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CalypsoRobinLemke (8)
1st time reading David Sedaris

I'm basically getting his entire backlist at this point. I'd always heard he was funny, but don't usually read funny. I had no idea he was also endearing, unquieting, and compelling. And also funny! It's interesting to read other people's reactions to it and see how differently we responded.

The Girl Who Smiled BeadsRobinLemke (8)
Just started

I got my box last night and just started this one and am reading it compulsively. Feels like the perfect choice this month. Clementine reminds me a lot of my own 12yo so I suspect it’ll be a hard read in parts but am really grateful to BOTM for bringing it to my attention.

The Last Equation of Isaac SeveryRobinLemke (8)

Just a note to say how much I loved Mr Penumbra. I felt like The Storied Life of AJ Fikry was a great comp to that book if you’re looking for one...

RainbirdsRobinLemke (8)
My take

I really enjoyed this book. I’m a big mystery reader and enjoyed how it felt like an unconventional mystery. Her pride pulled me in and I’d say I really read it for the prose less than for the plot. It’s one that lingered with me and I’m very glad to have read.

The Girl Who Smiled BeadsRobinLemke (8)

Reading Ready Player One right now and loved it! Evelyn Hugo was my extra book this month and I can’t wait!

CirceRobinLemke (8)

I always choose my book on the first or second and it always gets here mid-month. I just adjust my reading schedule accordingly. ;) (I’m in Seattle if it helps)

The Girl Who Smiled BeadsRobinLemke (8)

This was my pick! I just couldn’t stop wondering about those girls so it seemed like the right pick. My box isn’t here yet but I can’t wait!

Then She Was GoneRobinLemke (8)

I’m so happy to hear that! Almost picked it this month but was unsure and promised myself if people loved it I’d add it next month. :)