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A Woman Is No ManHayleyStenger (13)

This book was amazing. I am already planning to give it to so many women in my life.

The Night TigerHayleyStenger (13)

I am about halfway and am enjoying it as well. I hope the ending lives up to the rest of it.

The Far FieldHayleyStenger (13)
Good Start

I really enjoyed the experience of reading the novel, but felt let down by the ending. Did anyone else feel differently? Similarly?

A Ladder to the SkyHayleyStenger (13)

This book was one of my favorites this year. I loved to hate Maurice Swift and thought the change in perspectives was very different in a good way. I am curious about John Boyne now and how much of this comes from his own personal life.

Beasts of Extraordinary CircumstanceHayleyStenger (13)
Loved IT!

I am so glad I picked this book this month. It is out of my comfort zone, but that is what I love about Book of the Month, it directs me to books I would never pick on my own. This book was charming and sweet. It was exactly what I needed this month and one of my favorite books this year.

Since We FellHayleyStenger (13)

I agree, the first half was enjoyable and I felt like he spent a lot of time setting up Rachel and her character. I don't know WHAT happened during the second half. I felt like the author kind of gave up with the ending and it felt very rushed, and not thought out. I just threw the book aside in annoyance at the end.

The AnimatorsHayleyStenger (13)

I really enjoyed it and was sad it ended. The characters where much more complicated and layered than I expected. I think they were very flawed while at the same time, very likeable. There was also a darkness I didn't expect. I would never have picked up this book on my own and it was lovely. Thanks for the review.

Exit WestHayleyStenger (13)

It was so similar to Underground Railroad. My friend was asking about it and I told him that if you liked that one then you would like this one as well. It personally isn't my style, but I understand a lot of other people enjoy it.

The AnimatorsHayleyStenger (13)

Thanks for the review. I added it to this months box because of it. ?

PachinkoHayleyStenger (13)
Interesting Read

I really enjoyed this book. I feel the themes are timeless, relevant and cross-cultural. I know the history of Korea and I know it of Japan, but I have never considered it from the perspective of both cultures and a enjoyed a personal viewpoint. I really enjoyed going more in depth. I also felt a lot of empathy for the characters described.

Behind Her EyesHayleyStenger (13)

I didn't like it either although I sense I am in the minority. I didn't like the characters. I felt Louise was obviously very careless and Adele (Rob) had her beat the whole time. I don't know why she didn't just call the police or something when Adele sent the text. Obviously after the car incident Adele was not a safe person. Louise had a son to care for and that should have been most important. Also, not a fan of the supernatural element. I felt it was a rip off of "The Skeleton Key". I really wished I had enjoyed it. I was looking forward to it.

The Most Dangerous Place on EarthHayleyStenger (13)

I am a former jr. high school teacher and completely agree that her actions were inappropriate. I never have associated with any student over social media despite requests. I quickly learned how to hide accounts. I do feel that Cally was reaching out and there was a better way, yet also professional way she could have written her back.