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An Absolutely Remarkable ThingConner (3)

This book won me over. Sci-fi is so not my thing, but for some alien reason I felt the need to read is and I'm so glad I did. It starts off wonky, but morphs into this gorgeous examination of human experience, isolationism, and togetherness that is spot on for 2019. Me being me, I listen to some interviews by the author. In them, I found out that Hank Green is John Green's brother (am I the last to the party?) and there 100% will in fact be a sequel. He is writing it now because he felt the story was not finished, so instead of one long book, he's making two standard sized books. Great news!

A Ladder to the SkyConner (3)
Help me out here

So I love the book and I love Boyne. It and he are flippin' fantastic. But I'm super curious about the real- life characters of the book. I'd like to think of myself as semi-cultured, but I have never heard of anyone who shares the same name as those in the book. After reading through the comments though I saw someone mentioned Ackermann and Gore as actual people. Is this true? How much of their life is fictionally/ factually represented in the novel? Are there other characters as well? I'll do some research myself, but I would also love to hear what everyone else thinks about this device.

Future Home of the Living GodConner (3)

So funny you say this. I thought the exact same. After page 100, I became more engaged and I am ultimately glad I finished it, but that tediousness you describe never quite goes away. I think it's worth it in the end, but I don't quite understand the recognition it has received.