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Daisy Jones & The Sixkarebear0316 (4)

That's happened a couple of month's where I've seen BOTM and other book clubs have the same picks. I don't know why that turns me off a little bit - I think because these are supposed to be hand selected by BOTM, but when other clubs choose the same, it makes it seem like the authors bought their way in. Am I the only one that is cynical about this?!

The Dinner Listkarebear0316 (4)

I didn't love this book... It was fine. I liked the flashbacks & could totally relate to how hard it is to let go of relationships as well as all of the responsibilities that you learn to manage in your 20s. However, when it came to the chapters regarding the actual dinner party, I never felt like anything of true value was revealed. There were a few twists that we learned there, but I thought the characters would be more intertwined within her story... in the flashbacks, we only really learned about Tobias and that relationship. I have no idea why the professor was there!

The Last Time I Liedkarebear0316 (4)

There's also a typo on page 304 of my book where "breath" is written instead of "breathe." That drives me insane!