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An Anonymous GirlJessica (3)
Not a fan

I loved The Wife Between Us and was really looking forward to this book. However I was disappointed very early on in the book. It was boring and uneventful. I think if the book was 100 pages less it would have been better. It took me a month read because it was so long and boring where as I finished The Wife Between Us in about a week.

I also didn’t like how the women were put against each other. One of my favorite things about The Wife Between Us was how the women banded together to fight off the man ie. girl power! I kept hoping some how Lydia and Jess would take on Thomas in some way to make the book more exciting.

Also I don’t get why Jessica was chosen to “continue” the study with Lydia. I feel like a clear answer was never provided or I just missed it all together

Overall, not a fan of this book. I normally pass my book of the months on to friends but this one I will not be sharing.

The Lies We ToldJessica (3)

I noticed the mix ups of Beth and Rose too! I thought I was misreading or misunderstanding things. I'm glad I wasn't the only one :)

The Summer WivesJessica (3)

I am only halfway through and struggling with the format. It is so hard to keep track of the generations, families, and dates.