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Since We FellMelissa (4)

I think the author had a tough time with the breadcrumbs on this one. Shutter Island was done so well and each clue, and each line in the book was purposeful. I think he tried to do the same thing here but clues led to dead ends, some parts skipped around, and the big reveal was a letdown. I'd read Lehane's next novel, but nothing will top Shutter.

Exit WestMelissa (4)

Agreed - hard to follow a sentence that has 10 interruptions and is three lines long. I did enjoy the last two chapters but overall it was a truly rough read.

The PossessionsMelissa (4)

Definitely not my cup of tea either. I figured since Patrick had felt responsible for Sylvia's death, Edie must've did something so sinister and awful that it forced Patrick to turn away from her. But after the reveal all I could think was, 'that's it? He's leaving her for that?!?' A truly disappointing book.

Behind Her EyesMelissa (4)
Amazing Book!

Finished it in two days. I needed to know what happened in the end and I definitely did not see that coming! I'm not into supernatural reads and as soon as it was brought up I was immediately turned off but I still couldn't put it down. I thoroughly enjoyed the book and although the ending seemed unlikely, adding the supernatural piece made anything possible and I had to come to terms with the way the book ended. I appreciate the author because sometimes I'll randomly remember a fact about Adele and think to myself, 'that totally makes sense!' Lol