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A Woman Is No ManLB (26)

Looks like it’s back in stock! Might have been a glitch?! I noticed when they added the new categories on the add on section, all of them were saying sold out when it wasn’t really the case...

Early RiserLB (26)

I’m hoping to get Early Riser as an add-on for next month. It depends on how the selection is, I ended up getting 2 choices from February! Also, if they add the option of getting 3 add-on books instead of 2, it pretty much makes it a book of the week subscription!

The Silent PatientLB (26)

Ok, honestly, if the twist had been that Alicia had been Kathy all along, that would be been so much trippier, and if done right, it would have been amazing! But yeah, Kathy doesn’t know about Theo’s involvement, I kinda wish we had gotten an epilogue from Kathy’s POV processing the whole ordeal. It would have wrapped everything up perfectly!

Don’t get me wrong though, I still really really enjoyed the book!

Spinning SilverLB (26)
Pleasantly surprised.

For the first 100, 150 pages I wasn’t sure how I was feeling about it, it was very repetitive and slow paced, but then it picked up and became a lot more interesting. And it all made sense, the slow start is necessary to establish the whole universe. I wasn’t bothered by the multiple viewpoints, I thought they were easily identifiable with each having their own unique vocabulary. I was rather annoyed by Stepon’s repetitive pace, but it was cute and endearing in a way. I wasn’t too crazy how everything is perfectly resolved at the end, but I don’t think it’s that implausible as others have pointed out. The Staryk king’s change was noticeable for me, in slow bits they both changed. I enjoyed that. As for the tsar and Irina, I don’t think in the end he fell in love with her for her beauty, the chapter is narrated through Magreta’s perspective and she says something along the lines that the tsar looked at Irina as though she was the most beautiful thing in the world. That’s her interpretation, in reality I believe the tsar was realizing that Irina had saved him while she could have let him burn, so in a way, she was the only person that truly helped him in all his life. It reminded me the same feeling as a gift in the Staryk world, he was now Irina’s boundsmen. That’s my interpretation at least. I was hesitant about it after placing the order because of the fantasy aspect, but I loved it, I was pleasantly surprised.

The Silent PatientLB (26)

I usually get an email confirmation when they ship my box. It’s usually been pretty fast, last month it did take longer than usual, the tracking website didn’t update for over 9 days and I emailed them. They sent out a new box, then the first box arrived after 12 days... I’m not sure there’s much they can do though, it comes down to USPS really... This month the website didn’t update tracking until the box was out for delivery so I got it the next day... Hope you get your books soon!!

The Silent PatientLB (26)

Yeah, I really enjoyed the book, but I have mixed feelings about the twist... It reminded me of The Lies We Told, in the sense that it was going back and forth in time, but Lies has the year over every chapter, The Silent Patient intentionally did not... I did think at some point that the couples would have a connection somehow, but it never occurred to me that they were different times... I thought it was weird when Kathy didn’t mention the scratches that Alicia caused on Theo... the whole thing actually works, I don’t think that Theo lied, more like omissions though...

The Silent PatientLB (26)

Just noticed that both The Silent Patient as well as The Night Tiger have the same font. That doesn’t help you decide, but I thought it was interesting!

An Anonymous GirlLB (26)
Mixed Feelings. With Spoilers.

If you love a book up until the last chapter, did you really love the book?! That's what I found myself asking after reading this one. Some readers have commented on the pacing, I didn't think it was too slow, it felt just right for me. Most of the twists were predictable, but it was still an enjoyable read. I had problems with the ending though, it felt rushed and I had a hard time believing Dr. Shield would break down that easily after all the other behavior she displayed throughout the story. It felt out of character. I also have a huge issue with the cover of the book, for the first 53 pages, Jessica believes Dr. Shield to be a man, which would have actually been nice if the cover didn't already revealed that the story is basically about two women. But other than that I really enjoyed it, the writing was great and it's a shame the ending doesn't hold up as well as the rest of the book.

The Silent PatientLB (26)

Why not both?! :-)

I regret not seeing “Watching You” in the add-on section before ordering my box as it appears to be sold out now.

SeveranceLB (26)

This was very interesting and very well written, I would have to disagree with her relationship to Jonathan as being sweet though. Yes, she may have loved him, but I don’t think she truly ever respected him, more specifically his lifestyle and going against the establishment. You can love someone and yet know that you are not meant to be together. His announcement of his departure was weird, he did make life changing plans without consulting her and only notified her just before he was about to depart. It’s a bit unrealistic to expect the other person to simply drop everything without a reasonable amount of notice. The fact the she doesn’t tell him that she’s pregnant is very telling. I’d like to think that Jonathan ended up in a community near Boston, as described by the cab driver whose name I cannot remember. I don’t think the ending is happy regardless of Candance being fevered or not, if she’s fevered she won’t notice or care about anything around her, but even if she isn’t, it will be pretty hard for her to take care of herself and her baby in a delapited world... On a side note unrelated to the book, I’m loving this discussion part of BOTM! It’s great reading everyone’s interpretation and opinions, good or bad!

The Silent PatientLB (26)

I went with The Silent Patient, I’m so glad they released the selection a couple of days earlier! Did anyone else notice Lisa Jewell’s “Watching You” under recent additions in the add-ons though?! I don’t remember that being a book of the month previously...

SeveranceLB (26)

The more I think about the ending, the more I believe Candance was fevered? Twice she mentions that memories can somehow trigger the fever, when she’s driving through the Chicago she has Jonathan’s memories which she confuses as her own, and after that she leaves the car and keeps on walking. Which is the opposite of when she first left NY, she stayed in the cab until the group found her.

No ExitLB (26)

I believe the implication of Fat Kenny’s e-mail would be that yes, he got arrested while writing it. Sandi pepper sprayed Darby because Darby was just about to discover that Sandi was in on the scheme. Also, I believe Sandi was under the impression that if they just took care of Darby the kidnapping would proceed as planned? She didn’t know Ashley had different intentions...

SeveranceLB (26)
I liked it.

Like others have mentioned, I too was slightly annoyed by the lack of quotation marks for dialogue at first, but the more I got into the book not only did I get used to it, but I found that the ambiguity fit with the narrative perfectly. Some readers have mentioned their disappointment on the back and forth timeline, I really enjoyed it, it showed us that prior to the apocalypse, Candace had been pretty much living like the fevered, going from one daily routine to the next. It wasn’t until after the apocalypse that she really started to live and fight for life. I was pleased that they didn’t focus so much on the after events and the group dynamics, if I want to see people treating each other badly I’d just watch the walking dead. I was slightly annoyed at first, then pleasantly surprised. The first 100 pages did take me a while to get used to it; but after it just flew by. I loved the ending too, I thought it was perfect, given that these kinda stories are always tricky to reach a conclusion.

No ExitLB (26)

Darby survived, but the author intentionally doesn’t reveal that until the very last couple of lines, when Jay asks her the question about her relationship with her mother. I liked how it was done!

No ExitLB (26)
NOT a whodunit. Possible spoilers.

Anyone else bothered by the misleading "Good-to-know" info on the website?! One of the reasons I picked this book is because it was marked as a "whodunit". This book, while enjoyable to a certain extent, couldn't be further away from a whodunit. Yes, there's an investigation, some twists and turns, but by no means you are left wondering who's behind it. In fact, that's actually revealed quite early on. It's definitely action packed and movie-ish, those descriptions were accurate. Also, I would suggest replacing "scary" for "gruesome" or "gory". I think because that information was a bit misleading, I didn't enjoy the book as much as I would have otherwise. Heck, I probably wouldn't have picked it.

No ExitLB (26)

I just finished it and I would have to agree it got a bit gory at times... Ed’s scenario before his death was also pretty nasty... At times I kept asking myself, is this torture porn? I still can’t answer it... I’m still processing the book as a whole though, I felt that a lot of the foreshadowing was too explicit and might have ruined some twists...

The Lies We ToldLB (26)

Agreed. Even though it was a somewhat entertaining read, the whole thing fell apart at the end. They paint the kidnapper as someone super resourceful in the beginning, avoiding Internet cafes with cameras and all that... and it just didn't seem plausible that Hannah in her current situation would have been able to achieve all that...

A Ladder to the SkyLB (26)
Eh. Ok.

Having finished The Heart’s Invisible Furies recently, I was excited about this one. And sadly this one just didn’t do it for me. It was beautifully written and the story was interesting, but it was a rather unsatisfying read. Probably intentional as Maurice’s actions are despicable. Even more infuriating is that he gets away with murder, his only downfall was his guilt. Which was a nice end, but not enough to make up previous atrocities.

I was also bothered by a mistake that happens in the book. Edith’s first novel is called “Fear” during part 2, but in part 3 they refer to it as “Fury”. Also, Dash Hardy releases a novel called “The Codicil of Agnès Fontaine”, isn’t that one of Maude Avery’s novel from the Heart’s Invisible Furies? Which is fine, they are different books after all, but later in A Ladder to the Sky, Maurice picks up Like to the Lark by Maude Avery, which establishes her in this universe, thus creating a conflict with the other title.

An Anonymous GirlLB (26)

I picked Severance. And then An Anonymous Girl and No Exit as add-ons. Couldn’t help myself! Will probably have The Far Field as next months add-on, well, depending on the months selection really...

The Heart's Invisible FuriesLB (26)
Flashbacks flaws?

I really enjoyed the book, but I was annoyed with this error that happened twice in the book. He’s describing events in the present time, then he goes into a “flashback” sequence, in which he has information that was revealed to him in the present. I noticed at least 2. One of them is when Julian reveals that one of his schoolmates tried to kiss him, right after that Cyril describes how he met Julian’s sister 3 weeks earlier, in which they talk about the schoolmate kissing Julian, which is ridiculous because Cyril wouldn’t have know that at the time yet. But I suppose that’s just a minor flaw in a beautiful book.

The Heart's Invisible FuriesLB (26)

Thank you. Very distracting indeed. Glad I wasn’t the only one to notice these 2 flaws.

RainbirdsLB (26)

What if the killer wasn’t the mother, what if it had been Seven Stars all along? They never mention specifics of the death, but a newspaper says several stab wounds. Seven Stars gives him 58 candy bars at the end. Seems like a random number, what if it’s the amount of stab wounds? Probably overthinking it though.