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Manhattan BeachCarlyBrownlee (4)

At the beginning it was a slow starter for me too. Once I past Part 1 I could get more into it. I understood Part 1 as almost a prefix to the story. Once Anna became older I was able to connect to the story and not want to stop.

For me this book is a definite keeper. Her writing is definitely more knowledgeable than my vocabulary, not to say I’m dumb because I figured out what they meant, but some of those words through me. In the future I’ll probably re read it and find all kinds of things I missed the first time, which I look forward too.

The Dark LakeCarlyBrownlee (4)
Dark lake

This book was amazing, I found myself wanting so much more. I finished and immediately went to her website to find out if she was writing another book and when it would come out!!

It was unpredictable and everything you could want!

Since We FellCarlyBrownlee (4)
Loved The Book (SPOILERS)

First BOTM !

I actually liked the fact the book was split into 3 different parts of her life. I hate reading a book with parts that all end up telling the same story, no point in making parts if it's all the same! I would like to have at least had Rachel get a chance to see meet her dad rather than him being dead but I understand the need for him being dead. And I love/hate he ending! My only hope is there is a sequel !

Since We FellCarlyBrownlee (4)

I obviously can't answer all those questions but the first one about how he knew he was going to have to take his death... that was a set up. That Andrew guy was hired by Brian to say all those things so Rachel would start looking into her husband so Brian could fake his own death. And because Caleb was in on the whole thing from the start, (I'm using my imagination here a little) when Rachel first called Caleb and told him to get over to her apartment now is when Caleb called Brian and told him to get to the boat