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Spinning SilverLauraM (16)

It was a bit of a slow start for me too but I ended up loving it as well. :) I liked the multiple viewpoints and thought they were written skillfully - it seemed like I could always tell who we had switched to within a sentence or two. I interpreted Irina and the tsar's romance the same way; basically he saw her as beautiful because she was the first person to ever do anything kind for him. Glad that you enjoyed this one as well! :)

The Silent PatientLauraM (16)

I had built up some (IMO) much more exciting twists based on some of the suspects/motives presented. I'd actually guessed the real twist early on but discarded it for something more exciting, so when it got to the Big Twist it was kind of a sense of "Oh, was that all?"

The Night TigerLauraM (16)

Yes I loved it too! Great review! And I love seeing books like these or fantasy/scifi picks to balance out all the BOTM thrillers :)

The Silent PatientLauraM (16)
Disappointed :(

I wanted to love this based on all the rave reviews and buzz about this book, but it just... fell flat for me. This was my first BOTM pick that I didn't at least somewhat enjoy. Did anyone else have the same experience? Am I somehow missing the brilliance of this book?

The Chalk ManLauraM (16)

Agree! This book was an anticipointment for me too. All the reviews (on Goodreads and such as well) make it sound amazing but I just didn't like it. However, the two other BOTM picks I've read have been awesome, so I wish you better luck next time!

The Chalk ManLauraM (16)

I'm really confused as to why everyone loves this book so much too! Like the top 20-30 reviews on Goodreads are all super positive but I just thought it was... meh. The first half dragged and things got a little more interesting in the second half, but there were some unanswered questions and some dumb things - like throwing in the cat-sitting for just one "scary" scene. I also wasn't really surprised by any of the twists... I've never read Stephen King but I see a lot was "borrowed" from him in this book too. Just don't understand so many and such positive reviews for this!

The Chalk ManLauraM (16)

I think we were supposed to get that Nicky carved the wings and drew the chalk men in the church after PC Thomas and his friends beat the reverend... but I agree that it was pretty confusing, and maybe kind of out of character for Nicky. I am confused about who drew the drowning chalk man in Ed's driveway after Sean drowned... were we supposed to think it was Ed while he was sleep walking/lucid dreaming?

The City of BrassLauraM (16)

I agree that I would love to see more fantasy picks for BoTM! :)

Beasts of Extraordinary CircumstanceLauraM (16)

I remember "Charlotte's Web" being referenced as well as a few others that I can't remember now :)

Beasts of Extraordinary CircumstanceLauraM (16)

I agree that I wanted the ending to be in Mary's voice! But overall the book was great :)