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Manhattan BeachErin (6)

I've got about 100 pages left, and I'm finding it to be a "meh" read. I don't feel any connection to Anna. I think the book is entirely too long - nothing really starts to happen until 300+ pages in. I also find Egan's style cumbersome. Just not my favorite read, but I'll finish it up this weekend. It seems the action is starting to pick up, so maybe my mind will be changed.

The Seven Husbands of Evelyn HugoErin (6)
Evelyn a Feminist?

How do we feel about Evelyn as a feminist hero? She's out there doing what she wants, kicking ass, taking names, letting nothing stand in her way. She has a family on her terms, she comes to love on her own terms. I think there was also a lot of recognition of the double standard set between men and women. Thoughts?

Fierce KingdomErin (6)

I sort of appreciate that the author left it open to the reader's interpretation/expectation. I walked away thinking she lived.

The Seven Husbands of Evelyn HugoErin (6)

Agree with your opening so much - I thought this book was going to be entirely frivolous (which is totally fine!), but was pleasantly surprised when I got so much more than I was looking for. There's a good lesson in that somewhere.

The Seven Husbands of Evelyn HugoErin (6)

I found I wanted Monique to go back and just be with Evelyn when she died, not try to stop her. I loved the dichotomy of Evelyn - she was easy to hate for the awful things she did, but also I found myself admiring her for having the guts to get what she wanted from life.

PriestdaddyErin (6)

I definitely agree with your sentiments. I felt Lockwood was incredibly conflicted about the Catholic Church - especially it's views/treatment of women. I took her "tormenting" of the seminarian as the kind of playful tormenting one might engage in with a younger brother. I didn't understand it to be ill-willed.

This book was an interesting thought exercise for me because I grew up in a house that did not practice religion of any kind. I've always been interested in learning about the multitudes of faiths, but I often hit the same roadblocks I sense Lockwood does.

In the end, it was her humor that completely won me over though. She presents her family honestly and is completely in touch with that indescribable thing that makes family family - love it or hate it.