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SeveranceRebeccaW (3)
Not awful, but not my favorite

I will admit I struggled a lot to finish this book, despite its short length. The premise was intriguing and the writing style didn't get in the way of my enjoyment. What was difficult is that I struggled with the purpose of the story. I often found myself wondering what I was getting out of this story and where it was going (not in the intruding way). Liked it fine, didn't love and likely won't pick up again.

The Last Time I LiedRebeccaW (3)

I did not catch this, nice find!

An Anonymous GirlRebeccaW (3)

I had the same issue! I will admit to skipping a month here and there because I did not like the selection but this month, HOW CAN YOU CHOOSE? I had to limit myself to two because of the holiday this month and went with Severance and No Exit, I can't wait to hear how everyone feels about the other books!