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CirceVolkTsepi (2)

I think the one thing that threw me, as a mythology lover, was Trygon? I've never heard of him, and I've tried to search for more information but cannot. I loved him, though.

I can agree with you; it may be a little confusing or daunting at first, especially if you are not well versed in Greek mythology. Although, ultimately, I don't think that's required.

The Last Equation of Isaac SeveryVolkTsepi (2)

I have to admit, I typically dislike books written about LA, and I live there too, but I really liked how Jacobs described the city! It felt fairly honest, or not too romantic.

I can agree about how upsetting Sybil's death was. I see it as a bit of... Truth to reality. It's not pleasant, which seems to be a general theme. That is explored a bit with Tom and Gregory, but it surrounds everyone. There's some people who are better, some people who are truly awful, and some people suffer for no great reason. It really is upsetting.