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No ExitJacquelineSchultz (4)

I also had a lot of fun reading this book! I do have to agree with you about the kid killing the antagonist though. I think it would have been really satisfying if Darby had been the one to eliminate him or if he had been arrested.

I really enjoyed reading this one and could not put it down. I read it in one sitting!

The Silence of the GirlsJacquelineSchultz (4)

I read both of Miller's books as well and am really excited to read "Silence of the Girls". I think it will be interesting to see the two different author's take on the same story. I think that the fact that Barker is writing through a feminine perspective will make it less confusing, but it will be very cool to compare the author's work.

The City of BrassJacquelineSchultz (4)

I also had a hard time getting into it and did not really become invested in the characters. However, I found that the author writes beautiful descriptions and by the end I was engaged in the story.

BonfireJacquelineSchultz (4)

I also enjoyed this book! Although I agree that it would have been interesting to focus a bit more on the environmental issues, but still was intrigued by how the protagonist's past caught up with her in the end eventually.