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The Far FieldLeaMichelle (6)
slow and not developed well

Spoiler alert I still have no idea why the main character even went searching for this random man. The relationship he had with her mother was never really defined and the ending when she just randomly had sex with some older general made no sense what so ever. Even weirder is why she trusted this person would help her friends. The whole story was pretty pointless. I did like learning about the politics in the region, and the writing style was good- but that is about it.

An Absolutely Remarkable ThingLeaMichelle (6)

This is why I love these discussions! It's nice to hear others interpretations and take aways from the story. Gives me another perspective to think about. I gave the book to my boyfriend to read to see if he has a different feeling after reading it too!

An Absolutely Remarkable ThingLeaMichelle (6)

Yea- I just didn't really get it. I like the quick and witty read/ voice of the narrator but beyond that.....

The Mermaid and Mrs. HancockLeaMichelle (6)

I'm annoyed with this book! It started off strong. The writing is very dense, very technical and VERY descriptive. If you want to read 1 entire chapter that describes a woman peeing in a bucket- this is your book. I kept read and reading and reading....hoping this book would go somewhere good and it never did. Sadly disappointed in this one. Not one magical element to it.

The Mermaid and Mrs. HancockLeaMichelle (6)
Just started this

This is my first BOTM club pick- so I am excited to dive in. So far so good. The writing is "dense" for lack of a better word. Very descriptive. So if you enjoy novels and descriptive prose you will enjoy the tone of this book. I'm only a few Chapters in and I am enjoying the characters so far. The mermaid is NOT a live, red haired, singing mermaid....it's the bones of a little creepy mermaid creature. So if you are looking for a fantasy, this is not that book. I'll review more further in....