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The Silent PatientAmanda (18)

I don't know, I kind of like the fact that the narrator lied to me. Maybe that's screwed up but it's so different than most book and I dont think it's in bad taste or poor writing. If anything it makes the book that more memorable to be.

An Anonymous GirlAmanda (18)

I loved this book but I agree about the ending, I don't think Dr Shields would've broken down that easily and I wished there was a twist at the end (i secretly hoped her husband was the one who killed April or something! It was too easy to predict that Dr Shields did it AND it felt kind of cliche to me that she killed herself in the same way). I honestly didn't even put two and two together regarding the cover, I thought it showed that the study was mostly made up of women, but focused in on one. Overall i really liked how twisted it was though.

A Ladder to the SkyAmanda (18)

Agreed! Also I'm so glad Maurice got what was coming for him in the end

A Ladder to the SkyAmanda (18)

Yes Gore Vidal was a real person, I'm not sure about Ackerman. I definitely Google other characters names after that to see if they were real LOL

Nine Perfect StrangersAmanda (18)

I agree, I feel like the first half of the book was a good lesson in not being so quick to judge strangers, since they all slowly learned more about each other. But the summaries at the end confused me - who had the toddler and named him Zach???

The Lies We ToldAmanda (18)

I agree, I had a feeling Mac was also involved but to what extent i was unaware, especially since he kept trying to tell her things but ended up keeping quiet. I'm also a little disappointed they never really clarified what the heck Tom was up to. And YES the ending with the two of them just made me roll my eyes a little.

#FashionVictimAmanda (18)
Loved it!

This book reminded me of Mean Girls meets Heathers with a ton of crazy murder. I mean it's so insane that you can't take it seriously but it's a mindless read where you're not forced to put any pieces together. I read this book in lightening speed and would love to see what this author comes up with again! Does anyone know the deal with Dr M though? Did Anya actually kill him? I wished they went into that at the end...

Spinning SilverAmanda (18)
Kind of disappointed with ending?

SPOILERS First off this book took me forever to read, I agree with a lot of people that some of the pages could've certainly been cut down.

Anyway, it was a fabulous story, however the ending bothers me.

I feel like the ending was a bit rushed in regards to wrapping everything up (and a lot happened!) but mostly I'm irritated that Miryem ended up marrying the Staryk king who kidnapped her and held her hostage!! I understand that over time he started falling in love with her, but I feel like there was so much dialogue in the book about how angry she was about becoming a Staryk queen and how she hated it so much and yearned for her family and normal life back, but once she got that she chose to continue to be a Staryk queen! I know it's just a story but just rubs me the wrong way that you have such strong women holding their ground throughout the entire book, and then Miryem just shrugs her shoulders and kind of accepts what he offered her.

Good book but killed me that she didn't stand her ground in the end unless she actually ended up falling in love with him, which maybe there could've been more going into the details of that - I seemed to miss that dialogue from her if so. Was hoping she would've rejected him after everything he put her through!

The Last Time I LiedAmanda (18)

Yes! Definitely a surprise ending but irritating because I wish I knew how Vivian escaped and literally no one else saw her since then...

The AnomalyAmanda (18)

I agree I thought it was an incredible complex story that should've been elaborated on .. I wanted to learn more!!

The AnomalyAmanda (18)

** I mean prologue

Then She Was GoneAmanda (18)

Yes! Probably one of my favorite books so far this year!!

Then She Was GoneAmanda (18)

I agree I am definitely emotionally wrecked after that ending!

The Astonishing Color of AfterAmanda (18)

*Update. Just finished and wow and I taken aback. The second half of the book was far more interesting and intense to me for some reason. Did not see the end coming and was a nice twist. So glad I pushed through!

The Broken GirlsAmanda (18)

Yes! I absolutely loved this book and did not expect ANY of the plot twists, especially Katie!! Had lots of substance and I thought it was great! Also relieved to know that Mary Hand was actually a real person and not some made up myth (would have been really disappointed if they didn't find her body).

Red ClocksAmanda (18)

I'm glad I'm not the only one finding the writing style very hard to read and follow... I haven't finished yet and really want to connect with the characters but am constantly confused and considering giving up halfway through...