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No Exitelizabeth (13)

Agreed! I was expecting a mystery and that was not what I got!

The Silent Patientelizabeth (13)
I can't decide!

I'm torn between Golden State and The Silent Patient! The Golden state seems really unique and exciting but I love a good thriller! Opinions?

Severanceelizabeth (13)

I think that you're right! That would raise the concern of the implications of what would happen to the baby. I think that it would have been better with another chapter or an epilogue because the ending didn't really tie up any loose ends.

No Exitelizabeth (13)
didn't love it

It was fast paced enough for me to keep reading it but it was nothing like it was described. I thought that there was going to be a "whodunit" mystery element and spoilers Darby figures out who did it immediately and I thought that it was going to be a red herring or something but then it was him and I was like "what?" and then all of the other "twists" werent as shocking as I think that they were inteded to be and by the last person being revealed to have been in on it I wasn't even surprsied.

Severanceelizabeth (13)
I enjoyed the second half

In the beginning it was really slow and I couldn't get passed the lack of quotation marks. After the first 100 pages or so it picked up and I started to enjoy it more. I liked learning about candace before the shen fever and the current timeline was exciting. Though I do agree with the others that the ending was unsatisfying and I would've liked it to be a little more fleshed out.

An Anonymous Girlelizabeth (13)

Also, they have a FAQ just go to "more" and you'll see it and if u still need help with the customer service, I emailed them bc I was having problems with my account and they got back right away and were super helpful!

No Exitelizabeth (13)

My thoughts exactly! I had high expectations, especially bc it had such high ratings on amazon and goodreads (it claims to be an exclusive, but its been published since 2017 so idk) but it just kinda fell flat for me.

Beasts of Extraordinary Circumstanceelizabeth (13)
loved it!

I was completely invested in this story and characters! I loved the magical elements! One of my favorite reads of this year!

Nine Perfect Strangerselizabeth (13)

Yah, I agree. I think that I enjoyed it more than you did but I feel like some of the characters were kinda unnecessary and without them LM could have delved deeper into the development of the other characters.

An Absolutely Remarkable Thingelizabeth (13)

Yah, I didn't have as much problem with the cliffhanger aspect as much as the fact that there were still a lot of loose ends especially regarding the Carls. Im hoping that thats all explained in the sequel!

No Exitelizabeth (13)

I mean, I didn't hate no exit. It was definitely a page turner. It was just kinda disappointing. I thought that it was going to have more of a mystery element. Darby knew who the kidnapper was within the first 70 or so pages and the twists just sorta fell flat. I really liked the concept and it could have been done really well but I felt like this author just kinda put action in the place of actual substance and plot/character development.

An Absolutely Remarkable Thingelizabeth (13)
I really enjoyed it!

It was really well done and I read it one sitting! The only thing that wasn't my favorite was that the ending didn't really resolve anything. I'm hoping that there's a sequel to explain it all or it will be kind of unsatisfying.