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Other People's HousesKaylaGallup (9)

I agree this book had a lot of laugh out moments. I’m in my early twenties with no children, but I found all of it to be hilarious and a fun read.

Not That I Could TellKaylaGallup (9)

I didn’t think Clara would know, but I was glad to see that small twist.

Not That I Could TellKaylaGallup (9)

I liked it and finished the book, but I wouldn’t really call it a thriller per se. It is more like a contemporary or drama with a straightforwardness on what happens.

CirceKaylaGallup (9)
Finished Circe

So, I finished Circe around midnight. What do you all think? Do you think Circe’s excile was just and do you think she spent her time in excile well? Also, what did you think of the ending? Lastly, do any of you know any other books like Circe. I plan on checking out Song of Achilles later this year.

CirceKaylaGallup (9)

Welcome to BOTM family! I finished Circe around midnight and absolutely loved, loved Circe.

CirceKaylaGallup (9)

I finished it around midnight and loved it from the beginning.

The Woman in the WindowKaylaGallup (9)
The Woman in the Window

I found The Woman in the Window enjoyable. However, I did guess the plot twists of the affair, Ed and Olivia actually being dead, and GrannieLizzie being tied into who the culprit was. Did anyone else find Anna super annoying at times?

The Wife Between UsKaylaGallup (9)

Vanessa is Nellie. Emma is Vanessa’s “replacement” and Richard’s secretary. Also, it turns out that Emma is the professors daughter (the one Vanessa slept with in college). Emma wanted to ruin Vanessa’s marriage to make her feel what she felt as a child.