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An Anonymous GirlMAdoor (7)

I also felt the slowness and days passed before I picked it up again. Then I began to notice that the pace seemed to mirror the characters. Jess: fast, scattered, smart. Dr. S: deliberate, calculating, plotting, bone-chilling. These authors are great!

Nine Perfect StrangersMAdoor (7)

I loved it. Who cares what genre it is? It's a different approach to contemporary fiction. Frances is hysterical, and we all probably know someone just like her. I felt like this was a more adult book than her previous ones. Mad Masha is a hoot!

The Last Time I LiedMAdoor (7)

Yes, Yes, Yes!!!!! I thought that "my beat up" box and book was due to ordering the tote bag. It looks like someone looked at my BOTM box and wonder what's in there. Then they did a very poor job of rewrapping it. Now that I know it's going on elsewhere I may have to resign. The books are too expensive to have these problems.

CalypsoMAdoor (7)

I enjoyed this book because of the family interactions, happy, sad and ironic. The tumor stuff - I don't know, it made me laugh but I couldn't make much sense of it. He always makes me laugh aloud, but was he trying to make a point with this? The trip to Mexico? Does it mean anything or nothing? Why do I care? Ma;ybe I've read too much Sedaris. :-)

Not That I Could TellMAdoor (7)

I didn't see it until, Clara's sudden trip to Florida.

Other People's HousesMAdoor (7)
I had a different reaction than most

Honestly, I have never laughed so much while reading a novel. I enjoyed spending time in Frances's internal and external world. The mix of humor and serious contemporary themes impresses me. I'm old; let's just say older than the target demographic of OPH. As in real life, we don't always know EVERYTHING that happens to our family or friends. That's reality, unlike tv reality shows. While I was reading OPH, I rated it a 4 but edited it to 5 after finishing. Refreshing! More than a Guilty Pleasure. Perhaps Ms. Waxman should look into stand up? A third career; why not?

The Great AloneMAdoor (7)
Mixed Feelings but Mostly Positive

The first third of this book reads like lightening. I was compelled to continue, and being on edge for Ernt's next explosion reminded me of some great thriller writing. Good character development especially of mother/daughter and Ernt. Ultimately, I had to push myself to finish as the final 25% dragged. As a 70's gal, loved those references. Read a sample before journeying to this Alaska alone.