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For Better and WorseJaime (14)

I do agree that it did lend itself to set up perfectly for a sequel! I can’t imagine that the author wouldn’t follow up with one. I do have to say I really loved this woman as a character. I’m very appreciative of a strong, self-sufficient woman who uses a lot of sense in a book...even if she is a bit dark.

A Ladder to the SkyJaime (14)

I do agree! Worth the read completely. And being disturbed and uncomfortable as a whole did seem to be much of the point.

How to Walk AwayJaime (14)

Ugh, I tried. I just couldn’t stand this book.

Not That I Could TellJaime (14)

Lol a book I would loan out...

Not That I Could TellJaime (14)

I agree. I also felt like most of the characters’ personalities were so interchangeable. I felt like they all were this same static woman character and there wasn’t much to distinguish between them in their reactions to things.

An American MarriageJaime (14)

Such a perfect review. I felt the exact same way. I ended it feeling like I was supposed to like Celeste but I just had no interest in her, and I also thought too that a more satisfying ended would’ve resulted in her ending up alone.

Emma in the NightJaime (14)

This is beautiful. Thanks for sharing. It's good to know the author did a great job with that aspect...it felt like she was really knowledgeable about it but I'm so glad it was true enough to hit close to home for someone who's dealt with it all. I hope, as you stated, that the cycle is broken for you as well. But I think what has true power ultimately in the end is that willingness to do the right thing for yourself and for your children, so...here's hoping you have that happy future as well :)

Emma in the NightJaime (14)

Yessss perfect. I thought the same thing (to those reading this...FYI there are spoilers in this post). Cass was unreliable and lying but wait...most of what she told you right at the beginning turned out to be true? An island? With magical people who would help young girls in trouble? How far fetched is that.

I did overall like this book. But I realized about halfway through that I didn't like a single character in it haha. Abby drove me INSANE and I think she was supposed to be likeable. But she was weak and related everything about her job to her own life so I felt that she was actually pretty terrible in her career. Between that and the lack of sleep thing she actually reminded me of the girl on the train. Unreliable, too caught up in her own mind, and unhealthy.

While I'm here I'm also going to mention how much I hated the last chapter by Cass. It felt like an insult to our intelligence to spell out every last thing. How much greater would this have ended if she just left me hanging with that line about Cass on a train with a young girl!? I promise, Wendy Walker, I would've figured out that Cass was the one who had the child, I swear. I like a nice suspenseful ending that leaves you thinking about the book after it ends and wanting more...whereas with this I ended up basically skimming through the last section because I had already guessed as much as I was being told. Again, too much telling and talking at me. Not enough clues.

So, that's all :)

The Sisters ChaseJaime (14)

Haha you're so right! It was such a...Why does he even care? moment. I agree completely with all of the disputes people have about this book but I have to say...I loved it despite all of them. I guessed the plot twist, I got frustrated by Mary, but I think for me the difference was I fell in love with the sisters in the first chapter and was hooked no matter what from there.

The ChildJaime (14)

I agree with you completely! I thought the same thing that it was hard to really care about any of the characters. I liked the book overall as well, but I think it could've been better.

The WindfallJaime (14)

Well it looks like I'm the only one so far...but I really did not care for this book. I felt that I was forcing myself to keep going through it, and found myself counting down the pages until the end. I mostly was misled by the part where the review sponsored it as being "hilarious." I really didn't find myself laughing, and definitely not laugh out loud laughing. I felt the characters were annoying and frustrating, and although I guess that was the point for some of them, it was still rough to make myself care. I think the only one I liked was Mrs. Ray, really. I've got a bookshelf of books I've been looking forward to, and I probably shouldn't have wasted such time on this one.

Station ElevenJaime (14)
Goodbye, Vitamin

I thought the book was sweet and cute. It took a while to understand the character of the narrator and her family and get a good enough picture of them, but I think it did its purpose. I didn't necessarily love this book or feel on the edge of my seat wanting to know what would happen. But it's a quick, short read that makes you feel sentimental. And since pretty much everything I've been reading lately involves murder...I think I needed this :)

American WarJaime (14)

I read through it pretty slowly...I had the same experience as you where I just couldn't get into it. I don't think I ever really did get into it either, I just kept slowly trucking along and eventually only finished it because I was steadily getting closer to the end. Never got engaged really.

Pull Me UnderJaime (14)
First BOTM

Oh, I loved this. As my first book of the month experience I have to say, I felt like this was a great choice. The writing was real and avoided cliches and anything sappy...I appreciated the reality that sometimes you don't get closure and things don't work out in such a magic neat, complete perfect package. The darkness of her "black organ" was another real element because I didn't think it was too dark and unrealistic; it was a person who has a soul who struggles with not understanding all of herself and all of her choices. And things aren't so neat and clear cut where it's either a good decision or a bad decision too. So I loved this book...short, sweet, didn't drag, real.