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In the Hurricane's Eye
In the Hurricane's Eye8little_paws (87)
who knew

that reading about naval battles would be SO interesting! I love non fiction and learning about history but this book exceeded my expectations. I really want to read more by Philbrick now.

In the Hurricane's Eyedamroberts744 (12)

Really appreciate a non-fiction book being thrown into the mix.

DianeKennedy (1)
Couldn't get your rating page to work. I loved that book. Thanks.
ki11erpancake (7)
Agreed! And I didn't realize he had written another book that I really love. (In the Heart of the Sea)
damroberts744 (12)
Ooooh I’ll have to check it out. I believe they did have him listed as a “famous author”.
scrambledeggs (3)
Yes! Me too - I can't remember the last nonfiction featured by BOTM.
damroberts744 (12)
Probably the Sedaris one in June? IDK, wish they'd do it more, they seem to go pretty quickly.