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The Girl From Blind River
The Girl From Blind RiverMO (7)
Has anyone finished this?

I'm trying to find the motivation to continue on with this book and I have none. Has anyone finished it, and if so is it worth finishing?

elissaerin (1)
It was OK. It was a quick read for me but I felt no emotional connection to any of the characters and I just didn't care what happened to them.
MO (7)
I think that's were I am at. I don't really care enough about the characters to even see what happens. Going to try and finish though!
MegLA (1)
Im on my fourth try with this book and think its time to accept that I just dont care! I might be cheeky and pass it on to my mum.
KristinG (2)
In the beginning I felt this way too, but towards the end I felt that it picked up a bit and i wanted to see how it would end. It wasn't a bad book but it wouldn't make it very high on my recommendation list.
The Girl From Blind RiverHana (22)
Large Font?

I just opened my box and holy moly, the font is LARGE in this book. Anyone else notice this? Almost looks like a kids book or something...

MO (7)
I got mine yesterday and had the exact same reaction! A little bit of a turn off with font that large. Hopefully thats the only negative thing about it though!
Victoria (3)
I just got mine and had to check after reading you comment and YES it is HUGE. I don't see any mention of large print inside. Interesting...
Kayla (110)
Yes! I had the same immediate reaction. I almost wished they made a shorter book with smaller font.