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UnshelteredNancyPhaup (10)
Running behind

I am behind on my readings and just started this one! I would be curious if those of you who finished it found it hard to get to the end or easy? I normally don't go for selections quite this long!

JudyParkey (1)
Answering even though I didn't finish the book just so I can say "this book is awful". I wasn't feeling well when I started it due to physical problems....I felt worse by the time I got to page 39 and realized the book was making me worse.
NancyPhaup (10)
Yeah, I agree. I wanted to finish just to be a completionist but I gave up and skipped to my December book (which I like a lot better). I noticed that this book is actually one of the BOTM options for Book of the Year. I wonder how they choose the selections?