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Book of the Year

We’ve asked our members—the most passionate readers in the country—to elect the top title of the year. The best of the best. The crème de la crème.

The 2017 Winner

Thousands of members voted.
And the Lolly goes to...

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The Finalists

Our thousands of members who voted have chosen a wonderful group of finalists. Most are by debut or emerging authors. Here they are, the five best books of 2017...

The Nominees

The nominees include the twenty most popular books as chosen by our members. Members who have received at least one of these books are eligible to vote. Click through the books below and add one to your next box.

The Lolly

The Book of the Year is also known as the “Lolly,” named after Lolly Willowes, the first book ever selected by Book of the Month back in 1926. Last year’s winner was All the Ugly and Wonderful Things, written by emerging author Bryn Greenwood.