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The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo
The Seven Husbands of Evelyn HugoohheyitsErin (2)
Not Impressed..?

Am I the only person not that impressed by this book? Maybe it being a candidate for Book of the Year made me have higher than normal expectations... And I acknowledge some of the many high points of this book. It is great for feminism and female empowerment, while portraying some of the difficulties many face(d) in our society.

But there were just a couple things that I really felt let down about. For one, I felt like time passed incredibly fast without a real sense of it doing so in the second half of the book. I get that it kind of represents Evelyn's career winding down. But I would find myself constantly thinking "What? She's in her forties now? Wait, what year is it? It's the 80's already?"

I also am incredibly disappointed in Monique's character. She had absolutely zero depth whatsoever. Just a couple snippets of her finding herself through Evelyn and some paragraphs of her reminiscing on her childhood. But other than that, who is she?? Also, I personally felt like the "twist" at the end with Evelyn's role in Monique's life was lackluster. I did not get the same sense of anger or resentment that the author was trying to portray through Monique.

Aside from those things, I did feel like it was an interesting read. I think I made it through in about a week's time. So it kept my interest. Best book I ever read though? No, absolutely not.

Sammie (1)
I have simliar feelings. I was so excited to read this book and I did like it but I just don't love it in the same way everyone else seems to.
VMG40220 (14)
At first I felt the same way about Monique until I realized she was struggling to figure out who she was. Her marriage was failing-she wasn't 100% herself. So to me it made sense that we were dealing with an empty shell of a character.
LisaLaino (8)
I loved the book but found it a little hard to believe Evelyn played Jo from Little Women in the 1950's???
The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo (3)
Celia *eye roll*

Was I the only one that got sick of Celia?!

please don’t massacre me!

VMG40220 (14)
I hated Celia. And I don't like using that word but she got on my nerves.
LisaLaino (8)
I agree! Celia was really annoying
The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugobarnold165 (21)
Movie Adaptation: Who Should Play Evelyn?

For those that always imagine movie version casting. Who would be your ideal Evelyn Hugo?

I had old Hollywood glamour pictured in my mind, perhaps a Grace Kelly character...

VMG40220 (14)
A Hispanic actress seeing as how Evelyn was cuban. I agree with someone's suggestion of Eva Mendez.
LisaLaino (8)
I would think Eva Mendes for younger Evelyn and Rita Moreno for older?
Great question! I think if I could choose an actress from any time, in her prime, I’d cast Racquel Welsh. I’m not sure who I’d pick if I had to pick a current star...Angelina Jolie, maybe? (The lips...!)
Jenn1fer72 (3)
I would think it would need to be someone who could play an age range. Maybe like a Penelope Cruz type, but she would need to have a better English accent. Charlize Theron?
StefanieGlatz (5)
Goldie Hawn!!!
Mina (29)
Diane Keaton!
The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugocblackburn10 (76)
Better Than A Gossip Magazine!

Y'all, I don't even know where to begin!! The drama surrounding Evelyn Hugo's life is enthralling and I couldn't get enough of it!

I'll begin this post by writing that it's my favorite BOTM thus far and I've been a member since last December, so maybe that speaks volumes about my previous book selections...? Anyways, I am a complete fan of this book from cover to cover and I highly recommend it to everyone (I've already recommended it to all my book lover friends).

Evelyn's life story is enticing, though malevolent at times. Taylor Jenkins Reid plunges into the deep, dark world of drama that is of Hollywood A-Listers. It's surreal and kind of scary how a person will do anything to protect their reputations, especially at the expense of others. That's the only part of her story that I found abhorrent. Evelyn would do everything she could to protect herself and her reputation at the expense of the people closest to her like Celia, Harry, Mick, Robert, but most importantly Harry and Celia, and Monique.

Though I enjoyed her character, Evelyn is a selfish bitch, especially because of what she did to Monique's family. Monique grew up believing that her father was a drunk, who got himself killed in an automobile accident, but the truth was that though he loved a man, his family was the most precious gift to him and not leaving them for Harry was quite honorable. Though Evelyn showed her colors throughout the book, it didn't occur to me just how bad of a person she really was until she told Monique the truth about her father. What kind of person attempts to frame a dead man for an accident caused by one of their close, personal friends? What kind of person does that to anyone?? It's criminal.

In closing, I think the saddest part of Evelyn's character is that she would do the same things over again (the lying, cheating etc.) to protect her reputation. I wish the author had written descriptions regarding the characters' facial expressions because I imagined a blank, emotionless look on Evelyn's face when she told Monique, "Everything I have done, I would do it again."

I loved this book and I highly recommend it to all of the book lovers out there!

The Seven Husbands of Evelyn HugomissyN7 (1)
Loved this book

Thought this book was an easy and captive read. I enjoyed the depth of the main character, her 'life' story, and the twist at the end which had me guessing.. what could it be!?! Also, a look into what being gay might be like for people in the 60's compared to today. Great read, left me wishing her story hadn't ended!

The Seven Husbands of Evelyn HugoErin (6)
Evelyn a Feminist?

How do we feel about Evelyn as a feminist hero? She's out there doing what she wants, kicking ass, taking names, letting nothing stand in her way. She has a family on her terms, she comes to love on her own terms. I think there was also a lot of recognition of the double standard set between men and women. Thoughts?

CarrieChaney (15)
I have mixed feelings about this. In so many ways, I think she could have been the poster child for feminism and progress in general. But in so many other ways...Evelyn cared most about Evelyn, early on. I don't think the character we came to know would ever have claimed to be any sort of hero. I love the contrast there, though. As a reader, I'm tempted to call her my hero - my image of her is nothing like the character would have wanted it to be. I definitely think this book did an excellent job of exposing double standards, and the many systems of oppression that still affect so many people today.
The Seven Husbands of Evelyn HugolilLibraryOwner (18)
Thank you BOTM members!

I would not have chosen this book and didnt for my BOTM. But thanks to your high ratings and reviews, I added it as an extra in August. It was a fantastic read. Thanks for the recommendation!

cblackburn10 (76)
Aw, that's great! I'm glad you enjoyed it as much as the rest of us did!
catherinegibson (19)
I totally agree! When BOM readers ranked it so high I took a gamble and ended up loving this book unexpectedly.
Liza (6)
I agree!
The Seven Husbands of Evelyn HugoChristina (10)
I absolutely loved it!

Where are the threads for this book?! I was anxious to read everyone's thoughts but I can't seem to find any on the left side of the discussion page. Well, I absolutely enjoyed this book. The story pulled me in and had to know Evelyn's life story. With complicated characters, I was drawn in and fell in love with all of them. By the end, I was crying quietly, hoping my husband didn't catch me and ask me what was wrong with me. Lol.... When a book messes with my emotions, I know it was a good one. My favorite BOTM so far!

The Seven Husbands of Evelyn HugoMadison (4)
Harry lovers out there?

A great work of writing! I nearly forgot I was reading. Usually I walk as I read, and today as I was nearing the end of the book, i barely remember my walking route! I was consumed in the book. I absolutely adore when that happens. Also, my favorite character is Harry. Anyone else, or am I alone?

Harry was my favorite! Even though I enjoyed this book, he was actually the only main character I really cared about.
cblackburn10 (76)
I loved Harry too! I adored his relationship with Evelyn and his desire to have a child with her. The only part I cannot grasp is why/how Harry got into an accident, killing himself and Monique's father...? That part just doesn't make any sense to me.
Madison (4)
Monique's father was his lover and Harry had slowly been drinking more and more. It's implied that they were together going somewhere and Harry had been drinking and crashed.
cblackburn10 (76)
No, I know the drinking part and realize that Monique's father was Harry's lover, but where in the book did it indicate that Harry's drinking became more and more persistent before the fatal crash? I thought he had slowly tried to not drink as much since he found Monique's father?
MorganBerteloot (5)
I think he drank that day because of the letter Monique's father gave him. Telling him to go to Europe without him.
Christina (10)
I loved Harry! The hospital scene when Evelyn was telling him to let go...omg!! I was bawling!! I had to read it more than once although it was gut-wrenching for me. I really wanted him to find happiness but knew it might of been too good to be true.
The Seven Husbands of Evelyn HugoNatasha (35)
Who was the cruel one? (spoiler)

I'm curious to know who you all thought was the most cruel in the Eveyln's relationship with Celia.

RachelKurtz (23)
Hi Natasha. My personal opinion is that both were cruel to each other. (Thinking from Celia's perspective) I wouldn't want my lover to sleep with someone else, let alone a different gender to "protect" our relationship and/or to advance their career. On the other hand (thinking from Evelyn's perspective and the setting/time) I understand Evelyn's need to protect their relationship as the USA and much of the world was not particularly accepting of same sex relationships let alone marriages. Do I think someone as smart/street smart as Evelyn could have gone about things differently to "protect" her and Celia's relationship? Yes. I do. In the end, if I had to pick one who was crueler I would say Evelyn. She was harsh on Celia, but also harsh on herself. I feel that Evelyn felt more comfortable with her sexuality than her sexual orientation. Not being comfortable with who you are can affect any relationship. I feel that her internal frustrations manifested itself into her physical world thus spilling into her actions which ultimately ripple affected her relationship with Celia. All in all though, I loved the book. I just completed Love in the Time of Cholera and The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo was the perfect follow up. Something interesting, entertaining and filled with surprises. I really enjoyed the book as my first summer read this year. The book did make me think, how many other Hollywood Silver Screen actresses and/or studio actresses did as much plotting and planning as Evelyn in real life?
The Seven Husbands of Evelyn HugoSoranaR (26)
Does anyone think the end was a little "meh"?

I LOVED this book! Read it all the way through on a 3-hour train ride and I was so disappointed that it ended! I was so thankful to finally see Celia and Evelyn together but I thought the ending was a bit...rushed? I knew we had to learn the connection between Monique and Evelyn eventually and I thought it was a good way to link them, but I feel like having Evelyn have breast cancer and then die was a bit of a cop out? I suppose Evelyn's exiting on her terms was very a propos to her character, but it just left me a little unsatisfied after that tremendous story...I might just be getting too emotional over this haha :)

PS-BOTM, I also read White Fur that I picked up after I made my selection (too many good ones this month!) and I thought both these books were so sexy but so thought-provoking! You guys really nailed it this month! Thanks!

Clou (17)
I was genuinely disappointed with the article that Monique wrote for Valiant. It was sooooooo blah. I felt that the ending justified everything about Evelyn's character. However, I just felt there would have been more to Monique's story. I would have liked her to have a conversation about it with her mother, or I would have liked to hear about the book when it came out. It just left me wanting too much more. However, all in all the story was so good. It was a quick read that really had me intrigued.
Skeggjold (17)
I found Monique herself very blah. It seemed a shame that she would be the one to handle Evelyn's biography, though Evelyn had her reasons.
RachelKurtz (23)
Hi Clou, I will agree. While I enjoyed the ending, I feel that Monique, given all of the "material" that she was provided by Evelyn, she could have produced a more compelling piece.
cblackburn10 (76)
I don't think Monique wanted to write a more compelling piece for Vivant, especially after Evelyn reveals in the beginning that she wants Monique to write her memoir. From the beginning, Evelyn never had any intention of doing a spread with Vivant.
I loved the ending, like everything else in the book i didint see it coming.
HaleyGrimm (4)
I loved the ending too! So unexpected!
Woj (1)
I agree! I thought some connection through blood relation was coming, but I was pleasantly shocked to realize what the actual connection was, and amazed I didn't think of it, in the best way.
Becky (34)
I actually loved the ending. I wasn't expecting it and felt an "a ha" moment when I finally put two and two together as to why Evelyn loved Monique's assisted suicide piece. It felt natural for Evelyn's character. I did desperately want Monique to go back or call for help once she figured out what Evelyn's plan was though.
CarrieChaney (15)
I didn't necessarily want her to interfere. I agreed with Monique that Evelyn deserved to make that decision for herself. However, it killed me that she didn't forgive her before she left. I like to think they understood each other enough to know the dust would settle...but still. That one hit me right in the feels.
Cathy (1)
I originally wanted Monique to go back at first. Once I thought it through, I realized it would have been wrong for her to go back. Evelyn was dying and she wanted to go out on her own terms. That is something to be respected.
Erin (6)
I found I wanted Monique to go back and just be with Evelyn when she died, not try to stop her. I loved the dichotomy of Evelyn - she was easy to hate for the awful things she did, but also I found myself admiring her for having the guts to get what she wanted from life.
Clmccor (53)
I agree with everyone on this one. I thought the ending was meh, the article was a bit of a let down, the lack of conflict with telling her mom this new found secret disappointing. I wish Evelyn's exit was a bit more dramatic. But ... I did love the connection. It was something I never would have pieced together. I wish Monique would have found the pictures of her dad's and it would have given us more of a clue ahead of time, but overall, it was an excellent twist in the book.
Clou (17)
I was genuinely disappointed with the article that Monique wrote for Valiant. It was sooooooo blah. I felt that the ending justified everything about Evelyn's character. However, I just felt there would have been more to Monique's story. I would have liked her to have a conversation about it with her mother, or I would have liked to hear about the book when it came out. It just left me wanting too much more. However, all in all the story was so good. It was a quick read that really had me intrigued.
ChristineDuane (58)
I thought the article for the magazine was great because it was basically urging people to go out and buy her book while also fulfilling her promise to her job. :)
SumWom (1)
Yes, my thoughts exactly!
RachelKurtz (23)
I totally did not see Monique being connected to Evelyn in the way that she was. The fact that her father was in the car was not something I saw coming. The fact that Evelyn kills herself in the end did shock me, but when reflecting back on who the character of Evelyn Hugo was, I suppose it would make sense that a starlet like herself wouldn't allow something like cancer to take her down, and that she would remain in control to the very end. A more romantic version in my mind of how the story could have ended would have been to have Evelyn fall asleep and die in her sleep hugging Celia's photo or something. However that kind of ending may have been more on the "The Notebook" side of romance. Perhaps the ending of this story is more close to the character Evelyn Hugo's style....honest, blunt and to the point. Either black or white. No gray. After all in the story she did mention Celia saw the grays in life, but that she (Evelyn) saw black or white / day or night. Considering the book I read prior to this was Love in the Time of Cholera, I am okay with the ending.
ToriMK (3)
I could sort of see the ending-on-Evelyn`s-terms coming, but I felt so blindsided by the revelation of Monique`s father... but in the end, this wasn`t Monique`s story, so I feel like the author was sort of short-changing her, but somewhat necessarily. It did feel a bit rushed, but that was also probably because we were done with our heroine and Monique just had to sign off on "the end".
The Seven Husbands of Evelyn HugoBecky (34)

I chose "The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo" for my BOTM because I wanted a trashy, drama-filled, read. I got so much more than what I was expecting with this book! While there was indeed scandal (and lots of it!), there was also a beautiful story about love and about what people are willing to do for love. It was also a story about regret, heartache and loss. The characters were imperfect and a good reminder that no one is fully good or bad. We all fall somewhere in between. I found myself cheering for the characters and hoping for their happiness all throughout this book and then I experienced heartbreak and sadness right along with them. What I think I loved the most about this book is that it never felt like the author was trying too hard. The characters felt real to me and I thought the story was woven together beautifully. This may be my favorite love story ever! On another note - I kept imagining Harry as Stanley Tucci.... anyone else?

LisaLaino (8)
Definitely Stanley Tucci!
Erin (6)
Agree with your opening so much - I thought this book was going to be entirely frivolous (which is totally fine!), but was pleasantly surprised when I got so much more than I was looking for. There's a good lesson in that somewhere.
Snug216 (32)
Stanley Tucci would be sublime in this role. The only down side is how young they could make him look in his younger years when all the characters were in their 20s. Otherwise, excellent casting choice for an older Harry. Multiple times I told my boyfriend that this would make an excellent movie. Moniques portion of the story would have to be more flushed out to be relevant and the big reveal on how they were connected would be complicated to orchestrate without giving much away (It would be glaringly obvious to me once we saw his lover was black, knowing Monique is bi-racial, that that was the connection). But it could be a wonderful movie done right with an A list cast as Old Hollywood and possibly an "introducing" opportunity for a fresh faced ingenue in Monique.
Natasha (35)
First of all, you are so right about Stanley Tucci! He is exactly who I've been imagining. I reluctantly selected this book. I would never have picked it up off the shelf if left to my own devices, which I guess is why I decided to join BOTM. I expected this novel to be shallow, but it has really opened my mind to the different ways a person is able to love different people. The characters seem so real and I also had to remind myself that there aren't Wiki pages on Evelyn and Cecilia. The chapters about Evelyn's marriage to Harry and the months after she gave birth are my favorite. The connection of creating a human being is perfectly captured. The "us against them" mentality. I think that everyone in that foursome underestimated the bonding experience it would be for Evelyn and Harry.
hannahbie (18)
I couldn't agree more! I was surprised and moved by how much more there was to this story than the sort of 'chick-lit' summer read I was expecting. The characters were so well done! I really felt that Evelyn had the complexity of a real person. I would love to see this made into a movie!
LisaKoreis (2)
I agree! The characters felt so real! I kept having to remind myself that Evelyn Hugo is not a real actress but now I'm wishing I could go see one of her movies! And yes yes yes Stanley Tucci would make a great Harry!
Jesssssssie (2)
I reached for my phone more than once to google pictures of Evelyn and Celia in these old movies! I truly loved her writing and I liked that while Monique's character did have a nice arc and development the focus was all Evelyn.
Ciarajarosch (1)
I did too! Glad I'm not the only one who did. I was so intrigued by Evelyn's real life in the book, I thought "this person has to be real".
ToriMK (3)
OMG Stanley Tucci for Harry would be sublime.
Katieladyreads (9)
OMG YES! I was just thinking about how I want to cast this as a movie.
The Seven Husbands of Evelyn HugoAmyRyan (9)
Hung up on the Twists! (!Spoiler Alert!)

Holy cow, I can't stop thinking about this book! The twists and turns along the way have kept this book on my mind DAYS after I've finished reading it. The one subtle twist I think is most interesting is that Evelyn affirms she was drawn to Monique because of her death-with-dignity piece. Does anyone else find that thought-provoking and ironic, given that's exactly what she denied Monique's dad? She did not allow him to die with dignity, instead throwing him under the bus (metaphorically), leaving his family to have lingering judgement about his death in addition to the possibility of criminal charges (had he lived). I don't think this connection was obvious to me immediately after reading, but the more I think about it, the more I find myself asking my friends to read this book so we can investigate and compare notes on the underlying themes and twists!

Snug216 (32)
The death with dignity piece was a heads up for what the ending might entail, and it was well worth it. The reason I don't feel like the end was a cop out was the simple realization Monique had towards the end - it was the thing that built her career, that birthed her entire success, that would take her down in the end. "Boobs" got her there, and "boobs" would take her away. And yet - as true as it is, it's not true at all. Let's be real, she was a ballsy lady with a lot of personality. She was always meant to be big. But all Hollywood knows a sweet body and pretty face is certainly a leg up. I absolutely loved the parallel drawn, acknowledged, and technically disproven, considering Evelyn was a self made woman, and she would say how it ended, not her body being the one in control. Excellent, excellent, excellent.
Clou (17)
I was a little stunned on the ending! I did not expect that twist at all. I really didn't think about the death-with-dignity piece and Monique's dad. That is really something to think about. However, I did think about that piece in conjunction with Evelyn's final act. Such a great read.
AmyRyan (9)
Excellent point! I think you're spot on about Evelyn's personal connection to the piece. Glad you enjoyed the book as much as I did!
LindsayChristianG (9)
I totally thought Evelyn was going to commit suicide & she chose Monique to write her memoir because of it. The revelation about Monique's dad was a surprise though! What I didn't understand was when Evelyn said that she didn't have any regrets or sins, knowing full well what she did to Monique's dad. I thought that was either inconsistent to Evelyn's character or she is more cold-hearted than how I perceive her to be.
AmyRyan (9)
Yes, the suicide was easier to pick up on due to the vagueness of the memoir timeline despite Monique's prompting and the definitive "end" Evelyn kept referencing. That would make an interesting discussion too - is Monique be ethically/morally culpable to intervene when she knows of Evelyn's plan? Should she have said something or done something to save her? But to your second point, I thought it was very consistent to Evelyn's character. During the dialogue portions, Evelyn repeatedly says things to the extent of, "I want to make it very clear I am not a good person. I would make the same decisions again and again. I would change nothing." Even Monique wrestles with this, saying something along the lines of, "You don't seem so bad! You've been though a lot." And Evelyn corrects her to say she won't think so by the time they're finished. So, knowing what she's about to tell Monique, she establishes right off the bat that she doesn't regret it because her loves (Celia, Connor, and in this specific instance, Harry) come before anyone or anything else. And further to that point, I think that's what she's trying to prove through the memoir. She definitely is cold-hearted, but such a fierce lover of her family.
The Seven Husbands of Evelyn HugoBeckyF (11)
Really Enjoyable Read

This was such a well done book. Much more satisfying overall than the two books I read last month with BOTM. When the big reveal from Evelyn for Monique happened near the end I had to look up from the page and stare at the wall for a minute. Devastating. I love Evelyn's rejection of labels, I hate that people have to pigeon-hole label all the time. And I love that motherhood is so cherished by a person that followed so much after passions. A quiet life is so nice. I'm glad Evelyn discovered that in the end.

Snug216 (32)
I figured Eveyln was going to have something to do with the fathers death. I just thought it was going to work up until this giant earth shattering moment in Eveyln's life and we were just going to see it and GET IT. I did not think it was the car accident part at all and to jump back to that and have realized that we were so caught up in Evelyns life that AS THE READER I never ONCE thought about the poor person in the other seat. Because we were with Evelyn I followed her logic without blinking, no concern for the other, just simply how to preserve what is most important to me. And THAT was the magic of the reveal. I didn't care about the other guy until I suddenly cared VERY MUCH. Writing well done.
AshleighTodd (2)
I had the same reaction. I had to put the book down a minute and recover. I feel like it was a good ending though -- like the whole book built up to this devastating realization and it didn't disappoint. Well, it was sad and disappointing but I felt like the build up was worth it.
bookscoffeebreathing (8)
I did the exact same thing when I read the reveal! haha I never saw it coming! And indeed the past few months of selections I skipped over entirely, however I am beyond overjoyed that I decided to pick this one this month!!
BeckyF (11)
I never saw it coming either! Everything else wasn't predictable or obvious, but they were definitely not surprising.
AubreaVanderMolen (12)
This was seriously one of the best books I've ever read. When the big reveal happened I kind of just sat there with my hand over my mouth for a while. This book was beautifully written and had so many hidden surprises. It was so much more than I expected it to be. I loved how all the pieces fit together in the end and I'm just kicking myself for not picking up on some of the hints that were given throughout the book.
The Seven Husbands of Evelyn HugoLindsayChristianG (9)
Best quote of the book...

This is the kind of book that I typically wouldn't pick up from the bookstore. But, boy am I glad I selected it. I loved the characters, mostly Evelyn, and the story line. I liked how the book was broken down by each husband. It made the storyline feel on "topic." The seven husbands were the topic, but it was Harry & Celia who were the thread the tied it all together. This quote made me stop in my tracks. I read it over and over......" People think that intimacy is about sex. But intimacy is about truth. When you realize you can tell someone your truth, when you can show yourself to them, when you stand in front of them bare and their response is "You're safe with me"- that's intimacy. " It made me think about the people in my life; who can I say THIS about? I love when books, especially fiction, make you start to evaluate different aspects of your own life. And make changes accordingly ;-)

barnold165 (21)
SO great! Thanks for reminding me of this, what a powerful message.
bookscoffeebreathing (8)
I thought the style of breaking the book down by husbands was so interesting! I a little taste of what was to come, so that you couldn't put it down! I also had a few favorite quotes myself, sentences I read over and over because they just resonated with me so much. Her speaking of what is was like to keep running, and working, and not realizing how exhausted you feel until there is that person who says "It's OK I can catch you". In addition to the quote about loving someone so much you should be able to overcome anything. I just LOVED this book.
Clmccor (53)
YES! The way the author organized the book made it even better. And the flow back and forth between Monique and Evelyn's story telling was also 'on point'. Everything about this book just flowed perfectly.
Clmccor (53)
I was worried I was going to seriously regret this book. Another cliche, boring, Kardashian-type, trashy magazine, boring book about being rich and famous with no depth. That is what I thought this book would be about. I don't know why I even picked it up honesty. Like you, I AM SO GLAD I DID. I remember reading the beginning and thinking, here we go, let's get this over with. Then I couldn't put it down. I just ate it up. I'm not sure why I chose it still, there is really no give away how awesome this book really is, but I think everyone that did is SO happy.
ToriMK (3)
I have so many sticky notes, but yes, that is the quote that really socked me in the guy. I read it to my husband and to my best friend... finally, someone put this into words for me! Such a magical book.
AubreaVanderMolen (12)
I put a sticky note in my book on that exact page! By far one of my favorite quotes in the book. This isn't the type of book I typically read either, but I think that made me love it so much more. I also loved that the author kept with the theme throughout, but it didn't seem shallow or vapid in the least bit. I love (and hate) that this book leaves you to question or evaluate your own life and your decisions, but honestly I think it's amazing that the author was able to achieve that.
bookscoffeebreathing (8)
I also had a few favorite quotes myself, sentences I read over and over because they just resonated with me so much. Her speaking of what is was like to keep running, and working, and not realizing how exhausted you feel until there is that person who says "It's OK I can catch you". In addition to the quote about loving someone so much you should be able to overcome anything. I just LOVED this book.
ChenitaThomas (2)
This was my very BOTM, I just joined and boy did I get lucky! I went back and forth on choosing this book and so glad I did. So hard to put down!
AmyRyan (9)
I agree with your assessment of the writing style. I liked it because I felt it was showing us the end product of the biography, if that makes sense. Like the narrative between Monique and Evelyn was present day the portions about the husbands are Monique's published work of Evelyn's biography.
kateniestrom (9)
I absolutely agree! This book was pure magic. My favorite BOTM yet!
SLB (12)
Agreed !!! was well written and also showed how to view certain things in a different perspective. My favorite BOTM to date!
The Seven Husbands of Evelyn HugoCabinFever (6)
Very believable characters

It's hard to remember that Evelyn Hugo is a fictional character because her epic journey is so detailed and complex. I loved the structure of this book, and all the sordid Hollywood drama that permeates the story. The characters all seemed so realistic, and I was never bored with them. I did think the narrator was a bit too easily and quickly swayed out of her relationship habits, but I'm also glad the author didn't spend too much time on it. I think it was just the right amount for this story.

HaleyGrimm (4)
I agree, the characters seemed so real! I couldn't pick a favorite character, because I really liked them all. It seemed as if this really happened. The author did a great job with character development and moving from past to present.
ChenitaThomas (2)
I just started and am really enjoying it. I agree with your description. Very likable characters and their "Hollywood gossip" type!
Hannah (33)
I kept on wanting to google the different actors and actresses and their movies. So well written, one of my favorite BOTM to date after All the Ugly and Wonderful things and Perfect Little World!
AubreaVanderMolen (12)
I was doing the same thing! Every time a new actor or movie was mentioned I wanted so badly to look them up. Kudos to the author for making it so believable. This has definitely been my favorite BOTM.
AshleyKragseth (1)
I have both of those other books on my shelf waiting to be read, now I've got to read them ASAP!