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The Night Tiger
The Night TigerSailorMoon (4)
Adored This

I can only say that I adored this book. Far more than I was expecting to. I got goosebumps at two different points while reading it! I didn't find it slow at all. I devoured it in a couple of days. I'm planning to go back and read the author's first book, Ghost Bride.

The Night Tigermnboyer (1)
Okay, is it just me...

Is it just me or is this one a little slow? I've had it since January and have kept trying to get into it, but thus far I'm about 80 pages in and "not feeling it" in comparison to everything else on my shelf. Is it worth it...

keeshmcgeesh (1)
It was an interesting story, but I was ultimately left wanting. I had to push myself through it till at least halfway through and maybe more like 3/4 of the way through. Once the action got happening more, I was hooked and wanted to know what happened, but was underwhelmed at the end. I loved the magic of the dreams and the crossovers between the real world and the spirit world, but the plot points let me down a bit.
MandyLikesPie (2)
I felt the same and was apathetic until about page 120, and then it held my interest. Once I got to about page 200 I was hooked and flew through the rest because I had to know what happened. It seems like the first part is a LOT of character development (and the characters seem pretty bland at first, tbh), and the action doesn't start until about halfway in. Try to keep going! It definitely paid off for me. :)
The Night TigerSmriti (1)
The best book from BOTM SO FAR!

I know everybody here is all Gaga about thrillers, and even though I love them, I hate it that good books like NIGHT tiger get overshadowed by them! It's such an amazing book to read.. I think it's safe to say that from al the books I've read so far at BOTM, this defintely is my favorite!! The writing style, romance, mystery and superstition in the culture of Malay folks all made it such a delightful read!! I thoroughly enjoyed the surprises and deaths, lol, and I might just read it again sometime!

A must read for anyone who loves elegant writing and fiction ❤️

LauraM (16)
Yes I loved it too! Great review! And I love seeing books like these or fantasy/scifi picks to balance out all the BOTM thrillers :)
JennaK (2)
This was my choice and now I'm even more excited to read it. Great review!!
The Night Tigerkelsharry (2)

I really loved this book, but was anyone else uncomfortable with the romance between Ji Lin and Shin? Even if they weren't related, they still grew up together and thought of each other as siblings. I think the book would've been a lot stronger without that aspect and if they were just step-siblings with a strong bond.

RachelBenton (1)
I felt like the book would have been better without it. It's the sole reason I knocked off a star. The nature of their relationship was weirdly aggressive and an oddly incongruous. Why was it so focused on lust and not on love? I also felt like there were hints that Shin was not as Ji Lin was hoping. Someone warning her not to trust any man, even her step brother. The fact that the ring didn't fit. It felt like something was building towards a series of lies that Shin had been telling. I was expecting some kind of big reveal there that didn't happen and was disturbed by their relationship.
AllieK (1)
Yes, I could have done completely without the romance element between Shin and Ji Lin, especially for the reasons others have said re: aggression and possessiveness, but also because of the controlling aspect, where Shin had actively gotten rid of any suitor who had expressed an interest in Ji Lin. That was very disturbing to me, especially when his exact behavior was done by Lydia out and out murdering anyone who might have even kind of been interested in William?!
kateniestrom (9)
YES, it made me SO uncomfortable! Also, as soon as Shin confessed his feelings for Ji Lin, he got really aggressive and possessive, always saying things like "You will be mine." I got a really scary vibe from him, and was glad that Ji Lin decided not to rush into marriage with him at the end. He definitely creeped me out. I would have liked to seen more of Ming, and to know why Ji Lin had such strong feelings for him for so many years.
8little_paws (87)
I didn't mind the romance so much but the agressiveness. It's the one reason I knocked a star off this from being a 5 star book. I still loved this book despite that though.
Lisa (11)
The possessive, violent behavior was disturbing. I didn't like it. I didn't really mind the step brother thing. I thought Robert might have been a better choice. He seemed nice.
DJ (3)
SPOILER ALERT The step-sibling to lovers relationship wouldn't have felt so uncomfortable if Shin professed his love less aggressively. I get that Shin is a "hot to cold" personality with no in between, but I was hoping that the revelation to Ji Lin was a little more subtle and less lust driven. I also get that he's been waiting for so long that he just burst out of the seams, but ever since he got back from Singapore, he was showing signs of vulnerability and sweetness that I thought he'd profess his love to Ji Lin as such. I thought that maybe that one night in Taiping was so explosive and vigorous because he's finally free to be with her after so many years, but the following scenes in Falim before they got caught by the mother where he "unbuttoned" part of her shirt just seems unecessarily provocative. It left a lot to be desired from Shin. I think Ji Lin handled everything as best she could hoping to not also reject mister polar tempered Shin. I guess i was just really irked at how Shin just somehow reduced to a teenage boy who just hit puberty. Great read though, definitely. Ren is my favorite.
The Night Tiger (5)

Slow until about halfway through. Fun twists and mystery, shrouded in superstition. More tragedy amongst main characters would have been unsurprising. Lovely read!

The Night TigerKBW (2)

This book has me totally mesmerized. I could devour it in one sitting, but am purposely taking my time to read it and enjoy it all that it has to offer. I love the writing, the characters, the setting and it is so mysterious in the best way. I think I have to put this in my top 5 and I am not even done reading.

HayleyStenger (13)
I am about halfway and am enjoying it as well. I hope the ending lives up to the rest of it.
How long does it take till you receive the book?
Becky (34)
I really enjoyed this book as well. The only bummer for me was that I guessed a few of the plot twists at the end.
BookNerd (1)
So happy to hear this...in the Facebook group, not a lot of people seem to have chosen it, opting instead for The Silent Patient, so I'm glad to see this positive feedback on my January selection!
iampaulaw (2)
I honestly wanted to read 3 of the 5 books this month. It was a tough decision. :)