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Circelverboon (5)

I have mine already, but this has happened to me in the past, and then the book will show up as "out for delivery." I think USPS isn't the best about updating their tracking. BOTM has great customer service if you are still having issues.

Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Finelverboon (5)

If you do make it further, it does go in more as to what happened with her family. Which may help explain her.

No One Knowslverboon (5)

Ah, thanks for that.

Ready Player Onelverboon (5)
Such a surprisingly enjoyable read

I purchased this book not knowing what to expect. I have been trying to complete PopSugar's 2016 Reading Challenge, and this qualified as a romance set in the future. I'm almost done with the challenge, and this was one of my few remaining categories because I was not at all interested in that theme. I've enjoyed so many of the "other favorites" on this site, and thought I'd try it. I had such a hard time putting this book down because I was so curious as to what would happen to the characters. Also, I loved all the references to the 80's.

No One Knowslverboon (5)

I'm with you. I read through this quickly, but when it ended I had the same feeling as you. One thing I was curious about, and I'm hoping you might know as a lawyer, if Josh hadn't been declared dead, would the state proceed with bringing a murder case to trial?

And maybe it was explained, and I missed this, but why did the hotel not remember seeing Josh in the lobby, or delivering a drink to Aubrey?