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The Book of Essie
The Book of Essieajnovak (2)

What I loved the most about this novel was Essie and Roarke's friendship. It was powerful. I feel like a lot of male/female friendships are either resorted to falling in love or one being the traditional gay best friend, but Roarke and Essie were friends that loved each other. The type of love that stems from friendship is so valid and valuable, and I really felt that in Weir's writing. This book was beautiful, and brought me to tears. The notion of Essie living happily ever after with her child was more satisfying than any other ending. Grateful I had the opportunity to read this book.

The Book of EssieJenLovesBooks (1)
That Ending Though...

Did anyone else feel cheated by the ending? I felt that the entire book was building to this one moment -- for Caleb and the other responsible family to get what they deserved, and for Essie to be free. But then it happened so fast and you only got to see what happened to everyone after in a brief flashback. I wish the fallout had actually been a bigger part of the narrative. Or, was that the point? That in the end, it didn't matter what happened to the family -- Essie was finally happy and free?

HaleyKingsley (2)
I agree as well! I thought the ending was too rushed and it made me feel like the author didn't want to mess with the aftermath of Essie's choice to release the book.
smscott320 (14)
Yes - it seemed after all the that work to develop these characters and plot it just sort of ended. I also can’t imagine that any contract written and agreed upon by her parents didn’t have some sort of morality clause or similar. And what about the little girl? She’ll find out eventually where she came from which will be a struggle for her as it’s been publicized. I wished there was more and that it wasn’t little better considered than just tying a nice bow around it.
The Book of Essiecatherinegibson (20)
Loved It!

Original plot. I liked how quietly-spirited Essie was. The writing was smooth and well paced. Loved it!

The Book of EssieSarahLyall (2)
Loved It

I absolutely loved how Essie stood up to her family and charted her own course!

The Book of EssieGrapes0521 (6)

I was very disappointed. This book was entirely unoriginal and just a mishmash of current events and reality tv families rolled into a novel. I didn’t feel like the book was very well written and it almost seemed as if it should have been labeled as young adult.

The Book of Essiekatymarie (1)

I was disappointed by the fact that this was not really about religion at all. I thought it would be an interesting moral struggle between abortion and religion and fame and reputation, but it was hardly any of those things. I felt mislead.

HaleyKingsley (2)
I definitely agree. The ending didn't sit well with me either.
The Book of EssieKayla (110)
A Good Summer Read

After "the big reveal", the book ended pretty quickly and I would have liked more information about what happened after everyone knew about the rape. Also, did anyone else find it odd that Caleb's wife Noami KNEW about the rape and was okay with it? This part of the storyline was never fully explored and I would have liked to know more - did she really know? Was Caleb simply lying? What would motivate her to keep such a secret hidden? Overall, this was a quick read and perfect for days at the beach.

Jordan (2)
I would have really liked if they explored the wife more. Maybe she was scared of her husband, greedy, perverse, who knows. The fact that her father knew and did nothing bothered me much more than the sister in law.
Kayla (110)
Yes, I agree with you. It was horrifying to think that a family would cover up a rape - and that she then actually had the baby. It makes you hope that these things do not actually happen in real life.
I read it as Naomi knew -- and fame was more important. I'm a foster parent. Sadly, these things and worse happen in real life.
Hana (22)
The ending was rushed for sure - I kind of read it that Naomi knew something happened, but maybe didn't know the extent?
LauraC (20)
I loved this book, but reading your comment I am struck by your questions. I thought these things as well. Dang it, now I am thinking about all of the unresolved things instead of enjoying the ending. I did feel that the book was way too short, and I didn't want it to end. Hopefully the editors will allow the author to make her next story a little longer.
ashley (3)
I agree. I feel like it kinda fell apart near the end. And yes, I had the same thoughts when I read about Caleb’s wife knowing all along. For all we know about him, he could have easily been lying or there could have been something much deeper going on that wasn’t explored. Overall, I was entranced by the plot, but the writing and character development were a little weak. I think it would make a good independent film.
kateniestrom (9)
I found a lot of parts of this book far-fetched. I feel like Essie would have struggled a lot more with the abuse she had endured, and that Roarke would have had more of a struggle with (or at least mention more often) his sexuality. The first gay character he encounters and BOOM they're together? I don't know, I really thought this book could have explored a lot more complex issues and emotions than it did. I also find it hard to believe that everyone was just super okay with Essie having her brother's baby at the end. There were a lot of parts in this book that had me rolling my eyes.
MadeleineCogbill (1)
I was thinking, "What's wrong with this woman? "
The Book of EssieLaurenFernandez (4)
Loving it

I am loving this book so far...!! Anybody else ???

kristenkasten (1)
Its OK so far but i keep thinking of the Duggers!
LauraC (20)
I know! It makes me wonder what is going on behind the scenes. Is Michelle really as sweet as she seems?
Kayla (110)
Yes, that is all I thought of too!
Jordan (2)
I loved it! Good to see Essie get her revenge. I also was totally in love with the guy she married. Cant think of his name now but he so sweet.
I just finished this book this morning and I absolutely loved it. I totally thought of the Duggers as well.