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Golden State
Golden Statelaurenbeam (1)
Confused **SPOILERS**

I feel like this book and "world" have a lot of potential but the book fell flat for me. The conspiracy story line seemed extremely rushed and left me with more questions that anything. How did Charlie make it to Las Vegas paralyzed and wounded? Why was Arlo trying to overthrow the Golden State? How did the Las Vegas community start? What was the point of the pumpkins? So many questions.

Kelseystrachan (1)
I agree. I was so confused the entire book. What happened to the Golden State with Arlo?
Golden StateKaaatie129 (2)
*SPOILERS* I need to talk about the ending

I need to talk about this book with others who read it. After seeing others post about the ending, i need to talk it out. Maybe i’m completely off here- but am i the only one who got the feeling Arlo wasn’t as bad as the Monster they made him out to be in the end? Maybe he kept saying it was all “worth it” just to reunite the brothers in exile? Knowing they’d be better off outside the golden state, or at least together. I pictured the pumpkin launch a way for charlie to practice, and set up the initial fall off the roof. Like charlie was in cahoots with these guys all along or something! Someone else share with me your thoughts because I really liked this book and the end just left me wanting more! :)

BusyStudent (2)
Let's not forget that Arlo killed (at least) 4 people. And tried to kill Charlie. He definitely wasn't a 'good guy' And I don't really think he was in cahoots with Charlie. The Arlo, Aysa, etc. group are a group of revolutionaries. They think (it seems rightfully so) that their society is extremely flawed and harmful. So they will go to whatever lengths necessary to see that change. I think, in the end, the point is that it's impossible to define good or bad, and that most people actually rest in a middle ground. I also want more! A sequel would be great!!
JenniferBirch (1)
Same! I’m so confused on that Arlo part. And also Asya?! I loved her character but it seems, she was in on ..whatever it was with Arlo? Subverting the “truth” thing but for what? So confused. :/
Golden StateVeronicaQuarry (3)
Couldn’t finish.

I feel so guilty. I just couldn’t get into this story so I did not finish. First time this has happened in a while. Anyone else feel the same?

Egrant32682 (1)
Me! I felt the same. I read the entire book, but even at the end I was just waiting for it to be over. I tried!
Golden StateHarv3710 (1)

I cannot seem to grasp the concept of this story line. To me it feels like he does not explain the reality the book is based on very well. It feels like I’m coming into a book series and I’m starting out on book 3 instead of book 1. It’s a good book I have continued ready however the reality has me puzzled very frequently. Does anyone else have this problem?

aliciaramz (1)
The only part I did not understand was how Charlie was still alive and how did he even get out of The Golden state. I feel as if we should have gotten some sort of back story as to how he ended up in the desert
BusyStudent (2)
I agree! He stated that Charlie explained everything, but that info was never given to us as readers!
KPS (1)
Confused is the perfect word. Why did the judge poison himself if everything was a set up? What am I missing here?!
Cort (1)
I was also confused. The story became interesting about 1/3 of the way into it, but I want to know what’s happening in the rest of the world. It didn’t really tell the why as much as I thought it would.
ChristineDuane (59)
Also kind of confused. There were a few times where I thought things were going to be explained more....and then nothing.
sadhana09 (1)
Same here! Confused as well as to what the ending was. It was a fast read, but I expected more from this book.
Rootmartin (1)
I am also quite confused. I found the book to be a compelling page turner but partway through, I seemed to lose the thread. Now that I have finished, I remain confused about some major elements.
DivineReading (2)
I somewhat have this problem. I have a feeling I know what happened but I'm not 100% It's correct. The part where he did explain was very confusing and i didn't really understand it after i thought about for a good 10 minutes. I did enjoy it though and it was a quick read.