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The Lies We ToldLBendotti (6)

Agreed. Even though it was a somewhat entertaining read, the whole thing fell apart at the end. They paint the kidnapper as someone super resourceful in the beginning, avoiding Internet cafes with cameras and all that... and it just didn't seem plausible that Hannah in her current situation would have been able to achieve all that...

A Ladder to the SkyLBendotti (6)
Eh. Ok.

Having finished The Heart’s Invisible Furies recently, I was excited about this one. And sadly this one just didn’t do it for me. It was beautifully written and the story was interesting, but it was a rather unsatisfying read. Probably intentional as Maurice’s actions are despicable. Even more infuriating is that he gets away with murder, his only downfall was his guilt. Which was a nice end, but not enough to make up previous atrocities.

I was also bothered by a mistake that happens in the book. Edith’s first novel is called “Fear” during part 2, but in part 3 they refer to it as “Fury”. Also, Dash Hardy releases a novel called “The Codicil of Agnès Fontaine”, isn’t that one of Maude Avery’s novel from the Heart’s Invisible Furies? Which is fine, they are different books after all, but later in A Ladder to the Sky, Maurice picks up Like to the Lark by Maude Avery, which establishes her in this universe, thus creating a conflict with the other title.

An Anonymous GirlLBendotti (6)

I picked Severance. And then An Anonymous Girl and No Exit as add-ons. Couldn’t help myself! Will probably have The Far Field as next months add-on, well, depending on the months selection really...

The Heart's Invisible FuriesLBendotti (6)
Flashbacks flaws?

I really enjoyed the book, but I was annoyed with this error that happened twice in the book. He’s describing events in the present time, then he goes into a “flashback” sequence, in which he has information that was revealed to him in the present. I noticed at least 2. One of them is when Julian reveals that one of his schoolmates tried to kiss him, right after that Cyril describes how he met Julian’s sister 3 weeks earlier, in which they talk about the schoolmate kissing Julian, which is ridiculous because Cyril wouldn’t have know that at the time yet. But I suppose that’s just a minor flaw in a beautiful book.

The Heart's Invisible FuriesLBendotti (6)

Thank you. Very distracting indeed. Glad I wasn’t the only one to notice these 2 flaws.

RainbirdsLBendotti (6)

What if the killer wasn’t the mother, what if it had been Seven Stars all along? They never mention specifics of the death, but a newspaper says several stab wounds. Seven Stars gives him 58 candy bars at the end. Seems like a random number, what if it’s the amount of stab wounds? Probably overthinking it though.