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No ExitMandySimpson (8)

I had to read the ending twice, too! I read the book in one sitting and was left wondering if she died or not. Great book, just a bit confusing at the end...

One Day in DecemberMandySimpson (8)

Same! I usually gravitate towards suspense books and steer clear of rom-coms, but I'm so glad I picked this book. It was such a sweet story.

For Better and WorseMandySimpson (8)

I felt like this book was one giant eye roll. It had a good premise, but just fell flat for me. Nothing about it was realistic, from the pass she got to the one year later and all the sudden she was going to be a vigilante. Very disappointed with this one.

Nine Perfect StrangersMandySimpson (8)

This was definitely not one of LM's best books. I agree with you - it was just weird. I would recommend reading her others, though.... This wasn't a great representation of her.

Winter in ParadiseMandySimpson (8)

I read it in one day. Loved it. Huge cliffhanger at end leaves me ready for part 2!

Sweet Little LiesMandySimpson (8)

This book was super disappointing. It didn't hold my interest, took forever to get to the point and none of the characters were even likable. By the ending I was more interested in it being OVER, rather than finding out the "why".

Emma in the NightMandySimpson (8)

I agree 100% with you - the Cass/Hunter thing seemed to just be tossed in there to tie in the baby, but it wasn't believable. The story dragged the entire book and then jumbled at the end. Took me all month to finally make it through. Not recommended.

White FurMandySimpson (8)

I agree - except this was the first book that I just couldn't finish. I hate-read enough, as it was.