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Daisy Jones & The SixVictoriaCadence (4)

Wow! Really? I got really attached to the characters.

Before She Knew HimVictoriaCadence (4)

Hi Tawni. I think Mira did know about Richard. In her scenes, she is always battling with the voice inside her head. She knew from the start that Matthew killed Jay, but I think she just tried to suppress it because she did not want to acknowledge that he was crazy.

I really believe Mira knew about Richard/Matthew's split personality condition. He states that Mira hated when Richard was around which makes me think that she discovered the truth and wanted her "Bear" to be with her.

I finished the book in 3 sittings. It was good and the twists shocked me for sure, but it really freaked me out. Also, everything just fell into place too easily IMO.

For Better and WorseVictoriaCadence (4)

Oh my gosh, me too. It was similar to Fashion Victim's (September BOTM) main character if you read that one.