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An Anonymous Girldamroberts744 (12)

I realize you'd either have to pick now or skip the month, but I picked Severance and added The Far Field.

In the Hurricane's Eyedamroberts744 (12)

Ooooh I’ll have to check it out. I believe they did have him listed as a “famous author”.

The Last Time I Lieddamroberts744 (12)

You're right, it wasn't an issue save the last couple of months, but I received Circe bent pretty badly at the top (not enough to buy a new copy, even though the cover is great), and also received Calypso with a torn dust jacket. Still love the site, but definitely a bit disappointing.

Sing, Unburied, Singdamroberts744 (12)

In all honesty I'm not sure Kayla's illness was the point as opposed to showing how ill-equipped Leonie is to be a parent.

Sleeping Giantsdamroberts744 (12)

There was a lot of talk about being good or bad in this...I think he is either a good guy with bad intentions or a bad one with bad intentions. I wouldn't be surprised if he weren't human.

Sleeping Giantsdamroberts744 (12)

I definitely think we will delve deeper into the origins and purpose. I also think that its inevitable that either the characters visit the creators or the other way around.

The Secret Historydamroberts744 (12)
Live's Up to Cult Classic Reputation

The book works because it doesn't do what every other book does. You know who dies and who did it within the first few pages of the book and then there is a slow simmer (the book is more than 500 pages long) to the event itself. Somehow the payoff is even more satisfying this way.

This is a book I am sure I'll revisit in the future.

What did anyone else think?

The Nestdamroberts744 (12)

It read almost as a Woody Allen film, no? I agree, I could definitely see it being released kind of as an indie film.

Sleeping Giantsdamroberts744 (12)

I can't say that I KNEW she was coming back, but I did have a sneaking suspicion that there may be an alternate reality or something of the sort at play when they addressed the plane just disappearing.

Ghettoside damroberts744 (12)

I am still only a few chapters in, but based on what I've read thus far it seems like a pretty fair balance between humanizing the community and the police. I'll have to pay attention.