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The Silent Patientbooknerd (12)

Eleanor is my top pick from last year. Loved it!

The Silent Patientbooknerd (12)

BEST plot twist ever. I had to put it down for a minute and take it in. Although I think the end would have been better if he actually became head psy. at the new facility.

A Ladder to the Skybooknerd (12)

After reading The Hearts Invisible Furies I knew I would see this one through to the end. I liked, hated then loved that book. I found the sex at times a bit too much. I almost put it down but remembered how I felt after the last book. So I kept on and was rewarded with a book I really liked. I also appreciated the different narrators and enjoyed the chapters with Maurice at the end. While I didn't enjoy reading about all the sex, I understood that it was a big part of Maurice and his power of people.

November Roadbooknerd (12)

I thought this book was okay. I found that I enjoyed the first half but once they got to Vegas it kind of went off the rails a bit. I find I don't read many books in this time period so I did appreciate the change in scenery.

Winter in Paradisebooknerd (12)

I have stayed away from her books because Nantucket was getting boring. I didn't think I would like this as much as I did but found that I really like the character of Irene. Looking forward to the next one.

Not That I Could Tellbooknerd (12)

I'm about half way through and I gave up. Its boring. Izzy is obnoxious and if I have to read until the last 6 pages for the book to be redeem itself its not worth it. Moved on to Circe. So far so good.

Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Finebooknerd (12)
Best Character

This book goes in my top 10 of all time. I loved Eleanor and I do believe the people that didn't like the book didn't read far enough. I laughed out loud and found my heart breaking for her - for her loneliness. When she would talk to herself out loud to make sure she was really there. When she thanked the woman for making her shiny! So many moments . . .

The Heart's Invisible Furiesbooknerd (12)
Liked, Hated then Loved

I was intrigued by the beginning of this book but I could not stand the middle. Kept waiting and hoping it would be more then Cyril and his sex life. I almost gave up but kept going back to my Goodreads reviews and people so loved this book. I'm glad I stuck with it. I enjoyed the last 3rd of the book and how other characters came in and out of his life. I wish more time was spent with Mrs. Goggin (I would like a book on her whole life) and Bastiaan and Ignac. I think Maude and Charles were my favorites - so funny!

Little Fires Everywherebooknerd (12)
Loved It

First, I live in a suburb of Cleveland and reading about Shaker Heights we cool. I don't think it dragged at all and I loved how all the storylines started to converge at the end. I thought the ending was perfect for the book. The book would not have made sense if it ended in a neat little bow. Great read.

Lies She Toldbooknerd (12)
Didn't care enough

(SPOILER). I had to force myself to finish. I love a good twist but there were just too many (her childhood, the fact that he is gay. By the end I didn't really care if she did it or not.

Eat Only When You're Hungrybooknerd (12)

I'm glad to read this. I thought I was missing something or that I just didn't "get it".