker has mine at the same place for five days now. Should I reach out to someone or am I just too excited for the book to arrive? Lol

hiphipherzog (2)
I had the same issue with shipping! I think USPS had something going on with their tracking. Mine did finally arrive, but it did take sometime.
Ketzra (22)
I’m not sure what happened to it, but it seems to be lost. I reached out to customer support and they have been so helpful. With luck I’ll have my book next week. :)
Pierre1812 (34)
I usually get an email confirmation when they ship my box. It’s usually been pretty fast, last month it did take longer than usual, the tracking website didn’t update for over 9 days and I emailed them. They sent out a new box, then the first box arrived after 12 days... I’m not sure there’s much they can do though, it comes down to USPS really... This month the website didn’t update tracking until the box was out for delivery so I got it the next day... Hope you get your books soon!!
Ketzra (22)
Thank you! Here’s hoping I’m surprised to see it in the mail box today and that they just stopped bothering to scan it in...guess I should wait until the end of the week to see. I’ll email them if it still hasn’t arrived by then. :)
leahlou (1)
This is my first month doing botm. I haven’t received my books or even an email confirming, is that normal? I pick out out my books on 30th. What’s going on?
Ketzra (22)
What happens when you click on the link provided to you through book of the months website for the January “shopping cart” page?
The Silent PatientAnge (6)
Zero complaints

I really have nothing bad to say about this book. I haven't been a fiction reader for long and have really only been into nonfiction. I have only been a member since December. However, I couldn't put this book down and finished it in two days. I was really shocked with the twist at the end and it was far off from what my personal theory was. I thought it was really great! I really can't find a reason to not give it 5/5.

The Silent Patientsoundslikeliar (19)
Pretty Good Except...

I found this to be a fast, entertaining read. The flow is great and I sped through it. However I had one big issue (spoilers ahead): the twist. I didn't expect it, which was good. But the reason I didn't expect it is because we're inside Theo's head the whole time. There's a pretty standard rule of first person narration where you can't keep secrets from your reader when you're inside a character's head; it doesn't make sense. Obviously he'd be thinking "oh yeah I'm here cus I'm her stalker". By simply changing the narration to third, this issue could have been avoided & I'd have liked it more

Kreut (1)
I am in the same boat.....did you decide which one to get?
algohr (3)
When I finished the book I thought the exact same thing and then afterwards I thought to myself: maybe that's one of the great twists. *Spoilers* He lies to myself about his childhood, and Ruth tries to help him see that, he lies about everything being ok in his marriage. And as humans, we all lie to ourselves to hid ourselves from the truth sometimes. So I have accepted the fact that he was lying to himself about his intentions.
Amanda (18)
I don't know, I kind of like the fact that the narrator lied to me. Maybe that's screwed up but it's so different than most book and I dont think it's in bad taste or poor writing. If anything it makes the book that more memorable to be.
Pierre1812 (34)
Yeah, I really enjoyed the book, but I have mixed feelings about the twist... It reminded me of The Lies We Told, in the sense that it was going back and forth in time, but Lies has the year over every chapter, The Silent Patient intentionally did not... I did think at some point that the couples would have a connection somehow, but it never occurred to me that they were different times... I thought it was weird when Kathy didn’t mention the scratches that Alicia caused on Theo... the whole thing actually works, I don’t think that Theo lied, more like omissions though...
HG (13)
Because of the narration perspectives, it confused me because I was thinking of the story happening in current day.. So then when the plot-twist happened my dates of events happening was all screwed up..
The Silent PatientLauraM (16)
Disappointed :(

I wanted to love this based on all the rave reviews and buzz about this book, but it just... fell flat for me. This was my first BOTM pick that I didn't at least somewhat enjoy. Did anyone else have the same experience? Am I somehow missing the brilliance of this book?

michelemrogacki (6)
Yes, it was not as good as everyone led me to believe it would be. I purchased in March as an add on book, so read it after my March selection. I could tell it was the authors first novel. I hated the ending. It just dropped off to nowhere.
AZlah (8)
I did not enjoy this book either. For me it was slow paced and I felt like I was in a game of CLUE -- the author presenting different suspects and motives but they were all too obvious. I ended up reading it just to see how it turned out but did not love this book. I also kept wondering why it received such rave reviews. I was disappointed.
SamanthaSmith (2)
Totally agree!
LauraM (16)
I had built up some (IMO) much more exciting twists based on some of the suspects/motives presented. I'd actually guessed the real twist early on but discarded it for something more exciting, so when it got to the Big Twist it was kind of a sense of "Oh, was that all?"
isodiful (1)
I didn't enjoy it either. I thought the author tried too hard to make Theo something out of a cliche, and I didn't find his practices to be normal in the slightest, despite the twist. The whole book for me felt like it was written around one scene. I was really put off by the story in general. The only thing I had somewhat of a liking for was how the twist was executed. I initially thought the short chapters about his life were going to end up being a poorly written subplot — I thought the events were happening concurrently with one another. Similar to the other commenter, I, too, ended up hate-reading to see what happened.
LauraM (16)
I didn't think Theo was very fleshed out either but the secondary characters were even worse - none of them stuck with me at all and half didn't seem to add anything to the story.
Addy (1)
I feel the same way. It was my first BOTM, and I'm disappointed in how it all ended. I really liked the writing and all the Greek metaphors, but there are just a few holes that really don't come together at the end. It just felt like a cheap shot than a thrilling punch which is what I was looking for. Thrillers, in general, may not be my thing though. I'm still reading and finding out where my reading tastes will take me.
LauraM (16)
I'm not a huge thriller person but I read enough that I can guess plot twists and this one just fell flat :(
LauraHartmann (1)
Totally fell flat for me as well. The writing, the continued allusions to Greek mythology and plot, the twist that was annoying and not like "WHOA, COOL." This is the first book that I actually ended up hate-reading just to find out what happens.
LauraM (16)
That's how I was too! I wanted to find out what happened but wasn't really enjoying the read at all after the twist.
TammySroka (2)
I completely disagree. It ended awfully quick. But this book was very well written in my opinion. I couldn't wait to come home and read this book. In fact when I traveled for work I read this on the plane any chance I had I read. This is one of the better books I have read from BOTM.
Same! I thought it was okay, but not a hard hitter for me.
The Silent PatientMellissaHodgson (9)
I Can't choose!

Between the Silent Patient or the The Night Tiger. I still haven't chosen a book and I only have until tomorrow ro choose! Help!!

smshawyer (2)
Silent patient kept me up all night. Thrilling, fast-paced read. I definitely enjoyed it.
Pierre1812 (34)
Just noticed that both The Silent Patient as well as The Night Tiger have the same font. That doesn’t help you decide, but I thought it was interesting!
Funny, those are two I ordered - I got both! But my wife and I share so....
Ange (6)
I have about 60 pages left in The Silent Patient and the ONLY reason I am not reading it right now is because I'm at work. It is really good, the book flows great and keeps you wanting to get to the end and get to the bottom of everything! so for for me a 4.5/5
Pierre1812 (34)
I’m 100 pages into The Silent Patient and I’m loving it. I do regret not getting The Night Tiger as an add-on, but there’s always next month!
Maidmjade28 (3)
Maid vs The Silent Patient

For my January month I picked the Maid over The Silent Patient. I should of picked both. Did anyone else puck the Maid? Is it worth the read?

Diana7 (33)
I picked maid,and don’t think it was worth the read at all.
calico01 (4)
I picked both. Just starting Silent Patient now.
AshleyPoff (6)
I picked both. Silent patient was good, maid was not.
I picked Maid! I started yesterday and am almost finished! Love my choice not disappointed!
mjade28 (3)
Great! I can't wait to read it!
The Silent Patientelizabeth (13)
I can't decide!

I'm torn between Golden State and The Silent Patient! The Golden state seems really unique and exciting but I love a good thriller! Opinions?

Dashley (1)
I chose both! Honestly, they both were amazing to me! I am finishing the Golden State one now!
I picked Maid, started yesterday and almost finished. I love it I’m not disappointed :)
tamtam69 (1)
I just ordered both of them because I couldn't decide!
MelAlex123 (5)
I was torn as well! I decided to go with Golden Child. I love thrillers and the majority of the books I have gotten from BOTM are thrillers, to the point where they all start to blend together... So I figured a change of pace would be refreshing.
tomtom1130 (2)
I chose The Silent Patient because it went with the theme I am on right now. I am working on The Anonymous Girl
hiphipherzog (2)
I was also torn between those two! I ended up opting for The Golden State because although I love a good thriller, they are often a gamble for me. I'm hooked the whole way through and then am let down by the ending often. I can't wait to hear how everyone likes it and am excited to read The Golden State in the meantime.
Lexi (1)
I was so impressed with all the selections this month! I would have gladly read all of them. I ultimately decided to get the Silent Patient, Maid (I love a good memoir) & Golden Twins. This is going to be a great start to 2019!
Pierre1812 (34)
Why not both?! :-) I regret not seeing “Watching You” in the add-on section before ordering my box as it appears to be sold out now.
The Silent PatientKetzra (22)
So exciting!

The January book selection is released and I’m having fun debating with myself which one I should pick. The Silent Patient is a definite contender for me, but I keep wondering about The Night Tiger, too. Which one is your pick?

SarahBarfield (1)
I JUST picked The Silent Patient. But I'll say I almost picked The Night Tiger JUST for that beautiful cover art! I'm so pumped. I also added No Exit and Eleanor Oliphant as my add ons. So. Stinking. Pumped.
booknerd (12)
Eleanor is my top pick from last year. Loved it!
Arlene (1)
I picked The Night Tiger because it has a little bit of everything I like, mystery, suspense, history and an unusual setting.
KristineCoumbe (27)
I already have The Silent Patient and it's good so far so I picked Maid and also Night Tiger as an add on.
Ketzra (22)
Wow! How do you have it so quickly? Are you part of the reader committee?
KristineCoumbe (27)
No. I received an ARC from the publisher a few weeks ago. I entered to win a free copy on Facebook.
Ketzra (22)
What does arc mean?
ki11erpancake (7)
Advance Reader Copy. Publishers send them out to libraries, influencers, reviewers etc. for review purposes.
Ketzra (22)
What does arc mean?
JamieJohnson (1)
I chose the Night Tiger and Extraordinary Beasts as my add on. Looking forward to getting those soon!!!
ki11erpancake (7)
I did the same two! Also excited :)
I received a gift membership for Christmas from my daughter. This was an easy pick for me. I enjoy books set in foreign cultures so... Night Tiger, of course.
MarcelaMartinez (1)
I do too! I just love the way stories are wrote.
EmilyThrasher (1)
I picked The Silent Patient, and ALMOST picked The Night Tiger as an add-on. I have enough TBR books on my shelf right now, so I decided not to.
NicoleTeberg (1)
I chose the Silent Patient! It's an exclusive and I'm all about the Thrillers
AlexGraham (4)
I picked The Silent Patient and then I chose Golden Child and Severance for add ons.
I chose The Silent Patient
KristineCoumbe (27)
No. I received an ARC from the publisher a few weeks ago. I entered to win a free copy on Facebook.
Pierre1812 (34)
I went with The Silent Patient, I’m so glad they released the selection a couple of days earlier! Did anyone else notice Lisa Jewell’s “Watching You” under recent additions in the add-ons though?! I don’t remember that being a book of the month previously...
KristineCoumbe (27)
Lisa Jewell had a book for April and it sold out fast. I am sorry I missed it. Also her book was one of the finalists for book of the year.
Hana (22)
Sometimes they’ll have bigger new releases as add-ons. They did it with a Nicholas Sparks one a few months ago b
Ketzra (22)
That is good to know! I will look in both spots from now on. :)
Hana (22)
No b - that was a typo!
JanneG (1)
Omg I’m torn between those two titles as well- I already have add on from month before too... I only just signed up if I choose 1 of them can I add the other at a later date?
faith (3)
You can choose any of the books as an add on at any date as long as it doesn't sell out first!
Becky (34)
I got the Night Tiger! :) It's hard to please me with suspense/thrillers for some reason so I try not to get them every month! lol