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BonfireAmieTheresa (2)


Is anyone else as annoyed as I am that it’s never explained who is impersonating Kaycee on the phone and how she knows the information from Kaycee’s childhood that she mentions and who the male voice is that Abby hears in the background?? I seriously just cannot get over this and it has me frustrated!

BonfireRondaPruden (4)
The book

I loved this book I am started to read it tell me what you think aboutit

BonfireBrenRicks (1)

This book took me over a week to read, I wouldn't say that I didn't enjoy it, because I did.... but its nothing to write home about.

ChristineDuane (58)
I completely agree. I didnt hate it, but I definitely didnt speed through it.
BonfireMarteenMarie (6)

This book was so relatable to me on so many levels. From the small town dynamics and comparing it to a black hole that sucks you back in, to the mean girls in high school that tirelessly bullied. Although the ending was a little too predictable, I loved following the emotions of Abby as she confronted her demons from the past. Bonfire addressed high school issues that are all too real these days, and I love that Ritter brought this issue into light.

JennyLee (1)
I was so impressed with this! I wasn't ready for feels and she gave them to me good.
BonfireJamalT (18)
Great Book

I'm with the camp that enjoyed this book. While there are parts that could be improved, I really loved Abby as a character. She came across as authentic, and like a lot of other people here, I could relate to the small town sections.

Maybe what divides people on this (and I'm probably wrong) is where their focus was in reading the book. Mine wasn't on the mystery, it was on watching Abby confront with these abusive memories and try to find peace. I could see hating this book if your focus is the central mystery. Everything relating to law or environmental science is brief and glazed over (I could be wrong but you don't collect evidence to petition a judge to get permission to file a lawsuit. That's what discovery is for, after you file). I don't mind this b/c the real mystery--What happened to Kacie--is pretty great. Ritter plants the clues throughout the book so it's a fair mystery too; you can solve it on your own.

I didn't find the flashbacks to be hard to follow, but maybe that's because I understand what she was going for--the idea that a memory can so haunt a place that it's still there, a decade later. Like the scene where the intern is walking around her old highschool is so jarring to Abby because he's walking by scenes of her trauma like it's nothing. It really shows how burdened Abby still is.

I thought Ritter's writing style was stark and vivid, and I love the thought she puts into these toxic relationships Abby had with Kacie, her father, and several of the other characters. It would be easy to write them as flat villains, and I appreciate that Abby isn't able to completely heal just by ditching them. While I don't think the finale was as cathartic as I would've liked, I found the writing fast paced, very human and therefore compelling. I don't think it's a game changer, but I would recommend it to anyone who likes mystery novels, especially if you prefer a character study mixed in your mystery.

catherinegibson (20)
Wow. This is a fair and terrific review! Thank you for your thoughtfulness in writing it.
JamalT (18)
Aw thank you! It's fun to get to write about books when they're great.
Bonfirecatherinegibson (20)

I couldn't put this book down! Ritter's edgy tone created a compelling tension. The plot had some original twists and it was easy to relate to the main character. And, she gave an accurate account of small town Indiana. I look forward to more books from Krysten Ritter.

BonfireValeriaKapusta (1)

Guys, I really don''t know why this book got so many bad reviews! I enjoyed it very much! All the characters felt so real! and if you, like me, had a even a tiny school drama you will find your voice in this book!! It has been a week since I finished the book and I still cant stop thinking about! Give it a try! Don't believe in all negative reviews!!

Angela (5)
I also enjoyed this book but when it was over I kept wondering.. if my HS bully went missing, would I really care all these years later? I don't think I would. (I swear I'm not a bad person). It annoyed me how much effort Abby put into finding the truth about Kaycee after all the cruel things Kaycee did to her. Maybe that's more small town Indiana for you, I don't know.
Angela (5)
I also enjoyed this book but when it was over I kept wondering.. if my HS bully went missing, would I really care all these years later? I don't think I would. (I swear I'm not a bad person). It annoyed me how much effort Abby put into finding the truth about Kaycee after all the cruel things Kaycee did to her. Maybe that's more small town Indiana for you, I don't know.
obiesarmywife (1)
I agree I grew up in a small Indiana town and this took me back :) love this book
JordanH (27)
I thought these were realistic, believable characters too. Most readers can probably find a character to relate to.
ndarty (17)
I agree. Went to a small town high school. Took me back 15 years. I enjoyed it
BonfireAilynHunter (7)

I liked this book. I enjoyed the writing style as it kept me engaged in the story. It felt like I was reading Abby's mind. It is definitely different and worth reading. I do think it has so many twists and turns it gets a little crazy. I would have liked it more if it would have focused more on the environmental issues instead of going off in at least two other directions. Regardless it was a good story and towards the middle of the book I couldn't put it down. The ending could have been a little sweeter too.

JacquelineSchultz (4)
I also enjoyed this book! Although I agree that it would have been interesting to focus a bit more on the environmental issues, but still was intrigued by how the protagonist's past caught up with her in the end eventually.
BonfireAdamHolliman (6)
The Most Erudite Review Of Literature That Has Ever Been Written.

This book sucks, big time. It's like the worst episode of 90s era Law And Order that someone turned into a novel.

KaseyBaril (28)
Lol. I love this. Quick and to the point.
BonfireMina (30)

I find it hard to believe that this was one of the 5 best books this month. I felt like the story line was all over the place and the writing was weak. I gave up 150 pages in because I still had no idea what book I was reading. A mystery? A book about HS students? A lawyer's mission? A detective book? No clue. Anyone agree/disagree?

NatalieP (1)
“The writing was weak” was the main issue for me.
AmandaKersey (1)
I'm at 200 and I still enjoy it.. I'm confused to the back and forth at times.. but, I'm drawn in.. Overall so far, I enjoy it.
Jessica (1)
I agree, it seemed like alot of words or descriptions were added just for the purpose of dragging out the story. I didn't think it was an awful book, but I certainly wouldn't call it great.
AdamHolliman (6)
If you didn't pay your cable bill this month but still want to waste your time with mindless entertainment that doesn't really have a point, I would recommend this book.
DanaHeath (3)
Yes, I agree!!! I have the audio book for this one and was debating whether to just give up. I'm almost half-way done and I cannot get into the story or characters. Glad I'm not alone! :)
TBurr (25)
It is like pulling teeth for me to finish this dang book. I've only read 80 pages since I received it...I've got a long car ride for Thanksgiving so hopefully I'll have some motivation or boredom to finish it.