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A Woman Is No ManChristineDuane (58)

I thought it was the day Deya remembers going to the subway and seeing her dad when the train doors opened. So the book wouldve left off right before that moment.

ChristineDuane (58)
I think she was trying to escape, and when the train doors opened he was standing there and she got caught.
A Woman Is No ManChristineDuane (58)

The ending omg!

Golden StateChristineDuane (58)

Also kind of confused. There were a few times where I thought things were going to be explained more....and then nothing.

Watching YouChristineDuane (58)
better than expected

Really liked this book, not sure why it wasnt picked as a book of the month!

One Day in DecemberChristineDuane (58)

Agreed!! This was in my top 3 of the year!!

One Day in DecemberChristineDuane (58)

Agreed! I loved this so much!! Gave me all the feels.

An Anonymous GirlChristineDuane (58)

It starts to pick up a little around 170 I thought. But yeah, the pace was slow.

For Better and WorseChristineDuane (58)

Right? All through the book I thought, shes just protecting her son, shes not actually crazy. Then I closed the book and thought, this lady is a sociopath! I wasnt expecting that actually.

The TrespasserChristineDuane (58)

This book took me forever to read as well. In the end I liked it, but it was looong.

The Great AloneChristineDuane (58)

Completely agree. I was reading it thinking, I think this is the best book Ive ever read. Also was crying at the end! So good.

An Absolutely Remarkable ThingChristineDuane (58)

Completely agree. Do not understand the hype for this book...

The Lies We ToldChristineDuane (58)

I liked the Mac part and only because there were so many clues that he was doing something weird. I was so glad they wrapped up that part.

An Absolutely Remarkable ThingChristineDuane (58)

I know!! So many questions and the ending was a lot of nothing!! Really wanted more at the end.

#FashionVictimChristineDuane (58)

I took it as yes, she killed him. They hinted at it a little bit.

The Lies We ToldChristineDuane (58)

so many! Please no more books about lies, or missing wives or children.

Cross Her HeartChristineDuane (58)
Not as good as Behind Her Eyes

I read Behind Her Eyes and when I finished that one, I remember being like “WTF just happened?!” And I was hoping for another ending like that. But Cross Her Heart just did not do it :( I also was annoyed that Katie appeared out of nowhere halfway through the book.

Sweet Little LiesChristineDuane (58)

She was not likeable!!

November RoadChristineDuane (58)

This book was much better than I expected. And I really liked the writing. Im having a hard time moving on to my next book because the writing in November Road was so much better. It definitely does play like a movie too.

GhostedChristineDuane (58)

ugh yes, I felt the same way!

The Dinner ListChristineDuane (58)

ya I didnt like him, definitely selfish. I did not understand the appeal there.

GhostedChristineDuane (58)

Also struggling with this one, glad Im not the only one who doesnt love it. I dont find her to be likeable at all!

The Summer WivesChristineDuane (58)

I agree the sections of 1969 I found slow until the end. However, I didnt realize who Mrs Vargas really was until the end of the book!

The Last Time I LiedChristineDuane (58)

So many things in this book, where there was a big lead up....and then nothing. The explanation Frannie gave at the end was so rushed. We went through the whole book thinking she was involved somehow and then she says she didnt do anything and its over? Also didnt understand the Lottie thing. That being said I was surprised by the ending even though when I think back, it makes total sense.

MarlenaChristineDuane (58)

Im 100 pages in and I find that I read about 20 pages and just put it down for the day, which is not how I usually read a book like this. Its kind of a boring and the writing is intense even though nothing is really happening.

When Katie Met CassidyChristineDuane (58)

Agreed! I liked it, it was cute, kind of read like a movie. But also not much to it. Im not sure I totally believed how quickly they got together.

Still LivesChristineDuane (58)
Still lives

Did anyone read this? Is it good?

Our Kind of CrueltyChristineDuane (58)

I love this comment!

Our Kind of CrueltyChristineDuane (58)

Yes! After I read that on the book sleeve, it all made sense!

Not That I Could TellChristineDuane (58)

you made it farther than I did. I just couldnt do it, felt like all the other recent thrillers.

Our Kind of CrueltyChristineDuane (58)

I also was waiting for a twist that never came. He was definitely creepy, but I was disappointed!

Ready Player OneChristineDuane (58)

I think I might be the only person who is not a fan of this book. Ive made it 200 pages, I like the parts with Artemis and Aech. But the detailed descriptions are getting boring. Anyone else? Probably related to the fact that I hate video games in real life.

An American MarriageChristineDuane (58)

I loved this book! I like that the characters were flawed and their relationships were messy. I think it made it more realistic. I did not care for Andre, but I think thats because I really liked Roy.

Not That I Could TellChristineDuane (58)
worth finishing?

Im not really enjoying this book so far, seems the same as every other thriller and for some reason Im finding it difficult to keep track of everyone. Is it worth finishing?

The Couple Next DoorChristineDuane (58)

I just read this book while on vacation, and I also liked it. Some of the newer thrillers coming out are so bad that it made this look good!

The Wife Between UsChristineDuane (58)

I still dont get Maureen but I definitely think she has a few screws loose.

The Wife Between UsChristineDuane (58)

so very true!

The Wife Between UsChristineDuane (58)
Anyone finished yet?

Anyone finish this yet? Can't find a discussion thread for this book. Thoughts on Maureen? I liked this book but wondering what other people thought. I thought the story with Maggie would be a bigger part of the ending. Anyone else?

BonfireChristineDuane (58)

I completely agree. I didnt hate it, but I definitely didnt speed through it.

Emma in the NightChristineDuane (58)

I agree. I liked the parts of the story that showed how messed up the whole family was, but way too much of the narcissism psychology stuff. I dont feel like it needed to be stated over and over again. I also agree that Abby was not likeable. She didnt feel like a full character to me.

You Will Know MeChristineDuane (58)

I thought this too. It was a little creepy !

Lies She ToldChristineDuane (58)

totally agree

Lies She ToldChristineDuane (58)

it's predictable! I had to force myself to finish it.

The Lying GameChristineDuane (58)

I agree! It was boring, the crime not really that thrilling, and the ending was weird. I was really hoping that Fatima would end up being the murderer in the end just to make it more interesting!

And We're OffChristineDuane (58)

I felt exactly the same way as both of you. I was hoping for mother-daughter story I could relate to. I didn't realize until after reading this that it was a YA book. But - I am going to check out that other book you mentioned!

The Seven Husbands of Evelyn HugoChristineDuane (58)

I thought the article for the magazine was great because it was basically urging people to go out and buy her book while also fulfilling her promise to her job. :)

White FurChristineDuane (58)

I agree, that last part at the end was strange!

Since We FellChristineDuane (58)

That would have been a better ending, in my opinion!

Since We FellChristineDuane (58)

Agreed! The story was all over the place!

StartupChristineDuane (58)

I felt the same way except that I thought that was the point. The book was shallow and pointless just like the characters. I actually thought this was satirical. From that perspective, I enjoyed it. If it was meant to be serious then I just dont get it.

Lucky YouChristineDuane (58)
Odd characters

I liked this book but I'm not sure why!

The Woman in Cabin 10ChristineDuane (58)

Thank you, just got that part!