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MaidGrapes0521 (5)
Like not love

I found Maid to be an interesting read. I work representing poor mothers so this topic is right up my alley. Perhaps because I am surrounding by these issues on a daily basis, this book didn’t get move me as much as others on this topic have. The author did a great job conveying the frustration that accompanies poverty and the fultility of navigating all of the government programs that are supposed to assist but in reality only confound. I also appreciated how the author was hyper aware of the constant judgment that was heaped upon her for the most minuscule of details and for needing help from others. This felt and is a very real phenomenon.

It’s hard to pinpoint exactly what was missing for me. Perhaps, although I know it’s not fair, after reading Evicted, no book on poverty will ever move me in quite the same way. That book changed my entire perspective on so many things. It’s probably foolish to hold any book to that standard.

Maidmjade28 (3)
Maid vs The Silent Patient

For my January month I picked the Maid over The Silent Patient. I should of picked both. Did anyone else puck the Maid? Is it worth the read?

AshleyPoff (5)
I picked both. Silent patient was good, maid was not.
I picked Maid! I started yesterday and am almost finished! Love my choice not disappointed!
mjade28 (3)
Great! I can't wait to read it!