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Not That I Could Telljltobb01 (7)

I finished it, but I felt a similar way. It seemed really predictable to me. I would say your life won't be ruined if you don't finish the book. lol

Lies She Toldjltobb01 (7)
Fast moving but unfair to women

I read the book in about 24 hours because the story itself moved so quickly. But when I was done, I was really struck by the fact that each woman in the novel is kind of a stereotype. Baby-crazy, ruled by hormones, being cheated on or being the other woman... it was a novel full of powerful men and weak women who allowed the world to happen to them. I was not a fan at the end of the story and that was disappointing.

Final Girlsjltobb01 (7)

I agree. I felt like the first 3/4 or so of the book was really interesting but then at the end it was rushed and formulaic. It didn't feel authentic.

Since We Felljltobb01 (7)

I agree. To me it felt like I was reading 2 different books. The first half of the book I thought was riveting, but the second half was like "really? THIS is how it's going to end?"

Swimming Lessonsjltobb01 (7)

I would have liked to get more information from Gabriel. Who was his mother? How did Gil know of his existence? What was his purpose for being in the story? It wasn't to prove that Gil had been unfaithful, because Ingrid had already caught him in the act several times. I thought that his appearance would answer at least a few questions but it didn't.