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Station Eleven
Station Eleven (1)
New and need help and advice

New to the club, maybe I’ve missed this some where, but I have two add ons picked for next month already. But I’m finding all kinds I want to do for other months. It there a way to “favorite” or “save” them so I can easily find them again? Thank you in advance for any help or advice!!

Station ElevenNathanBednar (1)

How do I contact an actual person? Please respond,

Station Elevenschambers (1)
Literary Fiction

Where's the beef for BOTM in literary fiction? I'm bummed about not liking your choices.

Station ElevenJroussey (5)
February books

Help me pick? I can’t decide. Torn between The Age of Light, A women is no a Man, and the winter sister. Help...

Station ElevenBrandiMulvena (2)
The Silent Patient

I found this book extremely difficult to put down once I began. I believe I finished the novel in about a day & a half. The constant suspicious character introductions kept me switching my already drawn conclusions on the mystery of Alicia & the unsolved mystery.

I found it intriguing that the environment was based in a mental hospital when we were viewing the story from a disturbed mind. I sympathized with Alicia & Theo, although antagonists in the end, because they both sought love from their significant others. Throughout her case, Alicia seemed as if she was surrounded with friends from the nosy neighbor who claimed they were best friends, to Jean to Gabriel when she was actually alone. The neighbor who was obsessed with the drama of her situation, Jean who was obsessed with her artwork for his own personal gain & Gabriel who sought love in another married woman. And Theo, who struggled to find love and compassion from his childhood & in his marriage.

All in all this book was extremely clever, however I thought there were some loose ends with the extra characters. Like why did Alicia's cousin lie about getting money from her to Theo when he was investigating? Did the author just make each character seem suspicious to us because we were in the mind of Theo? Also, if Theo knew the result of the mystery, why was he suspicious of the other characters in the first place?

Station ElevenMsfuss (1)
Help finding a book

What do you do if you don't like any of the selections for book of the month?

Station Eleven (2)
getting books

There is noone to talk to about customer service or questions and takes longer than 5-7 days to get book. I really don’t think I would recommend for gift.

Station Eleven (2)
electronic book

who do i contact to get books thru my kindle ipad?

Station ElevenSfreeberg (1)
Are the books hard cover?

Are these books hard covers? I only read hard covers?

Station ElevenTedickinso (1)
Selction age

With this program is there a way to select an age group for which the books are chosen. My daughter is only 11, but LOVES reading. She goes through books faster than anything I’ve ever seen. We are constantly at the library. I think she would really enjoy a book in the mail each month, but I don’t want to give this as a gift to her if the books are not something she would be interested in.

Station ElevenJoyce0750 (2)
I obviously need help

I don't care for fiction. I thought American war was nonfiction. It doesn't seem that you have much selection for me. Answer please.

Station Eleven (1)

It's a Urban love story. I have recently published it's on Amazon. It's a awesome book

Station Elevenanayenga (1)
My American Dream

My name is Tony Nayenga and I have published my book, my life story, entitled My American Dream using the pen name Nekemiah Muzazibwa and it can be found athttps://www.xlibris.com/Bookstore/BookDetail.aspx?BookId=SKU-001184514

Station ElevenToguro (1)
Man walk's in the room

Holy shit

Station ElevenDanGeorge (1)
Girl Scouts Books

Didn't know i was joining a girls' book club. Most all have some female name in the title.

Station ElevenStarfishKatie (1)
Um, what?

Did I miss when Station Eleven was a selection?? I can’t find it on the website!!

Station ElevenJennifer (2)
Just a random question

Just a random situation I can't seem to find an answer to. It doesn't pertsin to this book or any. Am I not allowed to make an "add on" book my BOTM?

Station Elevenmpatterson54 (1)
Help with Credits, please

I'm looking for help with how to use Credits. I apologize for using the Discussion board to ask this question, but I don't see another way.

Any help would be appreciated?

Mark mark@markp.org

Station ElevenMarteenMarie (6)
Let down...


Why hasn't anyone brought up the fact that Kate, the marriage counselor, was actually Richard's first wife? This was another strange curve ball that didn't seem to tie into anything else. Just like the ending with Maureen and Emma?


Station ElevenRondaPruden (4)
Uncommon type

I love this book I can't put it down

Station ElevenCallieDarlin (2)

First, I LOVE Tom Hanks. Really, I do. With that being said, I am STRUGGLING with this book. I am almost half way through but am finding it difficult to want to pick it back up. Did anyone else have this problem? A few are fun but for the most part, the stories are boring. I won't say it's a bad book, but it's definitely not my forte.

Station ElevenAngeliqueMunoz (1)
After the Eclipse - AMAZING

I just finished reading this the other night and wow, Sarah Perry did amazing. My heart was in pain for her and all she had to go through. Her writing was great in a way that I felt like I was there walking through it with her. Her aunt Tootsie worked on my nerves. But to look back at how the family was so dysfunctional made it clear they did the best they could I guess. But Tootsie was very disappointing to me. It was good to see Sarah make it through it all the best that she could and seems to have turned out to become a beautiful amazing wondering woman.

Station ElevenEmily (1)
White Fur

Can somebody tell my why the book is called "White Fur"? What did her coat have to do with anything? I'm being serious.

Station ElevenCarissaLeek (9)
Good but predictable *spoilers*

I quite enjoyed the story. It was good entertainment for riding out Irmageddon yesterday. I loved the idea of her novels being like her subconscious remembering traumas of her past. However, I wasn't shocked by anything that happened. It was all very predictable to me. There are many clues in the text that make the reader piece together exactly what happened before the end. The fact that her hormone therapy makes her forget things. Then the fact she has repressed memories already. That her novel is so in sync with Nick's murder. The other issue I had was in the end when Liza is talking to the detectives. They act as if she saw the love note from Nick and that she'd seen it before and knew of his and David's affair, but then they all of a sudden drop the issue once she has a freak out. It just seems as if the detectives were suspicious and knew that she had murdered Nick but didn't do anything about it. Overall though I enjoyed the psychology of the work and exploring repressed memories and psychotic breaks.

Station ElevenElizabethHolls (8)
Little & lion

I am so disappointed in this selection. It's my least favorite book I have read all year. I was not that impressed with the character development at all. There were two many little random side stories going on ( abortion, Iris, Grace making racist comments) to truly get a focus on the story. There was potential but I found it a waste of a selection.

Station Eleven2uesday (9)

I agree with the previous posts. The book is not an edge of your seat thriller and the end result of what happened wasn't and OMG moment, but the reading has been the best of my Book of the Month readings so far (4 books). Only one had such a great twist to it but was boring until the end came...

A good summary of the book is written righr in the book, "what's the price that you will pay for a lie?"

These friends kept secrets and lied to the point where they forgot where they began. Besties for life, but the friendship is toxic because their past has came back after graduating, making a family and moving on with their lives. They nearly forgot that they had a secret until the secret crept out for everyone to see, and now they're at risk for so much loss after working so hard to achieve their positions in life.

Station ElevenPiedPiper (10)

Anyone else notice the author's name misspelled on the spine of the book? I feel bad for him!

Station ElevenEmilyPhillips (4)
Final Girl

Just finished this good and I had to say that I liked the twist and turns on this book. But I also think that at the end of the book it kinda dragged a little. The book should've finished a long time ago.

Station ElevenMorganJackson (6)
Not impressed

I saw there were so many comments for all the other Augusy books, except this one. Please tell me I'm not the only one who was upset with wasting hours of my time reading this one. I wanted to know more about GJ. I wanted to know HIS story. Instead, I feel into a feeling of "you made your coffin, lay in it" when it came to the Dad and all of his weight crap.

Station ElevenMonicaPandi-Ranieri (5)

I am still not sure whether I liked this book, or not. On on side I liked the fact that it keep me engaged, I definitely couldn't put the book down; it had a good story-line and although the ending was somewhat predictable, there was something about it that I really liked. On the down side, it seemed rather unrealistic to me that a victim of abuse, who kept such a secret her entire life would actually open up to a reporter. No matter how trustworthy Kate came off, it just didn't seem realistic. Moreover, I feel like towards the end the author was just ready to wrap things up and the story felt a bit rushed. Judging by the way Will was described in the first part of the book, I expected him to put up more of a fight while defending himself. And the fact that Joe actually found the missing link at the end could be an explanation as to why he was even a character in this book, but that, too, felt rushed. Overall, it was a decent read and it kept me engaged, but there was also much left to be desired.

Station ElevenBrittanyj1007 (1)
It could have been more

I tore through this book and love every bit of it; however, I just felt like it could have been more. I did not care for the abrupt ending, but it does leave the reader with a vague sense like the end of The Sopranos. I kept wait for "big finish" that Robby was talking about and wondering why there was such a miscommunication with the police. I had convinced myself the hostage situation had something to do with releasing the animals in the zoo out to the city and that was the big finish and the reason there was poor communication from the police. Otherwise why place it in a zoo, it could have taken place anywhere else. Overall I thought it was fantastically written it just wish there was something more.

Station ElevenThomasNaomi (1)
august extras

do not wish August selections trying to order two extras cannot confirm

Station ElevenSusanbr (3)
Skip the Month

Forgive me for using this forum to ask a question, but all other avenues did not work. Chat says not available, question not answered in any FAQs. Question is: have they taken away the SKIP THE MONTH button? I've never used it, but need to this month and can't find it anywhere. It is NOT on my account page as the company info said. Can anyone help with this?

Station ElevenEdward (1)

How do you get the books ordered?

Station ElevenMeganBrennan (6)
Short, sweet and heartwarming

Goodbye, Vitamin: I loved this book. The journal format was a nice break compared to some of the other books I've read recently. It was fast paced and I actually caught myself laughing out loud many times. As a nurse i take care of dementia patient's practically everyday, it is really nice to read about it from this view point. Having a main character like Ruth was really refreshing. She didn't overlay the part of the "victim", she found solutions and funny ways of dealing with her situation. Great summer/beach read! <3

Station ElevenMichelleZumpano (10)
The Child

Am I the only one who couldn't predict the ending?! Reading these posts I feel like I was! I was surprised! I definitely agree the book was hard to start off, worth the finish though. Definitely not my favorite book of the month, but a good read nonetheless.

Station ElevenVanessaRoman (4)

Did anybody else think he was going to kill himself before they found out the judge lifted the order? They made so many references to him killing him self I thought it would be foreshadowing.

Station ElevenJaime (14)
Goodbye, Vitamin

I thought the book was sweet and cute. It took a while to understand the character of the narrator and her family and get a good enough picture of them, but I think it did its purpose. I didn't necessarily love this book or feel on the edge of my seat wanting to know what would happen. But it's a quick, short read that makes you feel sentimental. And since pretty much everything I've been reading lately involves murder...I think I needed this :)

Station ElevenMelissaWeisse (1)
The Windfall

I am absolutely loving this book so far. I have been looking up different locations in India as well as property on Gurgaon too! Fascinating comedy of manners!

Station ElevenJoyCassens (1)
White Fur

So for three quarters of the book I wanted to throw it across the room because the characters seemed so out of sync with each other. At one point I thought about donating it to the free neighborhood library! There is a lot of coming to terms with many different kinds of growing up, facing the truth, and especially pain in this book. The last four chapters brought it back together for me, but after the beginning of the book, it absolutely fell flat.

Station ElevenSaraY (2)
It arrived yesterday...

And I can't put it down. I love the flow, I love the "real time" thought processes of the character, I love that you're "hearing" her internal dialogue as things move along. I can't wait to finish, but I SOOO don't want it to end.

Station ElevenPattyGioffre (1)
A Million Junes

I received a 3 month gift subscription in May so I picked A Million Junes as my first foray into BOTM. I just looked up my account and it says that my June selection was skipped. Anyone else have this happen to them?

Station ElevenElle (1)

Hi! I am sorry and sure this is not the correct way to go about this but I need to contact someone in charge about issues I am having with BOTM. Does anyone know the email address or phone number I can use? I would truly appreciate it!

Station ElevenJessicaOpsahl-Ong (2)

Just wondering... What did you guys think about Nate and Hannah? I absolutely loved this book and all of the characters but felt the inclusion of Nate and Hannah was slightly out of place. I got that the character of Nate was trying to break a idealogoly about guys who may just look like bafoons but are actually nice and have more to them or something... But I felt like the storyline with Nate was kind of unresolved... Hannah and Nate never really even end up officially dating! And I felt like their pairing was a little too convenient. I mean, I loved all of these characters to pieces and the books is so precious, but this was just something that I was interested in other people's opinion on... Thanks!

Station ElevenNicoleQuinn (1)
Elizabeth Taylor?

I absolutely loved this book. Am I the only person that kept thinking that this could be Elizabeth Taylor?

Station ElevenAugustVonnegirl (13)
The Sister's Chase: Vincent Mondasian

SPOILERS...although not sure why anyone would read a discussion board before the novel. Also I can't figure how to change the book title above, it just flashes when I click on it in edit mode...

Vincent Drake and Diane had the briefest of interactions, just long enough to set up the dominoes that would lead Robert Mondasian to Mary. It is when they meet that we really see the cause of Mary's 'curse', the good looks, cunning mind, and those eyes. This scene is disturbing in that you just know Vinc..uh I mean Robert is already calculating how to get this pretty desk girl into his room for the evening. Even when his lies and their consequences are handing him his room key, he still insists he isn't who she knows him to be. Yet, what confuses me is why she doesn't stay to confront him!? Why doesn't she try to get something out of this besides insanity? We know when the wind picks up Mary is quick to follow, she knows it's Drake who put that gene in her body, however, I thought her to be stronger than to run from this too. I had hoped for a full confrontation. Surley this creep isn't no different than the other men she's gotten a payout from. Or perhaps she needed more than just his wallet, she missed out on a real family, one she knew Hannah had a chance at but lost because of Mary's bad genes...

Station ElevenElizabethHolls (8)
The Sisters Chase

SPOLIERS Maybe I just need to go back and reread the ending, but are we interpreting it as suicide or a freak car accident?

Station Elevenlacietaylor (1)
page 296, anyone?

couldn't put this novel down, and maybe i missed another discussion thread where this was brought up, but can we talk about that paragraph on page 296 as Rachel walks out of the apartment? anyone know what i'm referring to? threw me for a loop!

Station ElevenShilohCapone (1)
A Million Junes - An examination of grief

This book was absolutely beautiful and easy to read. Like the other commenters, I read the entire thing in a day or two. The most striking thing to me was not the romance or magical realism, although they were touching, but the examination of grief and its continuing affect on someone. I lost someone close to me a few years ago, and it hurts more as time goes by and you see your life continuing without them. That life for you doesn't cease when the life of someone important to you does is difficult and never heard easier, rather than pain becomes more poignant. The author illustrated that poignantly. The comment about pitying those who pity you because you know it is fate that all of us will have to lose someone close to us really struck home. I watched my husband and wept for him that one day he'll know the pit of despair that grief etches into you. I will recommend this book to anyone dealing with the death of a loved one.

Station ElevenNicolasCash (1)
My First BOTM

Lord o' mercy!! I couldn't put the book down! As my first book, I'm astounded by the amazing book I literally just closed. It's hard for me to get a new favorite book, but this novel is stupendous. It was so real, so raw, such amazing writing. I was able to escape anything and leave my world to see Evelyn everywhere the book had taken me. The way things were mentioned and described...just impeccable! I can't wait for my next BOTM!

Station ElevenSocalBookWorm (1)

Spoiler:: I just got this book yesterday evening and already finished it. I could not put the book down. Just as the previous discusser said, probably the fastest I have ever read a book. I felt as if I was traveling on their adventures to each new destination that were easy to picture. It was exciting and heart aching. The characters and relationships were so beautifully detailed and described. The storyline from jumping forward and backwards was done at ease. I guessed pretty early about Hannah and Mary from the moment the author described the first night with Stephan. The author left clues/hints throughout each chapter after that just made is obvious and confirmed it once you had that thought placed in your mind before the big reveal but if you didn't, you could have just as easily missed the hints or overlooked them. Was anyone else so annoyed with Jake as a character? He really got on my nerves. The ending definitely made me tear up but it was perfect and it was an unexpected happy ending because it is everything that Mary knew Bunny deserved and Stephen too even though we all wished Mary could have had that life too but she was a free spirit. I saw Mary's fate coming by the first chapter of Bunny's note- without that expectation I would have probably sobbed at the end. My only questions are why did she feel she had to leave after meeting her dad?... I am concluding that the whole reason she came to that specific hotel in the first place was because she read that he goes to that hotel. And why did she leave Bunny? I get he was an ass but what was he going to do about it? Maybe it was pure anxiety.

All in all, Mary's love for Bunny was limitless and she would have done anything for her which was shown throughout the book.

Station ElevenValDiPietro (2)

I seriously had a hard time reading this book. I truly struggled to finish it. It was quite quirky. Maybe I just didn't like the topic.

Station ElevenChristaVarley (3)


Station ElevenAlexisHovis (1)

I just...I can't even! I read and instantly burst out laughing when I realized...????????

Station ElevenMary (1)

Choose the book for its title. Didn't enjoy her writing style. Tried my best to get into the story but it lost me.
read the last chapter and closed the book.

Station ElevenJoyceLysik (1)

Other then the 5 books offered is that the only books one can choose from for the free monthly book? Next month can I select two books to be free? Are children books offered or romance or mystery's offered?

Station ElevenShellyrose (1)
Into the Water

About 1/2 way through and enjoying it. If I had more time I would have finished it by now.

Station ElevenJessicaBowe (2)
Woman No. 17

I LOVED this book! Finished it in two days! When I first read the description I was not convinced; I thought it might be mildly entertaining but an overall throw away. I was WRONG. The writing style and imagery were fantastic. This author had some of the most unique and captivating use of metaphors I have ever come across. She is able to paint such a vivid image in your mind. The story line and character development, I thought, were very interesting and robust. It made me think a lot about my own childhood and experiences with my Mother, and what kind of Mother I will one day be. It seems most Mother's set out with good intentions, even if it is not perceived that way ultimately, by their children. I only wish I knew what ultimately happened to 'S' at the end? It almost seemed like she should have had one last epilogue. But I suppose it really was Lady's story and 'S' was the catalyst or the X-factor of it. Really great read, I will definitely be looking into more novels by this author.

Station ElevenEmilyStarr (3)
ENDING: Spoilers (The Love Interest)

Did anyone else think the end was a bit rushed? I got to the point where they were planning going back to the LIC and realized there weren't many pages left in the book for them to resolve everything. They did end up resolving everything by the end of the book, but I feel like that made the ending seem rushed compared to the pace of the rest of the book.

Station ElevenLanaVolkov (13)
Sudden Ending - behind her eyes

I felt that the book was pretty good, for the most part. It had some boring sections, in the middle, but it was pretty readable to me. I was struggling with the ending - It seemed that the author wanted to shock the reader, but didn't think through the whole decision of changing "Adele" to "Rob". It seemed that Rob was inlove with Adele, and disliked David, but then he suddenly saw him and fell madly in love - it a way that made him kill his only friend Adele, and throw her/his body into a well. I felt it was rushed and poorly explained. The last pages themselves- where Rob, in Louises' body was saying how Adam knew something was up was kind of upsetting. I felt bad for all the characters, they weren't likable at all and kind of got what they deserved.

Station Elevenlauralou22 (9)
Slow start but awesome finish

I would definitely recommend this book to someone that grew up in the eighties. I had so many eighty flashbacks. In the eighties some boys were just like this. There was no access to the internet, boys got bored and did dumb things. The boys in this book fit my cousins to a T. I don't think this book would appeal to young adults because of all the eighties references. They just wouldn't see all the nostalgia. This book took me a while to get into. But once Will/Billy met Mary the story got exciting for me. Mary saved the day. Not a book that I would normally pick up, but I'm so glad I read it!

Station ElevenKristinMM (15)
Quick Cute Read

I was able to finish this book in one day. At first I thought it was just going to be a pair of teenagers who complained the entire book. But as it went on I really began to enjoy the story. Cute and sweet.

Station ElevenKristinMM (15)

I was happily surprised with how much I loved each and every story. In most short story collections there will only be one or two that I truly love. I've already passed this book along to one of my friends :)

Station ElevenColleenMladic (1)

Loved this book... I didn't want it to end as I really cared about the characters. I felt like I knew them! Noa's death was so sad and a surprise. I wasn't expecting that. I wanted to know what became of his children, but I guess we weren't to know because the main characters were not part a part of their lives. I need to read more of this author's work!

Station ElevenKarlaOliver (1)
What?!?!?! Was there an ending? Is there a follow up book planned?

First of all, this is my first book with Book of the Month Club and I have very mixed feelings. I enjoyed reading the book. It was an easy read so it was easy to fit a chapter into my lunch break without feeling rushed or that I was going to miss a plot turn but the ending fell completely flat. It felt like a cliff hanger.

It reads as I expect most millennials who are consumed by social media speak and I found myself snicking at how shallow that can be. I myself am a millennial but I do not actively use social media and I do not live in a huge city. However, I happen to have a friend who is the founder of a tech startup in NYC and he says this book does not accurately portray the culture.

I am passing this book on to my friends to read but I am very disappointing with the lack of an ending.

Station ElevenMelissaBell (1)
Behind her eyes... clues

did anyone notice once in a while in the Adele chapters she would refer to herself as Adele... It would confuse me and I'd have to check to which chapter is was in. Then when I was done it made sense.. I wonder if they were put there as clues.

Station ElevenAlexandraMcLelland (2)
The New Yorker was enchanted

First off, THANK YOU for putting the setting in Upstate New York. There is a whole body of land up there above the island, people! The alphabet mystery game was very creative, and I'm bad at mysteries, so I was surprised by the reveal of every letter. Wonderfully explosive ending, too. I totally thought Zelda was in Paris the whole time. But what is Ava's aftermath? Does she stay in Ithaca?

Station ElevenAbigailKlein (1)
Lost minutes

I have to say, I was really disappointed in this book. The description didn't indicate there was going to be any supernatural, unrealistic plot lines. I kept rolling my eyes and I never wanted a protagonist to actually be killed before. If Louise was intelligent and loved her son, like she proclaimed so much at the beginning, none of this would have really happened. Especially after he got home. I'm so sorry! This is the worst book I've read in a long time and I am feeling like I lost minutes from another book I could have been reading. Again, I'm sorry to those of you that liked it so much.

Station ElevenAimee (2)
Station ElevenAshleySmith (11)

I did not read this book and put my review under the wrong category. My bad! Disregard this post. :)

Station ElevenLisaMc (8)
Not my favorite

Just finished Dead Letters. Interesting plot with miserable characters. I found myself vacillating between wishing that I had skipped the book selection this month or chosen another book.

The author painted a very miserable childhood and dysfunctional family life which made me not enjoy the book as much. Ava's treatment of Nico annoyed me and I found the Ava/Zelda relationship weird.

The author's storytelling ability is pretty well crafted but I guess I was hoping for less drama and more suspense, especially after last month's choice, Behind Her Eyes.

Station ElevenPamBreen (1)

I just signed up for this, but am getting concerned, as I can't seem to be able to navigate on the website to a place i can search for authors?? Can you help me so I don't feel like i just wasted $150~~!!

Station ElevenAlana (17)


Station ElevenEmsieDearest (4)
Station ElevenErinNorman (2)
Is it worth it?

I have had a really hard time getting into this book and am debating on whether or not it is even worth all the effort to read? ShouldI just drop it?

EmsieDearest (4)
Station ElevenCarolyn (1)

This is my kind of book - a readable and entertaining story line with exposure to another culture and history. I found it hard to put down.

Station ElevenStacieC (6)
Wouldn't David Know?

I really liked the book and the end was a twist, however, i do have one lingering question. If David knew Adele his whole life - wouldn't he know that it wasn't her?

Station ElevenKatherine (1)

For not being a big reader, I enjoyed The Possessions a lot -- easy read and kept me intrigued enough to finish in 3 days. I was disappointed in the ending, however -- I wish Edie and Patrick would have ended up together.

Station ElevenLinda (1)
The Animators

I thought this book was terrific. It slowly captured my attention and midway through the story I couldn't put it down. Despite often being quite sad it showed the intensity of friendship. While delving into artistic creative minds at work, was a glimpse into a lifestyle most of us aren't aware of. I definitely recommend this book. Linda

Station ElevenNifahA (12)
I can't believed I finished that book!!

I have finally finished the book and man it was a serious struggle. I didn't think I was going to make it to the end. This book was a complete waste of my time. I kept reading page after page wondering when the action was going to start or when will I get to the big secret and the mystery but it never arrived. The book was drawn out and I realized the story wasn't going anywhere. There was no mystery everyone just told all there secrets. In my opinion even the plot of the story sucked. I mean come on, the synopsis was better than the whole book. I was hoping her "Secret" was a bit more extreme. The plot was a little weird to me too- pretending to be a dead man's wife. The so called "murder" wasn't really a murder she killed herself so that is not accurate. AND THE ENDING was terrible.

Station Elevensak (1)
behind her eyes

filth and smut, threw in trash need family books

Station ElevenRemingtonFox (17)


I LOVED this book. Oh my goodness. The whole thing was such a ride and I enjoyed every second of it. I'm glad I took my time with it to take in everything that happened. I honestly figured that Adele was crazy pretty much from the beginning...but...you know...not.

I was shocked by the twist ending. My husband was sitting next to me most of the time I was reading and the number of "WTF"s and "HOLY S***"s that he laughed at me for, let me tell you. When I finished the book I just looked at him and said "What just happened?" I couldn't believe what I'd read.

I think this must have been inspired by "Inception" because it's the only thing I've ever experienced that comes anywhere close to this story. This author is a genius. I hope to read more of her work in the future.

Also, can we get a movie? I feel like a movie version of this book would be incredible if it were done properly.

I'm in love.

Station ElevenKristenRains (2)

cannot figure out how to delete a discussion that was an error... sorry.

Station ElevenJillianMcCabe (4)
Great read!

Great read!

Station ElevenSharmisaFord (2)
How Sway?! How?!

First of all, how were you all able to figure it out?? I kept juggling the clues around in my head trying to figure it all out, but I NEVER saw that ending coming! I kept thinking Adele was going to harm Lousie or worse Adam! I wondered why he was so set on Lousie working out and getting her body together, but as I look back it all makes sense now! This book... MAN incredible! I have to read it again and pass it on to someone else.. this was a great read for me!

SharmisaFord (2)
And look, I said 'he' lol. Damn he's good!! lol ugh! and it made me so mad to know that Adele... or Rob took over Lousie's body. I thought.. ok Adele is dead. Lousie.. as sick as it may be will get here happily ever after with David.. grrr! lol This was a good book!
Station Elevenempoisson27 (3)

oops wrong book!!

Station ElevenRobyn (2)
Lucky You

I didn't really enjoy this book. The characters seemed underdeveloped and I really never connected with them. I did finish it, but found the end compared with the rest of the book...a bit hollow. I am optimistic about my next selection. It has to be better!

Station ElevenCindyCherry (1)

The first half of the book keeps you guessing and then it gets sloppy. A former detective now insurance investigator that can't see what is obvious to anyone reading the book. Police who don't investigate loose ends on the cruise ship. Police that didn't investigate parents who died suspiciously. Neighbors who don't recognize neighbors. Read the first half and then make up you own ending. You will be more content and not feel like you wasted your time.

Station ElevenKaylaBrown (3)
All the Ugly and Wonderful Things

I loved this book, It was so full of action and unexpected turns that kept me on the edge of my seat. However, I do wish the ending was not so rushed. I also wish they would have explained more about how Donal came back into the story. All the answers we wanted were answered but it just felt rushed at the end. I did love it though, it definitely deserved the book of the year award!

Station Elevenmypaperheart (8)
Loved it, but the ending...

I absolutely loved this book and just devoured it- I couldn't put it down. I loved how atmospheric and foreboding it was, and I felt sorry for Drew. In fact, I loved this book so much I immediately went and purchased two of Megan Abbott's other books - The Fever (incredible) and Dare Me (okay, but had some issues). I'm looking forward to reading the rest of her books soon. My only complaint about this book is the ending - we don't get to see if Devon passes the qualifiers. I think we're left to assume she does, but it ended so abruptly. Overall, great read.

Station ElevenApril (1)
Lucky You if you never have to read this book

I am new to BOTM and I hope it gets better from here. I chose Lucky You as my first selection. I chose this as my selection based on "fierce and darkly funny" and felt that it could not have been further from the truth. The book started out getting you acquainted with the characters like any author would, but about a third of the way through it takes a dark spiral straight down the toilet. The story became weird and hard to follow and I came to a point where I didn't think I could go on with the story. But since I enjoy reading so much, I decided to keep going with it. In the end, it only got worse and I wish I had stopped when my gut told me to. There was no resolution or end to this story and I felt as though I was cheated out of 2 days of my life that I will never get back. I am not one to review anything, but I feel that something has to be said about this book to help sway their decision to select it. Please belive me when I say that reading this book will be a monumental waste of your time.

Station ElevenNicoleWilson (7)
Did anyone else...

Did anyone else find themselves tearing up at spots where they wouldn't think they would? Like when Daniel talks about God being the manifestation of all the best parts of people or when the security guard lost his wife.. AH! I don't like feels, but this book had me so engrossed on SO many levels. Really well done.

Station ElevenBeth (6)

sorry, posted on the wrong topic. I don't see a delete button. Ignore me!

Station ElevenKellieM (1)
The Sun is Also a Star

I really enjoyed this book and the journey is took us through in terms of Daniel and Natasha, and everyone that they encounter throughout this day. The history of their families was interesting too, as this story was very realistic to me. I believe that actions can change the dynamic of another person's life, and the character that stood out to me regardless of how small her part was, was that of Irene. Her interaction with Natasha, and then with Irene getting that message from Natasha was a life changing event.

The story was very interesting as we have all probably thought about the things that have happened in our lives and wondered if things would be different had this or that occurred, or not occurred. I'm not sure how much that I really believe in fate, but the idea of it is nice in a sense that maybe there are certain people that are supposed to be on your life. As far as Daniel and Natasha, I feel that the story implied fate because they were drawn together more than once, and the afterword seemed to imply that maybe they had a "Happy Ever After".

As far as the parents and brothers go for both of the characters, I enjoyed the backgrounds of each and what happened to all of them in the future. Parents and siblings play a big part in who you are and why you are the way that you are, and the children play a huge part of who the parents turn out to be. As far as Natasha's dad, I can see where he is coming from in feeling that maybe his life was destined to be something else, but when you have kids, your life changes in terms of what is best for that child. It doesn't always of course as some parents chose to still pursue their dreams and put that child second, but in this story it seems like Natasha's father had regrets, but wanted both his family and his career and it didn't seem to happen that way for him.

Overall, this story kept me interested and I read it in three days. I really enjoyed the writing style and the story as a whole, and plan on reading other books from this author. This is my first month in the Book of the Month Club, and so far, I really like it and hope that my second book is just as good.

Station ElevenSaraMortensen (1)
America's mythical underbelly

This part of the book's namesake story really stood out to me, and it keeps coming back to me:

"It is a time that calls for the most picturesque of metaphors, for we are swimming along in the mythical underbelly of America...there where it is soft and prickly, where you may rub your nose against the grainy sands of illusion and come up bleeding."

I'm curious what this means to the rest of you and how you believe it compares to today's political climate?

Station ElevenRemingtonFox (17)


Station ElevenJruiz029 (3)
Station ElevenJruiz029 (3)
Station ElevenVickyGarland (3)
Our book of the month...

Well I just chose my book of the month and I chose Pull Me Under by Kelly Luce after reading about all the other titles even though the other ones sounded good also so I thought we'd see what others ordered. Thanks and have a wonderful day. It says wont ship until the 7th so happy reading in December.

Station ElevenKhristiaPiacente (1)

Hello BOTM I ordered the deal on black Friday for the 3month with a free tote and book. In my summary it says tote but I see no free book, am I still going to have that option?

Station ElevenVickyGarland (3)
I just joined!

Hello to everyone ! I just joined the book club. My name is Vicky and. I love God and strong in Faith! I'm happily married and also pursuing a dregree in Associate's in Science in Medical Billing and Coding at the age of 51. I have a dog named Little Bit 3 GROWN children my husband and my dog are my best friends! I'm a homemaker at this time while in college (all online) my favorite pass time is reading so yes I'M A BOOK WORM ! Looking forward to this great day to everyone!

Station ElevenSydney (22)
This is one of the most enjoyable books I have ever read.

A friend made the comment that it is a bit long-winded, and she is correct. However, everything about the book, from the use of time, the character developments, the relationships, is cleverly wrought in my opinion to immerse the reader in Alexander's experience. The long pauses, the tasteful asides, the significance of small events, and seeming insignificance of large shifts ... it all shares with the reader what an experience a life of such confinement would be for an educated and admittedly whimsical man. I truly enjoyed this book , beginning to end, and can't wait to read it again in a few years.

Station Elevennmstanton (1)
What happened to Anna's brother?

Hey All, Does anyone have an idea as to what killed Patrick? I know the book tells of his symptoms and recounts the days leading up to his death, but never exactly says what he died from.

Station ElevenJadeMann (9)

I did not mean to start a discussion for this book.. wish I could delete this...

Station ElevenAshley (3)

Another homerun by Kristin Hannah! The characters are so well written and brave. The history of the story makes you think and feel everything each character is dealing with! About half-way through the book, I was having a hard time putting it down. The is a must read for everyone!

VickyGarland (3)
What is the title I just joined and love her books have read many !
Station ElevenAshley (3)
Beautiful yet cringe-worthy

The story of this book is incredibly beautiful, but also makes you cringe. I couldnt help but feel for all characters involved, but especially the two main characters. The story comes down to love. Love between two surprising characters and who they become because of circumstances. If you can handle who the two main characters are and their backstory, you will find this a great read! I finished the book in only a few days.

Station ElevenSarahPigsley (1)
The Fall Guy

This was my first BOTM and I found it very disappointing. I liked the book until about half way and it just took a big turn into the ground for me. I hope my next book will be better.

Station ElevenJaniceHansen (1)
Good as Gone

I liked the premise of finding your daughter after her being missing for 8 years and how could you not believe she was dead? But, Anna didn't find Julie, Julie returned home. In many ways I thought that the story was predictable: drug lord story, over the top leader of a fundamental Christian church being the villain, the mother's withdrawing from her remaining family. I thought that some of the story was titillating, not full of depth, such as Julie's journey of foster homes, stripping, dancing, etc. None of the character's were terribly likable, except for Jane and her father, and they were the two that we heard the least from. I'm glad that it ended the way that it did, at least the ending had redeemable qualities.

Station ElevenDavidWest (1)
Stop payment?

How do I cancel my account?

Station ElevenMichelleTaylor (2)
The Ending Could Have Been Stronger!

I feel as though they missed the chance to have a good finish. It was like one sentence away or one element from the ended I think the story needed. I think that a better ending would have been Julie explaining to her mother that she could have never been as perfect as she was before she left.

Station ElevenLiz (6)
Not my cup of tea

Woops! Posted under the wrong book. :)

Station ElevenShirleyShirley (1)
The Wonder

My book has not come.

Station ElevenSydney (22)

... wrong thread

Station ElevenGillianPhoenix (19)

I started reading this book a few months ago before I joined the book club. I eventually gave up reading it because it just bored me. I felt like the story was going no where.

Station Elevenbeth_parker (21)
Dystopian Future - I won\'t survive

Do you think you would survive in a world like this? I always think that I would (sort of happily) die in the first wave. In this case, getting the virus. Do you think you would survive? Would you want to?

nicoleshyne (13)
I just finished the book today, and loved it. I had to chime in with a response to your question, because as I turned the last page I thought \"Well, I would not have had to worry about life after the Flu because I would have been one of the first to die in my bed\". The image of Kirsten and August entering the un-looted house and discovering the little \"husk\" of a child in its bed was an image I can\'t get out of my mind.
Station Elevenjcraig (4)
The graphic novel

I'm quite intrigued by Miranda's graphic novel STATION ELEVEN. (I can see it in SFC.) If the author created an actual version, do you think adding it as an appendix or as extra web content would make the novel richer, or would you prefer to keep it in your imagination?

Katie Sal (9)
I agree with Anastasia. I wouldn\'t want to add the graphic novel into the novel itself, but I could definitely see the publisher releasing the graphic novel as its own book. I\'d love to see it brought to life.
Anastasia (3)
I think it\'s best left to the imagination. Once you start adding all of these ancillary items, it starts to feel gimicky...at least to me.
Station Elevenlilacien (5)
I Repent Nothing (spoiler for anyone not up to page 108)

Miranda's mantra "I repent nothing" alludes to the knowledge that where she ended up and what she accomplished was worth whatever inconveniences occurred. By repeating this to herself in the hundreds of mirrors across the world she minimized the moments of sadness and disappointment that a lonely life both personally and on the road might manifest.



nicoleshyne (13)
Nicely put.\
Station Elevenvzreads (4)
Starting off in Toronto...

Loved how it started out in Toronto: Yonge Street, Cabbagetown, I was like "I know those places!!" Enjoy reading books that take you to cities that you've visited before. Sometimes it's so much fun, right?

jcraig (4)
If I were in the novel I\'d definitely break into Lick\'s at the Beaches--great burgers.
Anastasia (3)
OI haven\'t read the book yet, but now I want to read it even more. I love Toronto.
Station ElevenCZ (1)
I\'m Just Not That Into You

While I recognize the strength of this author's writing, I'm having a hard time getting into this book. I'm not a fan of dystopian novels so that may be part of the issue, but I feel the whole symphony/theater element is throwing me off and is jarring against the background of a population wipeout. I will continue reading to see if there's a turning point that makes me turn the pages faster, but I have not reached that point yet.

mollydolly (13)
I wasn't all that into it either and I do like a handful of dystopian novels, so it wasn't the subject matter that wasn't doing it for me. I think maybe it just felt convoluted. Almost as if the writing was so unique that it fails to make real sense. I didn't feel myself yearning to know how the storylines would tie together (because they had to, right?) My father-in-law recommended it to me so I felt an obligation to finish it, otherwise I'm not sure if I would've. Although I did really enjoy the end section where we learn about the people living in the airport and the little museum - that was probably my favorite part.
Kerry Lynn (3)
I\'m enjoying it, but I do feel that she adds extraneous detail/thoughts at times that do not add to the story.
Joan (4)
Agree, I think the first 30 pages could have been covered in a lot less pages.
Joan (4)
I agree. I reach a point where I think I\'m getting into the book, then when a new chapter starts, I find myself struggling again. I too will keep reading in the hopes that all the storylines will tie into each other.
Rooster (5)
Felt the same. Underwhelmed by the writing. Then Chapter 15! Almost as if she turned on a switch. Would make a great New Yorker etc short story.
vzreads (4)
I\'m kind of with you. I\'m actually starting to turn the pages faster so I can finish the book quicker! Hoping at some point it\'ll grab me though, so I\'ll forge ahead.
Station Elevengorwell (9)
King Lear? Seriously?

I'm as big a Shakespeare fan as any typical thriller/suspense enthusiast. But I have to say, using King Lear to kick off the book just doesn't make sense. It seems like all sorts of authors are appropriating King Lear these days, sort of as if it can be used as an allegory of any deep humanist theme. I just don't get it -- what exactly is it about King Lear that has anything to do with Station Eleven?

Blker (8)
I don\'t understand your reference
Station ElevenRooster (5)
Chapter 15

So many images of flight: people on planes, survivors through space, pathogens by air, civilizations on foot. I even read the first ninety pages as if looking down impassively from some hot air balloon. But then this sudden literary shift in the wind. “A white smudge in the darkness at the end of the yard.” Claustrophobia and heartbreak, Station Eleven on Earth. A remarkable chapter. After I’m on the ground for good among all of these poor roaming bastards ISO.

Station ElevenRachel (4)
How do you think Station Eleven compares to some of the other dystopian novels you\'ve read lately?
mollydolly (13)
Really good question. My favorite dystopian is probably The Handmaid's Tale, although I realize it isn't new but I just read it a few years ago. I think overall there is much less focus on the savage nature of a lot of dystopian novels (particularly YA ones, think Hunger Games, Maze Runner, etc.) It was a lot more higher-education, upper-class you might even say. I hadn't read a book that mixed Shakespeare and dystopia like that before - so props to the author on uniqueness there.
Rooster (5)
Man, racking my brain to remember any beyond The Road. The Road hit me much harder.
gorwell (9)
Somewhere between WWZ and Guns of August. I\'m always interested in the interplay between the societal narrative of disasters and the way they impact specific people/characters.
Station Elevenjcanzone (1)
Station Eleven

I haven't been able to start reading yet, but how is everyone liking it?

Joan (4)
Just started this too and so far it\'s been a struggle but will stick with it and let you know... stay tuned
bethgoehring (5)
It\'s not a quick read or an easy one which I find tough during a work week. It\'s the kind of thing you can relax with on a weekend; pour a glass of wine, tell the rest of the family to find something to do and leave you alone, and pick it up. On every page, there\'s a sentence that makes you say, \"Ahhhh...that\'s worth reading.\"
Mary Tudor (2)
Sounds like my kind of book. I will take this as a suggestion!
vzreads (4)
Reply to this ...I\'ve only just started reading it. I was really liking it but now it\'s losing me, and I\'m only on page 52!! I\'ll continue though as I don\'t know where it\'s headed.
levina (2)
I haven\'t had a chance to start yet, either. Would love to hear what other people think!
Station ElevenFrankie (2)
Apocalypse 2014

There’s been a ton of dystopian fiction released this year. What are some of your favorites? Bird Box by Josh Malerman was a pretty fun ride…into the darkness!

bethgoehring (5)
Good question; there sure is a lot of it to choose from! YA has gone to the dark side, that\'s for sure. I was so scared by HALF-BAD by Sally Green, I couldn\'t get past page 100! \
AmandaB89 (1)
I loved Half-Bad! It was definitely one of my favorite books of the year. Can\'t wait to read the next book in the series!
levina (2)
YA *has* gone to the dark side! Wonder why.
Rachel (4)
Station Eleven is definitely one of my 2014 favorites. I love how Emily takes us back and forth through time to get to know the characters better and how the story keeps circling back to what happens to Arthur at the beginning of the book. I loved Bird Box too, but IMHO, nothing compares to Cormac McCarthy\'s The Road written in 2006.
Frankie (2)
True dat.
npower (2)
Not quite dystopian (and not quite from this year), but I enjoyed _The City & The City_, by China Mieville. It\'s similarly speculative, in that it\'s about two cities existing in the same physical space.
mcohen (4)
The only other \"dystopian\" book I\'ve read this year was _Notes from the Internet Apocalypse_, which I, unfortunately, didn\'t enjoy. It\'s a very lightweight piece of hipster lit that tries, unsuccessfully, to be funny.
Station Elevensandycro (3)
Which Character interests you the most?

I'm really loving some of the interactions between the various characters. So far my favorite is Arthur and his first wife Miranda. I think Miranda is the character I'm more interested in so far. I guess because she's from his home town and she's writing the graphic novel......

I am halfway through the book and I hope I learn more about her. Which character interests you the most or that you hope to learn more about?

avidreader (6)
I think Clark is such an important character. He has the foresight to start saving artifacts for the museum and makes it his life\'s work. It\'s interesting to think about what you would put on display as representative of current culture. His view toward the future (especially at what he shows Kristen at the end) is essential to the message of the story.
Anastasia (3)
The monkey. A joke! A joke! Unless there actually is a monkey in this book. Can you tell I haven\'t read it yet? That being said, a bonobo could only improve the plot. They make everything better. Except bakeries. They eat all the stock and tend to get a bit randy in the display cases.
jcraig (4)
I\'d like to see more about the members of the Traveling Symphony. (The mention of Sayid reminds me of the character on Lost, leading to ideas of a post-apocalyptic mashup.)
Joan (4)
Jeevan. I\'ve just started reading so this might change at some point...
Kerry Lynn (3)
Pablo.\ \ JK...I think I like Kirsten the best so far. I haven\'t met that many characters yet and she seems to be a much stronger and more interesting female character than Miranda, who I\'m finding a bit wimpy right now.
lilacien (5)
I finished reading the book and I also believe that Miranda was the most interesting. Quiet and subtle, her presence makes the most impact in the book regardless of her being in the scene or not.
vzreads (4)
Reply to this ...Since I\'m only at page 52, haven\'t met a lot of characters, but I\'m interested most in Arthur and his brother (not sure if the bro is a big part of the story or not!)
leahmoss7 (1)
I\'m not done reading the book, I am about halfway through and don\'t want to spoil it for anyone, so I will be vague and say that I like Miranda, she seems like a smart, free-spirited person. I also like that the graphic novel she is writing is like her escape from the world.
bethgoehring (5)
Kirsten is world-weary and yet still engaged with life. I\'m intrigued by her stamina and faith.
Rachel (4)
I\'m finished reading the book and still want to know more about Jeevan, the aspiring paramedic who tried to save Arthur\'s life. Can\'t wait for the sequel!
Station ElevenMatt G. (3)

The juxtaposition between the realities of “the collapse” and the survivors’ pursuit of art, beauty, and love gives this novel a haunting edge missing from other disaster stories. If Station Eleven becomes a film, do you think its marketing will resemble that of movies like The Day After Tomorrow, or will it stay true to the novel’s higher ambitions?

lilacien (5)
If it\'s made independently, the adaptation will keep the book\'s tone. Otherwise, It will be like World War Z and have only a passing resemblance to the book.
Rachel (4)
The last movie I saw had so many terrible CGI effects that I haven\'t been to the theater since. I hope the movie adaptation of Station Eleven would stay true to the novel and let the audience get to know the characters and actually care about what happens to those characters..
bethgoehring (5)
We can only hope it\'ll be a more thoughtful approach: realistic yet still sensitive to the good that survives in these people. Did you see the new \"Anna Karenina,\" set in the theatre? The drama of a crafted setting might work for this, too!
sandycro (3)
The day after tomorrow for sure. Marketing loves to do anything that will capture audiences attention and be flashy etc... i think it would be great if it would stay true to the book and not be made into the typical Hollywood style movie.
Station Elevenmcohen (4)
Genre vs. literary

This is one of those books, among works by Margaret Atwood and others, that seem equally at home with "genre" and "literary" designations. Is the line between popular and literary fiction real or illusory? If real, is it one of intention or reception?

Kerry Lynn (3)
Good question. I think that the line is very real and it is one that is intentionally set with the writing by the author, as well as the way the publisher chooses to market the book by use of author comparisons, design of the book jacket, etc.
npower (2)
Thoughts from elsewhere in the Interwebs:\ \ http://www.newyorker.com/books/joshua-rothman/better-way-think-genre-debate (some Serious Thoughts)\ \ http://www.themillions.com/2012/10/literary-fiction-is-a-genre-a-list.html (some Not Serious Thoughts)
Rooster (5)
Reckon at this point we just need Cormac McCarthy to write a 1940s-style noir.
Mary Tudor (2)
I\'d read it!
gorwell (9)
This is definitely the right question.\
Matt G. (3)
The line between literary and genre fiction has become somewhat blurred, but still exists. If truly based in intention, marketing departments will ensure that sales of true genre fiction continue to outstrip those of aspirational novels like Station Eleven.
Station Elevenbethgoehring (5)
Calling all theatre geeks

Amazing how enduring the art of theatre is...the world explodes and yet the irresistible pull of the footlights never fails. What do other actors or devoted audience members think of the book?

sandycro (3)
I have to say I wanted to stop reading at page 60 because the novel wasn\'t holding my attention. I didn\'t like the back and forth between the time periods. However I\'m on page 261 and I\'m loving the various characters and how they are trying to live in the world after the collapse.
Matt G. (3)
The use of Shakespearean theatre is a powerful metaphor for art that endures—and for our need to celebrate what exists rather than lament what has been lost.
mcohen (4)
I found that aspect intriguing as both an actor and a devoted audience member. It\'s well documented that the arts have helped people survive some of the most difficult ordeals in history.
mcohen (4)
quiz quiz quiz
Katie Sal (9)
I think the theatre, like any form of entertainment, serves as an escape, and in such bleak times, I can see why just this kind of psychological escape is needed. I liked the way the author drew parallels between the present in the book when we see the Traveling Symphony in St. Deborah by the Water and the period of plague in England that preceded Shakespeare\'s writing of _A Midsummer Night\'s Dream_. There was also a line early on in the book that mentions how people have held onto Shakespeare because they wanted to save what was best in the world they used to know. I found that point particularly touching.