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Early RiserSierraTrogdon (10)
My pick!

I don't think I have every read a sci-fi book...I usually go for the thrillers but decided that I need a break and want to try something new! This book sounded like an interesting premise and people seem to like the author. Hopefully I will like it! What did you guys pick???

No ExitSierraTrogdon (10)
I don't know...

POSSIBLE SPOILERS. As I said in my quick review for this book, I was not expecting it to be as gruesome as it was. I was shocked by how graphic some of the scenes were. In most cases I like thrilling/scary books but for some reason this one left a bad taste in my mouth... Maybe I was expecting more of a Agatha Christie type feel but it was not like that at all. I love whodunit type books and this was definitely categorized and advertised wrong. I think it should be placed in more of a horror genre versus thriller/whodunit. The book reveals the kidnapper right away and the other characters involvement was predictable especially since it all unraveled so quickly. I know that I am in the minority here!! I really wanted to love this book but it was just a little too much for me, especially since I did not expect the goriness at all.

Final GirlsSierraTrogdon (10)

Totally agree with you. People read in too much on that type of thing. I thought it was a great book!

Final GirlsSierraTrogdon (10)

Coop knew that she wouldn't run away with him or that that wouldn't work which is why he started choking her trying to kill her. And then when she stabbed him he was so shocked that she would do that to him I guess that he didn't put up a fight which is how it was so easy for her to kill him. Thats how I perceived it anyway! But yea the whole xanax thing was way to repetitive though!

Final GirlsSierraTrogdon (10)

Yea there were a lot of red herrings and I still always second guess myself! I never quite pinned it down. There were so many other distractions it was hard to really believe it was Coop!