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Circemia (3)
Love the story!

"I thought once that gods are the opposite of death, but I see now they are more dead than anything, for they are unchanging and can hold nothing."

What I like most about Circe's story is that she is not like any other goddess that you may be familiar with. She makes mistakes but she admits them. She's very powerful but she still fears. She's constantly hurt but she remains strong. She's hated by everyone even her own family but she still continues to love and forgive. She may be a goddess but she definitely has a human heart!

I really enjoyed this book even though I have little knowledge in Greek Mythology. Miller is a gifted writer and I love her uses of words. I will never forget this book and I can see myself rereading this book again and again! :)

Circe (2)
Read or...

I could not decide if i wanted to keep reading or to put it down so it would last forever. Such a well written piece of art. I knew enough about who mattered to put my personal imagination to work. I just want to let everybody i know read it, so i can talk to somebody about it. Also, WHAT HAPPENS AFTER SHE DRINKS?!?! There is far to much to leave to the imagination!

barnold165 (21)
YES- completely agree with your thoughts. I want to know too... does she become mortal?
berandasharae (1)
That was my take on it! It sure seems like that would be the outcome after she drinks based on that chapter, and the moments leading up to it.
mjade28 (3)
I was thinking about adding this book. Is it worth it? Is it a quick read? I have 22mos old twins so hard to read a long book.
CirceJacquelineCarroll (2)
Great book

I hadn't thought about these characters since Humanities class in college and I'm 65 years old now. That light exposure was enough to carry me through so that I always felt like I knew what was going on and who the characters were. Most of them anyway. This book was very hard to put down. I enjoyed every minute spent with it.

Kate (3)
I feel like picking up the Odyssey now.
barnold165 (21)
I felt the same way Kate
CirceAmandaBridges (2)
Breath of relief

This beautiful book- was nearly impossible to put down. I was attempting to read it Ali g with a book club and literally had to hid it from myself for a week or I was going to blaze through it to quickly. This was my first taste of Madeline Miller’s work- and so naturally I can barely hold myself back from running off to the book store tomorrow to get The Song of Achilles.

With all the twists and turns and throw backs to 11th grade English class and that long ago study of The Odyssey I still was never sure where this would end . I couldn’t be more pleased and content as I sighed relief and closed this book for the last time. A true gem.

AugustVonnegirl (13)
For the last time? I get that we are getting new books tomorrow, but this is going on my reread classics shelf :)
CirceSamanthaCuevas (3)
Good book

I am a huge fan of Greek Mythology. I loved reading about characters and story references that I had heard before. I had honestly forgotten about Odysseus meeting Circe, and some people I had to Google to remember (like her niece Medea. I had forgotten her, but the Argonauts didn't much hold my interest when I read about her and Jason).

Hope there is more Mythology books in the future

Circerajo (28)
I loved this except for...

So, disclaimer, I am familiar with Greek mythology from many years in school. If you know absolutely nothing about mythology, or who the various gods and goddess are, it might seem confusing. My advice would be to just push through that, because those details don't really matter for this particular story. The somewhat confusing lineage of the gods has little to do with Circe beyond knowing the difference between the Titans and the Olypians (which if you're still confused, there is a reference in the back of the book). I thought Madeline Miller did a good job of incorporating some of the ridiculous stories in mythology in a way that actually seemed plausible.

Now, as I said, I loved this except for the entire section with Odysseus and Telegonus. While I can see how it was necessary for the development of Circe, it should have been heavily edited in my opinion. It got incredibly dull after I had enjoyed everything leading up to it. I'm actually surprised that Odysseus of all characters was probably the least interesting. I'm glad I made it through that though. I found the ending enjoyable as well.

So all in all I would highly recommend this book, and I hope Book of the Month has more sagas like this in the future.

DAYbreak (1)
I completely agree about the speed and interest of the book in the middle. I loved all of the intimate backstory and adventure in the novel, but when she began recounting her experiences with Odysseus and then Telegonus, I began to lose interest. Instead of strong, she became submissive again, instead of steadfast, she became unsure again. I didn't feel like she was a necessarily likable character in the beginning, but I enjoyed her character more as she "grew" into herself... the change was a little abrupt for my liking at times, but I definitely enjoy a more strong and opinionated narrator than not. The plot line was also very haggard, which I understand because of all of the minor adventures and problems that go along with mythology, but in a novel, it made the ending feel a little bit forced. It was difficult to determine a major conflict other than the more obvious thematic problems, and to find that the resolution began with Circe going back to finally destroy Scylla and then finally live out a mortal life...Well, I was a little bummed. I felt that her adventures were much more momentous just for the novel to end with destroying her adolescent foe and falling in love... again. The author does an excellent job of unravelling and constantly shining light on feminist views and female discrimination throughout history and even present day. I guess I just enjoy a much stronger plot line.
VolkTsepi (2)
I think the one thing that threw me, as a mythology lover, was Trygon? I've never heard of him, and I've tried to search for more information but cannot. I loved him, though. I can agree with you; it may be a little confusing or daunting at first, especially if you are not well versed in Greek mythology. Although, ultimately, I don't think that's required.
rajo (28)
I think he's taken from the Midgard Serpent in Norse Mythology
CirceKaylaGallup (9)
Finished Circe

So, I finished Circe around midnight. What do you all think? Do you think Circe’s excile was just and do you think she spent her time in excile well? Also, what did you think of the ending? Lastly, do any of you know any other books like Circe. I plan on checking out Song of Achilles later this year.

lain (1)
Hi! If you liked Circe, you should check out Silence of the Girls by Pat Barker. I read that right before Circe and they were so complementary. I highly suggest that!
AugustVonnegirl (13)
So if you can still order City of Brass...DO! Anyway, SO I agree, this is a fantastic spin on the classic myths and puts them into a more believable perspective. This reads like Circe's own mind, and a hearthside story..I'm going to stick with the Myths as we know them and come right out with it: Circe didn't die, nor will she ever. Neither will the Big 3. She's been in isolation for "punishment" for EONS and the white hot irony is it was like Witchcraft bootcamp! All that power concentrated and studied over relentlessly; compared to how other Gods use their powers daily. Everyone keeps hinting that the flowers didn't really choose the form the Monsters took; it was all constructed in her mind at first! I believe her last spell (that the speaker lets us see) turned her Son, New BF and Mother-In-Law, immortal. I think it was enough for her to pick the flowers in her special way, and really really want something but was still true to her own subconscious judgments. She wanted to turn the first guy into a God, all knowing how they treat her. She got caught in a day dream about how they treat her like s#$@ while turning the guy into a God, so it became so. Same deal with that Mer-B*&%# :p Circe put as much magic as she could stuff into that "last spell' and was able to project her magic unto all three of her happy little family. My question: Were the other lions living and dying and only the first was special for a prier ceremony? Or were they projections..like her God-making projections ;) Otherwise, this was a fanciful read, I hope to see more of this writer if not the genre in future selections.
CerebroCaro (49)
rajo (28)
In my opinion, of course Circe's exile wasn't just. That's the thing about the gods in Greek mythology though...they pretty much do whatever they want, whenever they want. If you cross Zeus, you feel his wrath. Sure, Circe was given a warning not to explore pharmakeia, but she was given no explanations. If she hadn't confessed, she would have never been punished. I really enjoyed how she spent her time on Aiaia. It sounded like a nice life for the most part. She became one with nature and learned her own power. She even managed to start a family and find love (or something like it) more than once. The saddest part was her lion. I thought the ending was well written, but I'm not sure how I feel about Circe's choice. I can see why she wanted to be mortal. She wanted to be able to connect with humanity. She wanted to be able to grow and change. I liked that it was left open ended so we don't know if she succeeded or not. The only BOTM that is anything like Circe that I know of is Pachinko. It has none of the magic or fantasy, but it is a sweeping saga covering many years. I enjoyed that one also, though not as much as Circe. Pachinko is a little more difficult of a read. I definitely want to check out Madeline Miller's other book as well!
GalGlamorous (12)
Having been a huge fan of Neil Gaimon's Norse Mythology i thought it was a good luck for me.
CirceManyagarces (2)
So far I'm not getting it

Often with BOTM's selections (lately), I need to really give the books a chance. I'm having a really hard time getting in to this one. Anyone having a good experience with this one?

MichelleBailey (1)
I agree. I had to put this one down for awhile and maybe I'll pick it back up another time. Just finding it hard to get in to.
AmandaBridges (2)
I suggest you keep going. I just finished it and ADORED this book. That being said... I ama mythology fan- so that certainly helps.
ndarty (17)
I'm having a hard time with it too. I don't find it awful to where I just need to stop reading it. Its interesting but definitely not fast paced.
Emily (1)
I had a pretty similar experience.
SamanthaCuevas (3)
I loved it, but I also love Greek Mythology and have read most of the more well known ones (and some of the variations when I can find them). The first few chapters, I agree, weren't something that would pull me in if I wasn't such a fan already, but after the 4th one it starts getting good
KaylaGallup (9)
I finished it around midnight and loved it from the beginning.
Circejessicawayland (1)
Anyone else still waiting?

I was really excited but the back "shipped" a week ago, then hasn't moved from where it was.

lverboon (5)
I have mine already, but this has happened to me in the past, and then the book will show up as "out for delivery." I think USPS isn't the best about updating their tracking. BOTM has great customer service if you are still having issues.
RobinLemke (8)
I always choose my book on the first or second and it always gets here mid-month. I just adjust my reading schedule accordingly. ;) (I’m in Seattle if it helps)
CirceMelissaChandler (1)
New book

I’m new here, excited for this book to get here

KaylaGallup (9)
Welcome to BOTM family! I finished Circe around midnight and absolutely loved, loved Circe.
CarrieChaney (15)
Hey Melissa! I just finished it today. I'm excited to see what other's think, so be sure to update when you've read your copy! :)