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The Silent Patient
The Silent Patientatm2449 (1)
Hello 2019

Great start to the year. I have some small gripes with the reveal as well as aspects of Theo's character but damn if this isn't one incredibly entertaining book. Hooked from page 1.

The Silent PatientHG (12)
I need a break from thrillers..

This book would have been awesome for me.. except I just read "No Exit" and "Nine Perfect Strangers" so I was expecting a plot twist. The book kept me intrigued and I read it within one day. I loved everything about the setting and the characters emotional tragedies.. but because the way the narration was written I felt like the plot twist could have been explained better. Overall it was a really good book, I think I just need a break from thrillers and books with psycho main characters. I would recommend this to a friend though!

The Silent PatientKetzra (13)
Bookless Waiting with bells

Anyone else still waiting for their book to arrive? Tracker has mine at the same place for five days now. Should I reach out to someone or am I just too excited for the book to arrive? Lol

hiphipherzog (2)
I had the same issue with shipping! I think USPS had something going on with their tracking. Mine did finally arrive, but it did take sometime.
Ketzra (13)
I’m not sure what happened to it, but it seems to be lost. I reached out to customer support and they have been so helpful. With luck I’ll have my book next week. :)
LBendotti (21)
I usually get an email confirmation when they ship my box. It’s usually been pretty fast, last month it did take longer than usual, the tracking website didn’t update for over 9 days and I emailed them. They sent out a new box, then the first box arrived after 12 days... I’m not sure there’s much they can do though, it comes down to USPS really... This month the website didn’t update tracking until the box was out for delivery so I got it the next day... Hope you get your books soon!!
Ketzra (13)
Thank you! Here’s hoping I’m surprised to see it in the mail box today and that they just stopped bothering to scan it in...guess I should wait until the end of the week to see. I’ll email them if it still hasn’t arrived by then. :)
leahlou (1)
This is my first month doing botm. I haven’t received my books or even an email confirming, is that normal? I pick out out my books on 30th. What’s going on?
Ketzra (13)
What happens when you click on the link provided to you through book of the months website for the January “shopping cart” page?
The Silent PatientAnge (4)
Zero complaints

I really have nothing bad to say about this book. I haven't been a fiction reader for long and have really only been into nonfiction. I have only been a member since December. However, I couldn't put this book down and finished it in two days. I was really shocked with the twist at the end and it was far off from what my personal theory was. I thought it was really great! I really can't find a reason to not give it 5/5.

The Silent Patientsoundslikeliar (18)
Pretty Good Except...

I found this to be a fast, entertaining read. The flow is great and I sped through it. However I had one big issue (spoilers ahead): the twist. I didn't expect it, which was good. But the reason I didn't expect it is because we're inside Theo's head the whole time. There's a pretty standard rule of first person narration where you can't keep secrets from your reader when you're inside a character's head; it doesn't make sense. Obviously he'd be thinking "oh yeah I'm here cus I'm her stalker". By simply changing the narration to third, this issue could have been avoided & I'd have liked it more

algohr (3)
When I finished the book I thought the exact same thing and then afterwards I thought to myself: maybe that's one of the great twists. *Spoilers* He lies to myself about his childhood, and Ruth tries to help him see that, he lies about everything being ok in his marriage. And as humans, we all lie to ourselves to hid ourselves from the truth sometimes. So I have accepted the fact that he was lying to himself about his intentions.
Amanda (18)
I don't know, I kind of like the fact that the narrator lied to me. Maybe that's screwed up but it's so different than most book and I dont think it's in bad taste or poor writing. If anything it makes the book that more memorable to be.
LBendotti (21)
Yeah, I really enjoyed the book, but I have mixed feelings about the twist... It reminded me of The Lies We Told, in the sense that it was going back and forth in time, but Lies has the year over every chapter, The Silent Patient intentionally did not... I did think at some point that the couples would have a connection somehow, but it never occurred to me that they were different times... I thought it was weird when Kathy didn’t mention the scratches that Alicia caused on Theo... the whole thing actually works, I don’t think that Theo lied, more like omissions though...
HG (12)
Because of the narration perspectives, it confused me because I was thinking of the story happening in current day.. So then when the plot-twist happened my dates of events happening was all screwed up..
The Silent PatientLauraM (10)
Disappointed :(

I wanted to love this based on all the rave reviews and buzz about this book, but it just... fell flat for me. This was my first BOTM pick that I didn't at least somewhat enjoy. Did anyone else have the same experience? Am I somehow missing the brilliance of this book?

AZlah (8)
I did not enjoy this book either. For me it was slow paced and I felt like I was in a game of CLUE -- the author presenting different suspects and motives but they were all too obvious. I ended up reading it just to see how it turned out but did not love this book. I also kept wondering why it received such rave reviews. I was disappointed.
Same! I thought it was okay, but not a hard hitter for me.
isodiful (1)
I didn't enjoy it either. I thought the author tried too hard to make Theo something out of a cliche, and I didn't find his practices to be normal in the slightest, despite the twist. The whole book for me felt like it was written around one scene. I was really put off by the story in general. The only thing I had somewhat of a liking for was how the twist was executed. I initially thought the short chapters about his life were going to end up being a poorly written subplot — I thought the events were happening concurrently with one another. Similar to the other commenter, I, too, ended up hate-reading to see what happened.
LauraHartmann (1)
Totally fell flat for me as well. The writing, the continued allusions to Greek mythology and plot, the twist that was annoying and not like "WHOA, COOL." This is the first book that I actually ended up hate-reading just to find out what happens.
The Silent PatientMellissaHodgson (5)
I Can't choose!

Between the Silent Patient or the The Night Tiger. I still haven't chosen a book and I only have until tomorrow ro choose! Help!!

LBendotti (21)
Just noticed that both The Silent Patient as well as The Night Tiger have the same font. That doesn’t help you decide, but I thought it was interesting!
Funny, those are two I ordered - I got both! But my wife and I share so....
Ange (4)
I have about 60 pages left in The Silent Patient and the ONLY reason I am not reading it right now is because I'm at work. It is really good, the book flows great and keeps you wanting to get to the end and get to the bottom of everything! so for for me a 4.5/5
LBendotti (21)
I’m 100 pages into The Silent Patient and I’m loving it. I do regret not getting The Night Tiger as an add-on, but there’s always next month!
The Silent Patientelizabeth (12)
I can't decide!

I'm torn between Golden State and The Silent Patient! The Golden state seems really unique and exciting but I love a good thriller! Opinions?

I picked Maid, started yesterday and almost finished. I love it I’m not disappointed :)
tamtam69 (1)
I just ordered both of them because I couldn't decide!
MelAlex123 (5)
I was torn as well! I decided to go with Golden Child. I love thrillers and the majority of the books I have gotten from BOTM are thrillers, to the point where they all start to blend together... So I figured a change of pace would be refreshing.
tomtom1130 (1)
I chose The Silent Patient because it went with the theme I am on right now. I am working on The Anonymous Girl
hiphipherzog (2)
I was also torn between those two! I ended up opting for The Golden State because although I love a good thriller, they are often a gamble for me. I'm hooked the whole way through and then am let down by the ending often. I can't wait to hear how everyone likes it and am excited to read The Golden State in the meantime.
Lexi (1)
I was so impressed with all the selections this month! I would have gladly read all of them. I ultimately decided to get the Silent Patient, Maid (I love a good memoir) & Golden Twins. This is going to be a great start to 2019!
LBendotti (21)
Why not both?! :-) I regret not seeing “Watching You” in the add-on section before ordering my box as it appears to be sold out now.
The Silent PatientKetzra (13)
So exciting!

The January book selection is released and I’m having fun debating with myself which one I should pick. The Silent Patient is a definite contender for me, but I keep wondering about The Night Tiger, too. Which one is your pick?

Arlene (1)
I picked The Night Tiger because it has a little bit of everything I like, mystery, suspense, history and an unusual setting.
KristineCoumbe (24)
I already have The Silent Patient and it's good so far so I picked Maid and also Night Tiger as an add on.
Ketzra (13)
Wow! How do you have it so quickly? Are you part of the reader committee?
KristineCoumbe (24)
No. I received an ARC from the publisher a few weeks ago. I entered to win a free copy on Facebook.
Ketzra (13)
What does arc mean?
ki11erpancake (7)
Advance Reader Copy. Publishers send them out to libraries, influencers, reviewers etc. for review purposes.
Ketzra (13)
What does arc mean?
JamieJohnson (1)
I chose the Night Tiger and Extraordinary Beasts as my add on. Looking forward to getting those soon!!!
ki11erpancake (7)
I did the same two! Also excited :)
I received a gift membership for Christmas from my daughter. This was an easy pick for me. I enjoy books set in foreign cultures so... Night Tiger, of course.
MarcelaMartinez (1)
I do too! I just love the way stories are wrote.
EmilyThrasher (1)
I picked The Silent Patient, and ALMOST picked The Night Tiger as an add-on. I have enough TBR books on my shelf right now, so I decided not to.
NicoleTeberg (1)
I chose the Silent Patient! It's an exclusive and I'm all about the Thrillers
AlexGraham (4)
I picked The Silent Patient and then I chose Golden Child and Severance for add ons.
I chose The Silent Patient
SarahBarfield (1)
I JUST picked The Silent Patient. But I'll say I almost picked The Night Tiger JUST for that beautiful cover art! I'm so pumped. I also added No Exit and Eleanor Oliphant as my add ons. So. Stinking. Pumped.
KristineCoumbe (24)
No. I received an ARC from the publisher a few weeks ago. I entered to win a free copy on Facebook.
LBendotti (21)
I went with The Silent Patient, I’m so glad they released the selection a couple of days earlier! Did anyone else notice Lisa Jewell’s “Watching You” under recent additions in the add-ons though?! I don’t remember that being a book of the month previously...
KristineCoumbe (24)
Lisa Jewell had a book for April and it sold out fast. I am sorry I missed it. Also her book was one of the finalists for book of the year.
Hana (21)
Sometimes they’ll have bigger new releases as add-ons. They did it with a Nicholas Sparks one a few months ago b
Ketzra (13)
That is good to know! I will look in both spots from now on. :)
Hana (21)
No b - that was a typo!
JanneG (1)
Omg I’m torn between those two titles as well- I already have add on from month before too... I only just signed up if I choose 1 of them can I add the other at a later date?
faith (1)
You can choose any of the books as an add on at any date as long as it doesn't sell out first!
Becky (33)
I got the Night Tiger! :) It's hard to please me with suspense/thrillers for some reason so I try not to get them every month! lol