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The Silent PatientJayGuebert (5)
I'm still speechless

This book was soooooo good! The plot twist was so unexpected I went back and read that part 3 times! Mind blown!!!!!

An Absolutely Remarkable ThingJayGuebert (5)

This is super exciting news!!! I can not wait to read the sequel!!

No ExitJayGuebert (5)
Fast Paced Thriller with Great Hero!

I really enjoyed this novel by Taylor Adams! You couldn't help but root for Darby Thorne in this novel. The action was so fast paced it was really hard to put down. As much as I loved and rooted for Darby, Taylor made sure you thought the opposite of his antagonist Ashley. Towards the end you kind of did get like "Come On!" but i kind of love that aspect of thinking will this never end! Can't wait to check out more of Adams work!

Nine Perfect StrangersJayGuebert (5)
Really Enjoyed This Book

I hadn't read one of Liane Moriarty's books prior to this one. I had watched the HBO show Big Little Lies and loved it. I still want to read that book so when Nine Perfect Strangers because an option for BOTM I jumped on it. The cast of characters in this book were awesome. Each one was fleshed out and had a full story to tell. You didn't feel like any of the characters was an after thought. Frances was an amazing protagonist. She was funny and quirky and made me laugh several times. Masha was a great antagonist and you could feel just how mad and full of herself she was. A++++

An Absolutely Remarkable ThingJayGuebert (5)
A thought provoking read

I just finished this book today and I love it. It was thought provoking read on the state of social media and where are world is today. The Defenders/Carl Supporters made me think how Republicans and Democrats act. How you have to be fully on one side or the other and there is no middle ground. I could not put this book down and that ending!!!! I hope Hank writes a sequel because I would love know what happens with this cast of characters. A++++++ read!