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Eat Only When You're Hungry
Eat Only When You're HungryKayla (110)
A Whole Bunch of Unlikeable People

This book grabbed my attention from the beginning and I found it to be a quick read, overall. On the last page, I felt like a whole bunch of nothing happened throughout this novel. And at the same time, A LOT happened. Essentially, this book was about several broken people and how they use and abuse each other or vices to help them cope with life. On one hand, I hated all of the characters of this book for being selfish and irresponsible and lacking self-control. Yet, I also empathized for Greg and Marie as they tried to overcome and make-up for their parental shortcomings. At the end of the day, I disliked the characters and their behavior. To some extent, they deserved exactly what they got (Especially Greg with his drinking and misogyny)... but there is still something that makes me empathize with his situation. I will certainly say this is NOT a feel-good story. But it is a pretty easy read, all things considered.

Eat Only When You're Hungrychristinaconsolo (1)

I keep seeing comments about the book "not being funny". This was NOT a funny book, it was sad, raw and real. Anyone that has ever loved an addict would appreciate the honesty and frustration of this book. These days I imagine addiction effects everyone to some degree. Whether that be drugs like GJ or food and sex like Greg. Even the mundane existence of trying to live a perfect life that is a lie like Deb... I found every character relatable to myself or someone close in my life. I loved this book.

Eat Only When You're HungryRobinFults (2)

So I read all that and still didn't find out where or what happened to GJ. So disappointing for my first BOTM

FRae (5)
Same, tbh. I found it kinda cringe-y. I was constantly shaking my head at Greg's choices.
Kayla (110)
Me too. I wanted Greg to find his son and I appreciated how he was trying to make up for his past wrongs, but I really truly hated him as a person.
Eat Only When You're HungryLaurenPrioleau (2)
Did Marie know?


I feel like Marie knew where GJ was or how to at least get a hold of him. I don't think she ended up filling out the police report. I think she agreed to help Greg search to help Greg through his issues and to gain some sort of closure with his son. I think Marie and maybe even Deb knew that if he came in contact with his son that it would do more harm than good. What do you think?

Eat Only When You're Hungry2uesday (9)

I was disappointed with the book as for I had expected the book to be funny and so much more. The writing was still good and I was still caught in the pages wondering what would happen with GJ.

Not what I was expecting

FRae (5)
I feel absolutely the same way. I was expecting it to be far funnier, or for Greg to be a little more charismatic, I suppose.
JordynWarner-Cox (1)
I feel the same way. Kept waiting for it to get better.
KatelynRuss (1)
100% agree!
Eat Only When You're HungryMorganBerteloot (5)
Confused - SPOILER


I'm a little confused with the ending... GJ writes Greg a letter pretty much saying he wants nothing to do with him... I get that. But why didn't GJ talk to Marie? The ending left me wondering what happen next.. I guess that was the point?

EmilyWalton (2)
I was a little frustrated, but I understand why it wasn't wrapped up in a tight little bow. If you think about it, the main focus of the plot line isn't what's happening with the shooting, it's more about Joan's inner dialogue-what she's feeling/thinking/remembering while the worst thing imaginable is lurking just around the corner. Joan triumphs as a mother, she is part of the fierce kingdom of animals. Everything happened in her perspective, and ended when she was finally able to exhale and know without a doubt that her son was safe at last.
RobinFults (2)
Wrong book
Eat Only When You're Hungrycrazycatlady (6)
Why has no one made a post about this book?

Did you not like it? I personally felt that it was too short. I wasn't a fan of the ending.

JenONeal (30)
I liked it, didn't love it. I'm seeing a lot of complaints about the ending but that was probably my favorite part. The entire book was about the futility of fixing things that have already gone off the rails. GJ and Greg's relationship has been hurting for years. I'd honestly be frustrated if there had been a happy ending. I chose this book because I thought that there was a good chance that the subject matter would be poorly handled and I was curious to see how it would go down. But the author tackled issues of addiction (all types) with sincerity.
Kayla (110)
I agree with your analysis. Addiction is a horrible disease and it makes people act in ways that are reprehensible. I was hoping that Greg found GJ, but the ending sort of leaves the reader with the same feeling that Greg might have had about his son - hopeful for his return, despondent in his absence. Yet, the ending gave me a sense of hope about GJ. Indeed, his parents were pretty irresponsible and contributed a great deal to his later addiction problems. To me, the ending represented GJ's chance to be his own person and to come to term's with his own behavior (including the need to distance himself from toxic people... including Greg).
Skeggjold (17)
I loved it. I also wished it was longer, but I thought the ending was perfect (if perfectly sad.) I always enjoy an unreliable narrator.
LaurieLing (2)
I kept thinking the book would develop into something but it never did. I'm curious to know which parts were supposed to be funny....I didn't laugh once. Just a depressing story that I would never have finished if I wasn't stuck on a plane for 5 hours.
Kayla (110)
I felt like the funny came from more of a dry humor. Funny in an ironic (rather than comic) way. I definitely did not laugh at this book. More than anything, it broke my heart.
Michelle (2)
The book flap starts out - "Achingly funny"- I didn't think it was funny at all. I was hoping there would be some redeeming quality in Greg somewhere and I never found it. Just ok for me and I wouldn't recommend it.
JaneeHammer (8)
I agree except it wasn't even ok for me. There was nothing about it I enjoyed. I kept waiting for it to get better but it never did. There was nothing positive about Greg and nothing turned around for him. Just blah. Nothing about this book was enjoyable and I was so ready to finish it.
MorganJackson (6)
I agree with y'all completely on these reviews!! I sucked it up to finish it, but the look on my face the entire time reflected my opinion of the book.
Michelle (2)
I want to know what people found funny.
booknerd (12)
I'm glad to read this. I thought I was missing something or that I just didn't "get it".
JaneeHammer (8)
Me too! This book was the opposite of funny to me. I never had any positive thoughts while reading it.
ProLiferChelle53 (1)
I'm analyzing my feelings about this book, my first Book of the Month Club selection. It was definitely outside of my comfort zone. The characters were not likable, and there was, in my opinion, too much vulgar language. As a Catholic, I found a certain "joke" about the Pope especially offensive. But with all these negative elements, I actually liked this book. Liked it, but did not love it. I thought that the writing was absolutely amazing. And how is it that a book with ingredients I usually detest has made me feel that, in some ways, I have grown, have stretched, as a reader?
malorysk7 (5)
Wtf?! Maybe the worst book I have read this year. So terribly sad and nothing poignant or moving- just sad. Nothing funny even for a second. Maybe good character development but no characters that I liked or cared about in the least.
KatieJordan (1)
Completely agree, it was so depressing, and the ending was a let down. Writing style was interesting, lots of unique similies/metaphors.
SoranaR (26)
I loved it! I actually think it's one of the best books I've read this year! I'm usually not a fan of short books (little bang for lotta money) but there's something to be said about an author that can drive home a point in a few pages. All the central characters were so well developed, especially the ladies. Deb and Marie are night and day (and part of me was always wondering why Deb was still with Greg). I was revolted by every aspect of Greg; he's a miserable character and I'm glad of the ending when maybe it finally dawns on him that GJ just wants nothing to do with him.
MorganJackson (6)
I haaaaated it.
booknerd (12)
I'm about half way through and I haven't found it funny yet just really depressing and sad. Ill finish it. Maybe it will change my mind in the end.
crazycatlady (6)
It ends the same way; depressing and sad.