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The Couple Next Doorghines (9)

Overall, I enjoyed the story. It was an easy read and interesting. What I hated was that I felt like I was getting a review of the facts over and over again, every other chapter. The story itself was only a fraction of the book. The rest was just repeating what we've learned so far...

The Woman in Cabin 10ghines (9)

The robbery just seemed weird, with him locking her in her room. It made it seem like she was more of a target for something more. I had hoped something would come of it, but it just seemed forgotten. Other than playing into the whole "she's off her meds, recently had a traumatic experience, she must be crazy" excuse.

Dark Matterghines (9)

I was! In that I figured it wasn't really THE ending--there's an infinite possibility of different endings. You just got to see the one based on who the story was being told through (intentionally trying to be vague so as not to spoil).

Missing, Presumedghines (9)

YES! There were a few other parts of the book that weren't my favorite, but I could deal with them. The Manon relationship was a big one--it seemed pointless and made her really obnoxious to me. The end, however, bugged me. That was it?! I was hoping it'd end up being one of the more exciting paths the book was going down - trafficking, lover's spat, jealousy, etc.

Before the Fallghines (9)

Doug was definitely up there. I know plenty of "Doug's" and can deal with that and keep them out of my life. The person who I hated the most was Bill Cunningham. Doug was your cliche hipster, but Bill was everything wrong with today's media. He was about to be fired and outed for his means of getting news. Then, through the whole ordeal, he's just the sensationalist journalist who never actually reports the truth. It was all about ratings and him, and never about the victims. His potential firing did add him to a list of potential suspects in the reader's mind. I think the fact that nothing happened to him bugged me more than anything at the end!

Heat & Lightghines (9)

I found it interesting. It was enough to give some basics, but not so much to distract or seem to technical. Admittedly, I work in the environmental field, so a lot of the references are very familiar to me to begin with. There were a few times I wondered how someone unfamiliar would feel. I did notice the random acronym drop that seemed to come out of nowhere. I know DEP meant Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection, but I thought that might be troubling or confusing for others.

I Let You Goghines (9)

With most books where the reviews and praise indicates a twist, it seems expected. Always at the end, and knowing it's coming and going to be out of nowhere, I tend to figure it out. This one kept me guessing because the timing of the reveal was unpredictable, as well as the fact there was more than one. My favorite was still the end of part 1. Totally unexpected, and I had read that whole part completely differently.

No One Knowsghines (9)

I actually felt a little let down that it didn't explore that more. Why shouldn't she have trusted her? I just thought there might be something there, but it kind of just ended.

All Things Cease to Appearghines (9)

The point of view hops around a bit, too. Wasn't always clear at the start of a section who the story was coming from.