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A Woman Is No Manbkharr (11)

Ditto! That was my choice, too. I wasn’t even aware of all of the hype.

Cross Her Heartbkharr (11)

I enjoyed this one; it ended plausibly but not too predictably or, as some have mentioned, too far afield. It was definitely a page turner (but on reflection now that I'm finished, is it any better than a made-for-TV movie?)

Fates and Furies bkharr (11)


The Stranger in the Woodsbkharr (11)

Great story! I dog-earred several pages so that I could find some highlighted passages later. There was just enough psych and history added to give the story a little depth. It wasn't too preachy and the author didn't overreach with opinions. Very, very interesting.

Lucky Youbkharr (11)

I agree. Wasn't inspired. As the plot unfolded, I kept thinking "Whatever . . .".

Homesick for Another Worldbkharr (11)

I loved Dark Matter even though sci-fi isn't my favorite genre.

Girls in the Moonbkharr (11)

Ditto. Sorta lifeless.

All the Ugly and Wonderful Thingsbkharr (11)

I saw him as David Cudlitz . . .

Dark Matterbkharr (11)

Well said. Great book!

Dark Matterbkharr (11)

I purchased them both (interesting so many of us did!) Cabin 10 was disappointing. I didn't relate to the main character and I didn't really care what happened to any of the guests on the boat. Such a tired plot. Dark Matter is far more interesting; I hope the end doesn't disappoint!