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Early RiserMellissaHodgson (9)

Yeah for sure! If you go under Add-ons and browse the selections by genres it shows how popular each one is. Thriller has a lot of options (many which are now sold out), while selections like Romance and Young Adult only have a handful of choices. But when you first sign-up they ask you to choose you top 3-5 choices of genres I believe?So I'm sure they're just going by the respond of their subscribers!

Early RiserMellissaHodgson (9)

There is no way I could do a book a week! With work and school and a healthy social life (I tend to read a BOTM within 1-3 days, especially thrillers. If I did that weekly I would never hangout with friends!). Plus like someone said I sometimes get add-ons if the selection is really good. But hey, to each their own!

A Woman Is No ManMellissaHodgson (9)

Actually I've emailed them about sold out books as well and they've brought some of the ones back that I've wanted. For example, The Girl Who Smiled Beads sold out last year, but I was informed that they brought it back this month! I'm sure if enough people email them they'll respond and add more stock. I would encourage you to not skip the month yet, but wait it out and see if they restock!

A Woman Is No ManMellissaHodgson (9)
Obvious Choice

I feel like A Woman is No Man was hands down the obvious choice for this month. It's the most anticipated book of 2019! I can't wait to read it! I'd gotten so many thriller books that last few months (nothing wrong that) so it's nice to try something new.

The Silent PatientMellissaHodgson (9)
I Can't choose!

Between the Silent Patient or the The Night Tiger. I still haven't chosen a book and I only have until tomorrow ro choose! Help!!

An Anonymous GirlMellissaHodgson (9)

Yeah I finally went with An Anonymous Stranger and added on The Far Field because that book is 400+ pages so I know I'll be reading something for awhile! My co-worker is part of BOTM so she got No Exit and we will book swap when all done. I'll just have to check out Severance at the local library or something. And that last book, the romance one or whatever I could care less about so boom all good! It was stressful deciding though. Nice work BOTM!

The Stranger in the WoodsMellissaHodgson (9)

I picked American War as well. Do you have a specific two that you are stuck between? I usually look up each book on Amazon and read the description. But ultimately it's hard to suggest what kind of book you should read because I don't know what your interests are :)

PachinkoMellissaHodgson (9)
Eye Opening

I really liked reading the book Pachinko. I'm new to BOTM and it was a great first book to be introduced too. I love how the author goes through at least small tidbits of each characters life even if we only read about them for a couple of pages. I found myself pulling for one character and then something unexpected would happen that would make me change my whole perspective about that character and cheer for the opposite person. This was one of those stories that you didn't want to put down and when you did all you were thinking about was when the next time would be that you would be able to continue reading. I'm glad the author did research on the war in Korea because it helped the reader to feel like about of that world and sympathize with the characters in the book. Definitely a good read and I would highly recommend it. I skipped March's BOTM because none of them sounded interesting but hopefully "The American War" for April's BOTM will be good!