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Dark MatterKatie (2)

I think Jason made Daniela the "perfect woman" in his mind once he got separated from her. She, and Charlie, are the only things he truly wants from life and he realized she is enough and "perfect". He has accepted her flaws. But I also think we see more of her by the Daniela's in the other worlds. We see that she has a love of art in all of them and has passion. But Jason's Daniela has made the decision to have Charlie and be with him and teach art. Also since everything is from Jason's perspective I am ok with it. We get what he gives us and often he's so distracted by not getting killed that there's not a lot of room for more.

Dark MatterKatie (2)

They mentioned at one point that they think Jason2 was the only one to create the box, a one in a million chance. So the likelihood of finding another world that had the drug and box is pretty much non-existent. So presumably the drug all originated from Jason2's and Amanda's world and they can't go back there.